Can Dogs Eat Raw Bacon? (All You Need to Know)

Dogs are curious animals, and they tend to eat even the strangest things they shouldn’t. Of course, they are carnivores by nature, so the meat is typical. Thus, it begs the question, can they eat raw meat? For instance, you have some bacon in stock. Can you share it raw?

So, you may ask: can dogs eat raw bacon? Dogs cannot eat raw bacon, so you shouldn’t feed your pet. Raw bacon poses many risks for dogs if ingested. It contains high amounts of salt, and feeding it raw can transfer bacteria to your pet. For this reason, it would be best to avoid it at all costs. It would also be best to find other alternative options for your pet to eat.

In the first place, bacon isn’t something toxic for dogs. Still, it’s not healthy either. Moreover, feeding it raw can lead your pet to suffer several health complications.

In this article, we’ll tackle everything you need to know about raw bacon and its effect on our dogs. This way, you’ll be aware of possible risks, so you’ll be more cautious in dealing with such a situation.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

What happens if my dog eats raw bacon?

A dog that eats raw bacon is prone to many risks and possible health complications.

The first thing to worry about is the salt content of bacon. Since it’s cured pork, it contains high amounts of sodium.

While sodium can be tolerable for us, our dogs would find it hard to breakdown. It can lead to excessive thirst, dehydration, and other severe complications if left unchecked.

Another thing to note is that raw or undercooked pork isn’t safe for our dogs and us. Raw pork may carry a parasite called trichinella spiralis larvae. Such a parasite can cause an infection we know as trichinosis.

For these reasons, raw bacon isn’t an ideal food option for dogs. In fact, it’s not even a safe food for them to eat.

It would be better to cook the bacon thoroughly first before feeding. This way, you’ll get rid of the parasites that may be living in the meat.

Another option is to mix the cooked bacon with other food, so your dog lessens its sodium intake.

Still, the best way is to avoid feeding raw or cooked bacon to your dog at all.

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How much raw bacon can a dog eat?

Raw bacon should not be an option for your dog. Thus, it would be best to keep in mind that your dog cannot eat raw bacon, even in small amounts.

In general, dogs can eat many kinds of food, even those they shouldn’t. As pet owners, we have to control what they consume by preventing them from eating raw bacon.

Raw bacon can have loads of sodium content, which can be bad for your dog.

Moreover, the raw bacon may contain bacteria that can cause your dog complications. Such bacteria is possible if a dog eats any uncooked pork, such as raw bacon.

raw bacon

Risks of feeding your dog raw bacon

Raw bacon is an unhealthy option for your dog. Moreover, it’s not a safe food either. For this reason, feeding such food comes with many risks. Among the many threats it carries are the following:

Raw Bacon has a lot of sodium.

Like all other bacon, raw bacon contains too much sodium since it’s a cured pork. Thus, it can lead to sodium poisoning if your dog eats such food.

Feeding raw bacon may lead your dog to suffer from a few health complications related to its sodium content. Among these are excessive thirst, vomiting, diarrhea, and other kidney complications.

Raw Bacon may contain bacteria.

As I said earlier, raw bacon may contain parasites that can transfer to your dog if eaten.

Such a parasite can cause further and worse complications to your pet. Thus, you can treat raw bacon as an unsafe food option for your pet.

As a general rule of thumb, treat raw bacon as an unhealthy and harmful food option for your dog.

Moreover, if you have some raw bacon, it would be best to keep it out of your pet’s reach.

Our dogs don’t know what food is good or bad for them. Thus, we must prevent them from eating the things they shouldn’t.

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Do dogs like raw bacon?

Since they are carnivores by nature, dogs may like raw bacon as they smell it.

The thing about dogs is that whatever they smell as good means it’s edible. Thus, they tend to eat even the strangest things they shouldn’t.

Since raw bacon can smell alluring to dogs, they may come to like it. However, it doesn’t mean you should allow your pet to eat.

As always, keep raw bacon and even other kinds of raw pork out of your pet’s reach. Moreover, it would be best not to offer any fatty meat for your dog.

Can dogs eat raw bacon fat?

Raw bacon is already a harmful food for dogs. Thus, the fat of raw bacon is just the same thing.

Raw bacon fat may carry bacteria that are alive since it’s still raw. Moreover, the fat in bacon absorbed a lot of sodium from the curing process.

Thus, the fat contains more sodium than the meat, which can be unhealthy for dogs.

Lastly, pork fat is unnecessary in a dog’s diet, and your pet won’t enjoy any benefit from eating such.

For this reason, it would be best not to give your dog bacon fat. Most of all, don’t ever feed your pet raw pork.

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Raw bacon poses a lot of health risks and problems for your pet. Thus, even if dogs are carnivores by nature, they won’t find raw bacon as something nutritious.

As a general rule of thumb, always remember that raw bacon is not a safe option for your pet. Thus, instead of feeding raw bacon, look for other alternatives.

It’s also an excellent lesson to cook every meat you offer to your pet. Moreover, avoid any additional seasoning such as salt since it’s unnecessary for a dog’s diet.


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