Black Pitbull: Controversy, Puppy Price & Guide

The Black Pitbull is a cross between the American Pit Bull Terrier and the English Bulldog. It was bred to be an effective guard dog for its size.

The Black Pitbull is a controversial breed. Some people say it’s a bully, while others say that they are gentle and loving dogs.

This article will help you decide if this is the right breed for your home or not.

What Is A Black Pitbull?

A Black Pitbull is a combination of two breeds; the American Pit Bull Terriers and the English Bulldogs.

They were created in the late 1800s by crossing these two breeds together.

This makes them a hybrid breed. If you look at their DNA, you can see that they have both breeds mixed into one.

Their exact ancestry isn’t known, but they are believed to be descendants from the original bulldogs and the American Pit Bulls.

They are also called “American Bully Dogs” because of their aggressive nature.

This means that they are very protective of their family and are often used as guard dogs. 

They are also known to be good with children. Some people think that they make great pets and companions.

Others don’t like them because they are aggressive towards other animals.

History Of The Black Pitbull Breed

In the early 1900s, there were many types of dogs being bred all over the world.

There were some that were bred to fight other dogs. These were mostly Mastiffs, Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers, etc.

There were also some that were bred to hunt and kill wild game. These were usually German Shepherds, St. Bernard’s, Huskies, Malamutes, etc. 

Then there were those that were bred to protect property and livestock. These included Great Danes, Boxers, Bloodhounds, etc.

In the United States, there were no laws about what type of dog could be bred.

So anyone who wanted to could do so. At first, most of the dogs that were bred were just mixes of different breeds. 

But then someone decided to combine the traits of the American Pitbull Terrier and the English Bulldog to create a new breed.

These two breeds had similar characteristics. Both were large, strong dogs that loved to play and get attention.

The American Pit Bull Terrier has been around since 1885. They were originally bred to be working dogs.

Their job was to protect the owner’s property. They would attack any intruder and defend their owners. 

The English Bulldog was developed in England in the 1700s. They were bred to be companion dogs.

They were friendly and playful. They were also big and powerful.

Both breeds were considered to be excellent watch dogs. So when the two breeds were combined, they produced a larger version of each breed.

Controversies Surrounding The Black Pitbull

Controversies Surrounding the Black Pitbull

One thing that made the Black Pitbull so popular was that they were able to be trained easily.

Therefore, they became a favorite among police departments across America.

Many of them started breeding their own lines of Black Pitbulls.

However, after the 9/11 attacks, many Americans began to fear for their safety. And they didn’t want to take chances on not having a guard dog. 

So they began to buy Black Pitbulls instead. This caused controversy because they weren’t sure how well they would work as guard dogs.

Many people thought that they were too aggressive and would attack without warning.

Also, they were sold illegally, they weren’t tested properly before being put up for sale. As a result, many people got injured or killed by these dogs.

Today, the Black Pitbull is still controversial. Some people love them, while others hate them.

If you have one at home, it’s important to know why you chose to keep it.

If you decide to keep it as a pet, you should understand its history and behavior.

Personality And Characteristics Of A Black Pitbull

A Black Pitbull is a very loyal and loving dog. It will always try to please its master.

Known for loving children and other animals. It can be good with cats and small animals.

However, it does not like loud noises. It may become nervous if there are loud noises nearby.

This makes it difficult to train. Due to it not liking loud noises, it won’t listen to commands.

Some people think that it’s best kept inside because of its tendency to bark.

However, these dogs may be known to bark a lot, they will never bite you as long as they have been trained properly.

It’s easy to train. You don’t need to worry about breaking your hand trying to teach it tricks.

It’s an intelligent dog. It knows how to sit, stay, come, lay down, shake hands and roll over. As a result, it will learn all of those things quickly.

Black Pitbull Color Genetics

There are three main colors of the Black Pitbull. They are black, brindle and red.

Brindles are a combination of black and white. Red is a mixture of black and tan.

People who have brindle colored puppies might consider getting a blue eye color. Brindle colored puppies tend to have more white than black.

Red colored puppies tend to have less white than black.

Black Pitbull Appearance

Black Pitbull Appearance

The Black Pitbull has a long body. Its head is large, alongside a short muzzle.

When it comes to their ears, they are typically quite small and rounded. Their eyes are dark brown.

They have a flat nose, and they have a strong jawline. Black Pitbulls are known for their muscular body, and they are very strong legs.

They share a lot of their appearance with the American Pit Bull Terriers. 

Coat Of A Black Pitbull

The coat of the Black Pitbull is rough, yet they have thick hair around their tail. This coat is known to shed regularly.

As we have mentioned above, the coloring of this breed of dog can vary. Some have more black coats than others.

While some Black Pitbulls are known for having a black coat with white spots on it.

