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Boston Terriers are known as the American Gentlemen, and they boast of being such through their liveliness, intelligence, and affectionate and loving temperament. Thus, it’s no wonder why many people want one as a pet. 

While they do make excellent pets, searching for them can be pretty tricky, just like it is for other pups. For this reason, we made several articles that can help you with that problem.

Below, you can see a list of states where we compiled lists of Boston Terrier breeders. This way, you can find all the breeders depending on the state where you live.

We wish you all the best and hope you find your Boston Terrier puppy soon!

List of Boston Terrier Breeders

How to Choose a Good Boston Terrier Seller and Breeder

You won’t run out of choices on Boston Terrier sellers and breeders. However, you may find it challenging to choose a good and reputable one. For this reason, you may want to follow these tips to choose among all the breeders you can visit.

Do personal research to know about your chosen breeder.

Although we have compiled a list of Boston Terrier breeders, you still need to learn more about your chosen one.

One of the things you can see is their reputation and the reviews of their past customers. You can even pay a visit and see if you find an excellent environment for Boston Terrier puppies.

In short, you need to learn more about the breeder since you will pay a large sum of money for their puppy.

Contact your chosen breeder and ask questions.

As you pick a breeder, you need to reach out and fire some questions. However, make sure you know what to ask. For instance, you may ask the following things:

  • Since when did the breeder operate and breed Boston Terriers?
  • How much does he/she know about Boston Terriers?
  • What are the things he/she does to take care of the Boston Terriers?

Such kinds of questions are basic ones, but they can help you determine whether the breeder is trustworthy or not. If you didn’t get satisfied with your answers, it’s best to pick another option.

Check out your pup’s environment.

Once you already settled a deal with a breeder, you’ll likely have several weeks to prepare your home. Within those weeks, the breeder may ask you to visit the puppy and bond with it to familiarize yourself and vice versa.

During such visits, please pay attention to how the breeder deals with the puppies and how he/she takes care of them.

The breeder should ask you several questions.

A promising sign for a breeder is when he/she tries to know you more personally. It’s one thing to sell a puppy, but it’s another to care for its future.

If the breeder asks questions about you, he/she tries to know what the future will be for the puppy you will get. For this reason, you must be honest and make a good impression on the breeder.

What Is the Average Price of a Boston Terrier Puppy in a Breeder?

On average, the price of a Boston Terrier puppy from a breeder comes at around $600-$1200. Other breeders may offer their pups for even $1500 or higher, depending on their lineage.

Besides the lineage, other factors may also affect the price. Among these things are the parents, the pup’s health, and even the breeder’s reputation.

Other expenses you should prepare are the puppy’s needs. For instance, puppies need food, shelter or beddings, grooming tools, and even toys. You should also include other things such as vet expenses, medicine, and even pet insurance.

Thus, if you’re making a budget for your pup, it would be best to include all possible expenses as well.

Pros and Cons of Getting a Boston Terrier Puppy From a Breeder

Boston Terrier Breeders are your best bet if you are looking for a well-cared and healthy puppy. Although most of the breeders are reliable, you can still find issues and downsides along the way.

Breeders might be the best place to look for a puppy, but they also have some downsides you need to know if you would deal with one. This way, you can prepare yourself for it and won’t get surprised if anything happens.

Below are some of the pros and cons of getting a Boston Terrier puppy from a breeder.


Best health condition of puppies

Breeders boast of better knowledge of a specific dog breed. Thus, they would know how to give the best care for your Boston Terrier should you ever get one from them.

Well-trained puppies

Breeders also start training puppies. Thus, you’ll likely get a puppy that already began its training. You’ll need to continue with it.

Great advice and reliable resource

As I said, breeders know how to take care of the breed they raise. For this reason, getting a puppy from a breeder means you get advice from someone who has experience with Boston Terriers.

Lifetime guidance and support

If you buy your Boston Terrier from a breeder, he will remain in touch with you. He may even give you contact to his past clients. Thus, you can connect with people who can help you with your pet for life.


Long days of breeder searching

The list we made doesn’t ensure you’ll get an available pup in the breeder you choose. In most cases, you’ll end up on waiting lists, so you may need to contact several breeders at a time.

Lengthy processes and many requirements

The transfer of puppies takes a lot of time to process, and it will take so much paperwork and other requirements.

Dealing with picky breeders

You may have to pay attention to breeders as they can be pretty picky. Though it’s a good sign, you still need to make a good impression on them to get your pup.


Boston Terriers are excellent pets. Thus, having one means having a great family member and companion. Since many people want a Boston Terrier, it can be challenging to find an available puppy immediately. Moreover, it would be best if you choose a reputable breeder from where you’ll get yours.

With these issues in mind, we created the guides linked in this article. It includes listings of Boston Terrier breeders near you as well as tips and guides in choosing your breeder up to taking care of your pup. With these guides, you won’t run blind in dealing with these things.

Of course, it will be a challenging feat to accomplish. However, it would be best to look at every challenge as an obstacle to endure. As long as you finish these tasks, you’ll get rewarded with a loving Boston Terrier that will be your companion in the coming years.


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