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If you are from Tennessee and you are looking for a Beagle puppy, then you’re in the right place! Lucky for you, I have compiled different Beagle Breeders in Tennessee. Here, you can already have the breeder’s address in case you want to pay a visit. At the same time, I also included the contact number if you’re going to call.

Besides the list, I added some sites to find online breeders if you don’t want to leave your home.

I hope you find your puppy soon!

Beagle Breeders Tennessee Listings

NamePostal CodePhoneWebsite
Johnny Bodkins BeaglesTN 38230+1 731-235-2186No Website
Twin Oaks BeaglesTN 37871No Phone NumberNo Website
Caulderwood KennelsTN 37743+1 423-329-1464No Website
River Valley HoundsTN 37931+1 865-296-2098https://river-valley-hounds.business.site/

Beagle Puppies for Sale in Tennessee

Johnny Bodkins Beagles

Address – 497 Rinda Rd, Greenfield, TN 38230, United States

Phone – +1 731-235-2186

Website – No Website

Twin Oaks Beagles

Address – 160 Cloninger Ln, Strawberry Plains, TN 37871, United States

Phone – NA

Website – No Website

Caulderwood Kennels

Address – Greeneville, TN 37743, United States

Phone – +1 423-329-1464

Website – No Website

River Valley Hounds

Address – 3133 Swafford Rd, Knoxville, TN 37931, United States

Phone – +1 865-296-2098


Online Beagle Breeders

The listings we made above would guarantee you to see every Beagle breeder in Tennessee. However, it doesn’t mean you will find an available pup immediately. 

If you want to search for available Beagle pups outside Tennessee, you can check out these platforms.

AKC MarketPlace

The AKC or American Kennel Club is probably the most reliable site when it comes to dogs. The great thing about it is that it has an online MarketPlace to search for a Beagle pup. On this platform, you can also read helpful guides and information once you have your Beagle.

You can check them through this link:


Adopt a Pet

Another great website you can check is Adopt a Pet. This platform is famous for being North America’s Largest Non-profit Pet Adoption Platform. With this site, you can have every search filtered out to help you narrow down the available options.

You can check them through this link:


Puppies For Sale Today

The last online breeder platform would be Puppies For Sale Today. Here, you can look for all breeds’ puppies. It means you can also find a Beagle in it. 

Here’s a link to their website:


What Is the Average Price of a Beagle Puppy in Tennessee?

A Beagle puppy in Tennessee has an average price of $400-$1000. Some breeders would even offer Beagle puppies for $1500 or even higher.

Of course, the price would depend on many factors, such as the pup’s lineage, its parents, its health, and the breeder’s reputation.

Aside from the puppy’s price, it would be best to consider the expenses that would come with it. For instance, you may want to get the essential things for your puppies like grooming tools, food, and shelter.

Tips When Bringing Home Beagle Puppy

Bringing home a Beagle puppy can be an overwhelming thing to experience. The excitement and joy of having a new baby can add up and make preparations hard for you.

Thus, if you’re bringing home your new beagle puppy, here are some tips you can use and follow:

Prepare things for your Beagle puppy.

The first things you must prepare are the items your Beagle pup needs. If you have no idea where to start, you may create a checklist of things to buy and start with the following:

  • Crate for sleeping
  • Good-quality food suitable for a Beagle pup
  • Treats and snacks
  • Separate bowls for food and water
  • Collar and tag for identification
  • Leash for walking
  • Toys (preferably chew toys)
  • Grooming tools

Now that you’ve set your list, it’s time to prepare your home.

Puppy-proof your home

Beagle puppies, like all other puppies, can feel stressed with their new environment. Moreover, they can get harmed or harm your things if you don’t prepare your home.

If you don’t know what puppy-proofing is, it’s making your home a safe place for your pup.

Since you need to allow your pet to explore, you need to make sure it won’t encounter any items that can cause harm. 

Among the things you need to take care of are:

  • Open electric plugs and wires
  • Sharp edges
  • Poisonous substances such as detergents and cleaning soaps
  • Small items it can swallow

In short, make sure that everything your pet can access won’t cause any harm.

Guide your Beagle at home.

Once your new baby arrives, take it to its crate first. This way, you establish the crate as its safe spot and make sure it’s comfortable in it.

This way, your Beagle will learn that it’s his safe spot and will go there anytime it feels uncomfortable.

The next thing is to guide it to its potty area. Allow your pup to have its potty break on a particular area and give it a treat every time it does so.

This way, you can train your pet as early as you can.

Allow your pup to meet the household members slowly.

Don’t gather at once and have your pup meet all the members, especially if you have more than five people at home.

The new person can feel stressed to any pup, and it’ll likely feel stressed if you do so. 

Your best bet is to make a schedule for each one and let your pup spend some time alone with other members. This way, your pup can familiarize itself with the other family members.

Be patient with your pup.

Chances are things won’t go as planned, and your new life with your Beagle won’t run smoothly. However, you need to be patient and take some time to adjust.

Remember that the same adjustment period is harder for your pup. Thus, make sure you are patient with it and allow things to take place over time.

Choosing a Good Beagle Seller and Breeder

Breeders contribute a significant part to every Beagle’s well-being, and it goes a long way even after you take it home. Thus, you must understand how important it is to pick a reputable Beagle breeder.

Here is a list of things you need to tick off when choosing a good Beagle seller or breeder

Your Beagle’s health

Your Beagle’s health is the first thing on the list that you need to check. In general, your pup should appear to be jolly. Further, he should always be clean and plethoric, and not thin and looking weak.

Moreover, you must have a vet to check your pup’s condition. It may include receipt of its microchip and its first vaccine shot.

Your Pup’s Parents

The parents of your puppy would show you what to expect out of your new baby when it grows. Thus, you need to check them to see if they are healthy or have an attitude you don’t like.

In general, a good breeder would be happy to let you meet the pup’s parents. 

The Beagle’s home environment

Another thing you need to examine is the environment where your pup lived. In general, you need to stay away from a breeder who doesn’t want you to see the actual place and insists that you meet someplace else.

Consider a cooling-off period for your Beagle.

Although Beagles are easy pets to take care of, some things aren’t just meant to be together, and it can happen to you and your pet.

For this reason, reputable breeders offer a cooling-off period to customers. 

It gives you the privilege to return the Beagle to the breeder if you find it impossible to take good care of the pup.

Breeders want the best with the pup, and so he or she should be more than happy to take it back. Such periods usually last within a week or two.

A complete set of paperwork

Getting a new pup means taking care of a lot of paperwork, and your task is to make sure you got everything. If you have no idea what to receive, make sure you get the following papers:

  • Microchip paper for your Beagle
  • A paper showing a transfer of ownership
  • A paper showing your pup’s pedigree (if applicable)
  • Contract or terms you agreed upon with the breeder

Asking questions about you

One good sign that you’re choosing a good seller or breeder is when he or she tries to learn more about you by asking personal questions.

Although it may be annoying, it’s a breeder’s way to know and examine how the pup’s future would be in your hands.

With such breeders, you can see how they want the best for their pups. Thus, you must take the questions seriously and be honest with him or her.

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