Black Pitbulls With Blue Eyes

Black Pitbulls that have blue eyes aren’t uncommon.

In fact, the majority of these dogs are born with blue eyes, but it is as they get older that they begin to turn a darker color. 

The geneticist, known as Kristopher Irizarry, was one of multiple researchers who carried out tests on over 6,000 dogs.

In these tests, the aim was to detect the variation between the blue eye color and coat color in the Pitbull family. 

The blue eye color in Pitbulls and in other breeds of dogs can be narrowed down to a couple of factors.

Melanin Levels

The melanin level refers to the skin pigment that makes the coat of a Pitbull white or black.

This is seen in other breeds of dogs too, if they have low melanin levels are more likely to have blue eye colors. 

ALX4 Gene

From the research by Kristopher Irizarry, it has been discovered that the ALX4 gene mutation can be said to be the cause for blue eyes in particular dog breeds. 

The dog breeds with similar mutation of the ALX4 gene are also very likely to have blue eye colors. 


Black Pitbulls and some other kinds of dog breeds, are known to have the merle gene.

This gene means that there is a good chance that your dog will have blue eyes. 

This is due to the merle gene, which actually distorts the pigment in the eyes, nose, and fur of the dog.

Although, there are some expectations for these rules. Not every dog that possesses the merle gene will have blue eyes. 

Are Black Pitbulls Rare?

Are Black Pitbulls Rare

Although the Black Pitbull is not rare, it does seem like it’s becoming more and more popular.

As you may know, this breed of dog tends to make great guard dogs. 

These dogs love being around people, and they don’t really mind being alone either.

If you want to find a puppy, then you should try looking at local shelters. You might even be able to adopt one from them.

Difference Between A Black Pitbull And Other Types Of Pitbulls

There are many types of Pitbulls. There are many colorations, sizes, shapes, and temperaments.

However, when it comes to the Black Pitbull, it is known for its muscular build, strength, and intelligence.

It is also known for being friendly, loyal, and protective.

If you are interested in getting a Black Pitbull, then you need to take into account what kind of personality you want.

You need to consider how much time you want to spend training your new pup.

Also, you need to think about whether you want to keep him indoors or outdoors.

When the American Pitbull Terrier was first bred, there were issues surrounding the AKC registration.

Does The AKC And Other Kennels Recognize The Black Pitbull

Does the AKC and Other Kennels Recognize the Black Pitbull

This was due to this dog being widely known for being used in dog fighting. 

Although the AKC has recognized only two breeds of Pitbulls.

This includes the Staffordshire Bull Terrier and the American Staffordshire Terrier. This is a combination of both black and white Pitbulls. 

Yet, some other breeds of Pitbull, that have completely black coats, are not recognized to be Pitbulls by the AKC.

Whilst, the UKC will recognize the American Pitbull Terrier.

The variant Black Panther Pitbull is part of this family and thus is recognized. 

As a result, most of the Black Pitbulls are not recognized by the AKC, yet they will be by the UKC. 

Food Requirements For A Black Pitbull

The food requirements for a Black Pitbull will depend on the size of the dog. Smaller dogs tend to need fewer calories than larger ones. 

In addition, the diet needs to be balanced and nutritious. A Black Pitbull needs to be fed at least three times a day, every day. 

Meta should be a major part of their diet, as it is an important part to keep up their muscular development.

The feeding of your dog three times a day is really encouraged whilst they are young. 

Yet, once they reach 18 months old or older, you can reduce this down to only two times a day.

However, protein should always remain an essential part of their diet. 

Exercise Requirements For A Black Pitbull

As we have established, Black Pitbulls are very energetic animals.

They have a lot of energy, which can turn destructive if they are not given enough exercise. 

Regular exercise, at least every day, is encouraged. This can include either a long walk or climbing or hiking.

If your Pitbull isn’t given enough exercise, this can lead them to start to become aggressive as well as destructive to your home. 

Training Your Black Pitbull

Like all other types of Pitbulls, Black Pitbulls require proper training.

When you get your puppy, make sure that you train them properly from the beginning. 

It is easier to train them while they are alone and not with a family, as it provides them with fewer distractions.

Make sure that you teach them basic commands like sit, stay, come, etc. 

As well as teaching them to obey your commands. This way, you can ensure that they are safe around other people and pets. 

You should also make sure that you socialize your puppy with other dogs.

This is because they will learn to trust other dogs. So, you don’t have any problems with your Pitbull attacking other dogs. 

Grooming Needs For A Black Pitbull

If you want to groom your Black Pitbull, then you must make sure that you use the right products.

You shouldn’t use any type of product that contains chemicals. These could cause your dog to itch and even develop skin allergies.

Also, you should avoid using any kind of soap or shampoo that contains ammonia.

