Why Does My Dog Sleep Under The Bed? (All You Need to Know)

As we all know, dogs are everyone’s best friend. You will wake up in the morning and experience their energy. They would jump around and just tell you how excited they are to start the day. But sometimes, dogs just hide anywhere or under your bed. You might ask yourself why they do it.

So why do our dogs sleep under our bed? Dogs hide under the beds because they might find the spot comfortable. They like to take naps and rest. They also love the temperature under the bed. This behavior is okay, however, they may also hide under the bed for some other reasons — they could be feeling ill or anxious. 

If your dog is experiencing this and you wake up from your sleep, hearing a rustling sound under your bed, this article may help you. 

Understanding the behaviors of your dog is really helpful. You can take better care of your dog if you know the reason behind their behavior. The reason for this action is not limited to one and it could also be a good thing or a bad thing. 

You have to pay attention to your dogs because our pets cannot talk to us. We have to find out by ourselves what they are actually feeling at the moment. 

Dogs can be a mystery but their behavior actually tells us a lot. So let us look further into this behavior.

Why Is My Dog Sleeping Under My Bed All Of A Sudden?

The answer to this question might not actually be for just one thing. Usually, you have nothing to worry about. Dogs look for a comfortable space to rest and sleep on. 

They love confined spaces to feel comfort and security. The spot under our beds is cozy and silent. It also provides the right temperature suitable for sleeping in. 

The carpet in there is also soft and clean, adding more to the coziness of the place. If you will notice your dog spending a lot of time under your bed and it has no problem with its health or anything, this just means that he loves the place. 

If that is okay with you, you can just allow your dog to sleep there and not worry about it. However, if you want your dog to sleep somewhere else, you can always create a spot and make it look like it is under your bed. 

Make a cozy place for them, cover it with cloth, or make it dark so that they will stay and sleep there instead of under your bed. 

Since it can mean a lot of things, let us list down all possible reasons why they do this. You can run through each one and figure out if it can be the reason why your dog is sleeping under your bed.

1. Your Dog Might Feel Safe Under Your Bed

Your dog sleeps under your bed because they feel safer there. Your dog will feel protected when they are under the bed. They will feel protected from anything or anyone. 

2. Your Dog Does Not Want To Be Bothered

Like humans, if we want to be alone, we hide in our little corner. This is the same for dogs. They just might want to be left alone. 

3. Your Dog Might Be Feeling Scared

Your dog might be scared about something or someone. As mentioned above, dogs can get scared by fireworks or thunderstorms. If they are under your bed, find out if there is anything they can be scared of. 

4. Your Dog Might Be Feeling Threatened

Your dog can hide under your bed if it feels threatened. It can happen if there are other dogs around or pets. If you are mad at your dog, they can actually feel threatened by that. 

Should I Let My Dog Sleep Under My Bed?

You may have found your dog under your bed on many occasions. It can be just because they are hiding, sleeping, or relaxing. If it is one of these reasons, then that is cool! 

They just want the comfort it gives. The most common is comfort. Most dogs really just want comfort, and the space under your bed provides that to them. 

You can just allow your dog to sleep under your bed if it is not for bad reasons. You can just allow them to sleep there if it does not bother you.

How Do I Keep My Dog From Going Under My Bed?

If you notice your dog sleeping under your bed more often than usual, you can actually do something about your dog. Here are the things that you can do about that.

1. Consult A Professional

If you are worried about your dog because they excessively sleep under the bed, you can always consult a professional. Visit your vet or a dog behaviorist. 

They can tell you the reason why your dog does this. They can also provide you insight into what to do to stop this behavior.

2. Talk To Your Dog, Calmly

Interact with your dog, calmly. Talk to it with a soothing voice. Coax your dog to get out of under your bed. Use positive reinforcement to train them. Do not use punishments because they will develop fear towards you. 

3. Find The Reason/s If Your Dog Is Scared

If your dog is afraid, find out the reasons. If something is making them feel scared, it is your responsibility as their owner to do something about it. 

4. Make Another Spot For Them To Sleep

As mentioned, if you cannot get your dog to sleep or stay somewhere else, you can always make a bed or a spot for him, similar to the atmosphere under your bed. 

5. Teach Your Dog To Sleep Somewhere Else

If you feel bothered about your dog sleeping under your bed, you can always train them to sleep somewhere else. Encourage your dogs to sleep anywhere besides under your bed. 

Make the spot comfortable for them. If they would sleep in there, reward them with food or treats. Encourage the process by a positive response such as rewards. 

You can also pet your dogs and cuddle with them along with treats and food if you want.

6. Do Not Encourage The Behavior

Give rewards if they sleep somewhere else and do not encourage their behavior of sleeping under the bed. Give them more attention if they decide to sleep somewhere else.  

7. Your Dog Might Be Physically Ill

If your dog is under your bed, look first for physical checking. Find out if your dog has been hurt. Examine first if they are feeling well. 

They could be in pain. Take your dog to your local vet as soon as possible if you think your dog is hurt. They are experts in identifying what your dog is feeling.

8. Your Dog Might Be Feeling Hungry

Again, our dog cannot talk to us. It is very important that you listen to your dog’s behavior and think of what they could have been telling us. 

They might be feeling hungry and are feeling sad because you are not providing them food. If you want, you can also train them in behaviors that will alert you that they are hungry.

Is It Normal When Your Dog Sleeps Under The Bed?

For some reason, when your dog sleeps under the bed, it is normal. They could be sleeping in there because of the spot. They might like the idea of it being dark and cozy. 

They love the warmth and the clean carpets. It is as normal as it can be. However, there are other more concerning reasons why your dog sleeps under your bed. 

They might be feeling sad or having anxiety. They might also be sick. If your dog is feeling down, they want to curl in a corner and just nap. 

They will also look for spots where they will feel comfortable. If a dog is scared, they also hide. Do you notice when there are fireworks, and your dogs are just looking for something to hide their head with or their whole body? 

This is an example of that. A dog can get scared and hide under your bed. Observe also if there are thunderstorms and just loud noises, your dog might hide under your bed. 

This behavior relaxes them. They will feel a literal barrier between them and the things they are scared of. If you are sure that your dog is having anxiety, you can also help them in these times. 

Give them treats—pat their backs. Cuddle with them. But if your dog sleeps under your bed to relax, then there is nothing to worry about. 

If you want to be sure, take your dog to your vet to confirm that there is nothing wrong with them.

Why Does My Dog Sleep Under The Bed Covers?

Dogs love sleeping with their owners. They want to be close to them. Your dog will feel more secure and loved if they are close to you, sleeping or not. 

It is not unusual, though, if a dog sleeps at your feet or even under the covers. Some owners might think that this is a bad sign or if they should be worried about it. Dogs need security. 

Whether we like it or not, dogs are one of the animals that are poorly treated. They need to feel security for that. They will sleep under the covers because of the comfort. 

If your dog is doing this and you do not know the reason why, it is because they want to be close to you. You have nothing to worry about it. Enjoy the moment.

dog sleep under bed covers


In summary, a dog sleeping under your bed might not be for just one reason. Reasons can be good or bad. They might sleep there because they love the comfort and the security. 

But they can also sleep there because they feel threatened or scared. Either way, dog owners need to be emphatic with their dogs. 

Your dog depends on you so feel their energy and find out what the problems are. Do something in your power to help them.


Image credits – Canva

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