These can irritate your dog’s skin and leave them feeling dirty. Instead, you should opt for natural grooming products such as coconut oil. 

Brushing your Black Pitbull is very necessary. You need to brush them often to remove any dead hairs from their dense, thick coats.

As a result, you should bathe them twice a week, but brushing only depends on how frequently they are shedding. 

Health Issues For A Black Pitbull 

There are no health issues that affect Black Pitbulls. However, there are certain conditions that can occur when you own one.

These include hip dysplasia, heart disease, eye diseases, and deafness. 

Hip Dysplasia

This condition occurs when the hips of your dog aren’t functioning correctly.

Hip dysplasia causes pain in your dog’s joints and bones. This makes it difficult for them to move around.

Therefore, they won’t be able to play with other dogs or run around freely. 

Heart Disease

Your Black Pitbull may suffer from heart disease if he has been exposed to toxins or pollutants.

Heart disease can cause your dog to feel weak and tired. He may also experience breathing difficulties. 

Eye Diseases

Puppies usually have eyes that are sensitive to light. However, when they grow up, they will develop cataracts.

Cataracts are cloudy lenses that block out light. This means that they won’t see clearly. They might also go blind. 


Pitbulls are known to have hearing loss. If your dog suffers from this problem, then you should take him to a vet immediately.

The vet will help you find an appropriate remedy for his ears. 

Gastric Dilatation

This is commonly thought of as just bloating. However, volvulus is a very common condition among Pitbulls.

If your Pitbull develops this condition, it could be deadly if you leave it and don’t take your dog to seek medical attention. 


Ichthyosis is an inherent condition among Pitbulls. At birth, a lot of these dogs suffer from this condition.

Unfortunately, Ichthyosis gets worse as the dog gets older. 

Some symptoms include the thickening of the dog’s foot pads. Also, the outer layer of skin will be quite thicker than what is seen as normal. 

Cerebellar Ataxia

Another inherited disease you can find in Black Pitbulls.

Cerebellar Ataxia will cause your dog to lose the ability to be able to coordinate their muscles. 

In some minor cases, tremors and uncoordinated movements are a common side effect. However, in severe cases, your dog will be immobile. 

Thyroid Disease

Pitbulls are known to develop hypothyroidism, and so thyroid disease is a common sight.

This will also go hand in hand with skin issues and weight problems.

Alongside this, your Pitbull could show unexpected aggression due to this disease. 

Price For A Black Pitbull Puppy

Price for a Black Pitbull Puppy

It can vary depending on the pedigree of the dog.

You should really buy from a breeder, as this is your best chance at buying a Pitbull at a fair price. 

It is known that a Black Pitbull puppy can vary anywhere between $200 and $500.

However, you should be wary that the supplier isn’t trying to sell you a blue nose Pitbull instead of the Black Pitbull that you want. 

If you are a dog lover that cares deeply for the pedigree of your dog, then the price could be much higher.

From top pedigree sellers, a Black Pitbull could cost anywhere between $2,000 and $10,000. 

You could also adapt a Black Pitbull from a local animal shelter. 

Price Of A Black Panther Pitbull 

A Black Panther Pitbull is a completely black Black Pitbull. Due to their fully black coats, they are often seen as another breed of dog.

They are really loved, and yet they are also thought to be brutal and aggressive.

As a result, this can play a big part in the price of this breed of Black Pitbull. 

Generally, a Black Panther Pitbull will cost a lot more than a typical Black Pitbull. Thus, you would be looking to pay over $2,000 for this breed. 

Where To Find Black Pitbull For Sale

Knowing where to find a Black Pitbull which has a good pedigree can be quite a challenge.

Yet, through some research we have put together some places, where you may be able to find and purchase a Black Pitbull for your home.

XXL Designer Pitbulls

XXL Designer Pitbulls prides itself on producing agile and ferocious looking Pitbulls.

However, XXL Pitbulls are raised in a calm environment, and put through lots of exercise. 

Manmade Kennels

Manmade Kennels, is all about the pedigree. They have Pitbulls with a wide range of coat colors available.

They have 4 decades of experience and are known for breeding smart, loyal and therapeutic Pitbulls. 

Animal Shelters

Animal Shelters

You could always consider adopting a Black Pitbull instead of buying. 

If you are the kind of person who would rather rescue a dog that has been subjected to unfair treatment and just wants a loving home, then below are some options for you. 

Also, updating is far cheaper than buying a brand new Black Pitbull puppy. 

Love Pit Dog Rescue 

The Love Pit Dog Rescue is an organization that is dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating Pitbulls.

These dogs can go through a lot of horrible and difficult conditions.

Yet these dogs are still well-trained and learn new habits with the organization.

Bobbie’s Pit Bull Rescue & Sanctuary 

Since 2016, Bobbie’s Pit Bull Rescue And Sanctuary have been constantly looking to find new and loving homes for their Pitbulls.

It is likely that Black Pitbulls are among those they are trying to find a new home for. 

However, if there isn’t any, they will liaise with other local animal shelters to try and help make your dreams become a reality. 

What Is The Difference Between A Male And Female Black Pitbull

If you know that you definitely want a Black Pitbull, and you now have ideas on where you could find one.

You need to know whether you want a male or a female. 

For some people this doesn’t matter, yet for others they may have a preference in mind.

Although, you may just be curious to know whether there is much of a difference between a male and female Black Pitbull


Male Pitbulls are known for being slightly bigger than a female Pitbull.

This is due to their thicker muscles, which then results in their overall bigger size and body shape. 

A male could reach an average of height of 18 to 21 inches. Yet they could weigh between 35 and 60 pounds. 

Compared to a female, who can only reach a maximum height of 20 inches and will only weigh around 30 to 50 pounds.

So as you can see, there isn’t a massive difference between the sizes of both a male and a female Black Pitbull.

Although, you will see a physical difference between a male and female head.

A female Pitbull will have a much narrower head. While also, they will have a thinner and longer back. 

Also, when you look at a female’s eyes, you will notice that they are slightly apart, compared to a male Pitbulls eyes. 


Male Black Pitbulls are known for wanting dominance. This characteristic is very common among unneutered male Black Pitbulls.

Alongside this, an unneutered male will be much more independent and even mark their territory. 

They will do this by either peeing or marking certain areas. If their territory is threatened, they will be quick to respond.

However, they are usually very tolerant, playful and kind animals that aren’t that aggressive. 

The aggression of a male Black Pitbull differs. This is mainly due to the genetic makeup and the training of the dog.

Compared to females, who aren’t very likely to mark their territory, it isn’t an uncommon sight. 

During estrus or period of bleeding, which can happen once in 6 months for female Black Pitbulls, they may pee much more often.

They can also be quite restless. 

A female Black Pitbull is a lot less likely to be aggressive.

However, during pregnancy, a female Black Pitbull can become a lot more aggressive.

Alongside this, a female Black Pitbull becomes more attached to their owner and forms more of a connection with them.

As a result, they require a lot more attention from their owner compared to males. 

Are Black Pitbulls Aggressive

Pitbulls are a breed of dog that is surrounded by a lot of controversies.

People believed them to be aggressive, yet really they are very friendly and loving dogs. 

Just with any breed of dog, a Black Pitbull will become aggressive for various reasons.

This can include not receiving enough exercise or not receiving enough socialization.

Alongside that, if they are frustrated or not trained correctly, then they could become aggressive. 

They are fierce looking dogs. Yet really they are really loving and loyal dogs.

They are also very well-behaved, you just need to make sure that you train your Black Pitbull correctly. 

What Is The Rarest Kind Of Pitbull

What is the Rarest Kind of Pitbull

The rarest kind of Pitbull is known as the blue nosed Pitbull. The bluenose is a result of a recessive gene.

As this is a recessive gene, then the chances of happening are very limited and thus rare. 

A lot of people think that blue nosed Pitbulls are another breed of dog, but they are still a Pitbull.

They are in fact the same breed as the Black Pitbull, except they also have a blue nose. 

The Most Expensive Pitbull

We told you that some owners will buy serious money for a top pedigree Pitbull.

Generally, Pitbulls aren’t cheap, yet the white rhino Pitbull is the most expensive one you will ever find. 

Pitbulls, in general, are expensive, but the white rhino Pitbull makes all other Pitbulls reasonably priced.

David Porter from Iron Cast Kennel offered Armanod Perez a property, which was worth around $250,000 for a white rhino Pitbull. 

Rarest Pitbull Color

There are various different species in the Pitbull family, including the Black Pitbull. The Blue Pitbull is one of the rare Pitbull colors. 

The blue fawn Pitbull is believed to be the rarest Pitbull color available. This coloring is due to the homozygous recessive gene. 

Once again, as it is a recessive gene, then the chances of producing this coat is heavily limited. 

Final Thoughts 

Black Pitbulls have faced their fair share of negative press. Thus, there is a huge misunderstanding surrounding Pitbulls in general.

They may look like very fierce dogs, yet their looks are deceiving. 

Really, these are very loving and caring dogs that aren’t normally aggressive. Yet really any breed of dog can show aggression. 

The Black Pitbull can make a loving companion.

You do need to make sure you train them properly, and give them plenty of exercise, otherwise they can become destructive. 

Yet really, the Black Pitbull is no different from any other breed of dog.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you make your decision whether you should add a Black Pitbull to your family. 

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