13 Boxer Breeders in Texas (TX) | Boxer Puppies for Sale

Do you reside in Texas, and you want a Boxer? If you do, then this article suits you! Here, you can read what you need to know about all the Boxer breeders in Texas. Thus, it will lessen the burden you may have of searching for a Boxer puppy for sale.

Moreover, we also incorporated a rundown of online Boxer breeders. Such a list of Boxer breeders near you can be a great option if you can’t find any available Boxer puppies for sale.

We hope you and your Boxer meet soon!

Boxer Breeders Texas Listings

NamePostal CodePhoneWebsite
Carbine BoxersTX 77061+1 805-750-4664http://www.carbineboxers.com/
K & J BoxersTX 75446No Phone Numberhttp://www.knjcountrypups.com/
Grayson BoxersTX 77830+1 936-524-1054http://graysonboxers.com/
Black Champion BoxersTX 76234+1 940-841-2754http://www.blackchampionboxers.com/contact.html
Tribute Cockers And BoxersOK 73446+1 580-677-9044http://www.tributecockers.com/
Dovetail Kennels of TexasTX 76446+1 254-592-3251http://www.dovetailkennels.com/
Mer Bar BoxersTX 77316+1 936-443-6977https://www.merbarboxers.com/
Legacy Boxer RescueTX 76053+1 877-526-9377http://www.savetheboxers.com/
Precious Paws of Texas Hobby BreederTX 77062+1 832-888-1895http://www.preciouspawsoftexas.com/
TAC Team KennelsTX 78608+1 254-383-9637http://www.tacteamkennels.com/
Petland FriscoTX 75034+1 972-377-7233https://www.petlandfrisco.com/
Schautzie s Boxer KennelTX 75904+1 936-634-1647No Website
Sisters Awesome BoxersTX 78624+1 830-998-1682http://sistersawesomeboxers.com/

Boxer Puppies for Sale in Texas

Carbine Boxers

Address – 7930 Airport Blvd, Houston, TX 77061, United States

Phone – +1 805-750-4664


K & J Boxers

Address – FM100, Honey Grove, TX 75446, United States

Phone – NA


Grayson Boxers

Address – 1219 FM 1486, Anderson, TX 77830, United States

Phone – +1 936-524-1054


Black Champion Boxers

Address – 421 Private Rd 4011, Decatur, TX 76234, United States

Phone – +1 940-841-2754


Tribute Cockers And Boxers

Address – 17843 Bridgeview Rd, Madill, OK 73446, United States

Phone – +1 580-677-9044


Dovetail Kennels of Texas

Address – 5616 Hwy 6, Dublin, TX 76446, United States

Phone – +1 254-592-3251


Mer Bar Boxers

Address – 8206 Hills Pkwy, Montgomery, TX 77316, United States

Phone – +1 936-443-6977


Legacy Boxer Rescue

Address – Hurst, TX 76053, United States

Phone – +1 877-526-9377


Precious Paws of Texas Hobby Breeder

Address – 15207 Park Estates Ln, Houston, TX 77062, United States

Phone – +1 832-888-1895


TAC Team Kennels

Address – 317 Co Rd 229, Briggs, TX 78608, United States

Phone – +1 254-383-9637


Petland Frisco

Address – 2930 Preston Rd, Frisco, TX 75034, United States

Phone – +1 972-377-7233


Schautzie s Boxer Kennel

Address – 4822 Moffitt Rd, Lufkin, TX 75904, United States

Phone – +1 936-634-1647

Website – No Website

Sisters Awesome Boxers

Address – Alamo Springs General Store & Cafe, 107 Alamo Rd, Fredericksburg, TX 78624, United States

Phone – +1 830-998-1682


Online Boxer Breeders

Although you may find several Boxer breeders in Texas, it’s not a guarantee that you’ll find an available pup immediately. For this reason, we included these online Boxer breeders for you to check as well.

In general, these three sites are search platforms where you can search for a Boxer pup if you can’t find one from a Boxer breeder in Texas.

AKC MarketPlace

The American Kennel Club is the best and most reliable site you can visit for all kinds of breeds. Thus, you can also check a Boxer breeder here. The great thing is that it has an online marketplace to search for a Boxer puppy from any of the states.

Here’s a link to the AKC MarketPlace website if you want to check it:


Adopt A Pet

Adopt A Pet is another reliable web platform for everyone who’s looking for Boxer puppies for sale. Since they cover all kinds of breeds, you may find an available puppy through this website.

Here’s a link to the Adopt A Pet website if you want to check it:


Puppies For Sale Today

Puppies For Sale Today works the same as the first two. Moreover, it’s also a reliable website that can connect you to anyone who offers Boxer puppies for sale. If you’re looking for a Boxer puppy, but you can’t find an available one, you can check out this site.

Here’s a link to the Puppies For Sale Today website if you want to check it:


What Is the Average Price of a Boxer Puppy in Texas?

If you plan on getting a Boxer puppy from a breeder in Texas, you should expect to pay around $500 to $1500 as it’s the average price for this breed. It can even go higher, but it’s pretty rare. Some factors that make Boxer puppies high are the pup’s age, bloodline, health, and even the breeder’s reputation.

Another thing to note is that you also need to prepare for other costs. In short, aside from the actual cost of the puppy from a breeder, you still need to spend money on other items. Among these are the pup’s food, the items it needs, the visits to the vet, and even pet insurance if you’ll get one.

It would be best to have an estimated cost of all these and make a budget so you won’t get short and have problems with finances.

Tips When Bringing Home Boxer Puppy

When bringing home a Boxer puppy, you need to prepare your home for its arrival. Like a new baby in the family, your pup needs some items and some changes. If you’re not sure where to start, you may take a look at the following:

Inform all your household members.

A new puppy at home is a concern for all the family members. Thus, they need to prepare for it as well. As you have your meeting, try to make a schedule of tasks and distribution of responsibilities.

Of course, if you’ll do all the work, at least schedule a proper time of bonding for each one, as they will be the ones your pup will meet every day.

Prepare your home.

Preparing a home for your Boxer puppy means making it a safe place to play and live. Thus, you need to secure every item that can potentially harm your pet.

For instance, you need to keep plugs, cables, poisonous substances, and even medicines out of your pet’s reach.

Moreover, you need to secure your items that your pet can damage, such as shoes, carpets, floor mats, and so on.

Shop for supplies.

Like all other puppies and babies, Boxer pups needs items for its daily life. The essential things it needs would be beddings, food, and food bowls. 

You also need to buy a leash and collar for identification. Moreover, you’ll need treats or snacks for training. It would also be best to have a veterinarian’s contact info in case of an emergency.

Create a schedule.

Besides your pet, you also have your responsibilities. Thus, creating a schedule means you’ll plan on how to use the time you have for the day.

Try to schedule how your pup should do for the day and when you need to pay attention.

The great thing about creating a schedule is that it will benefit both you and your pet. Dogs can learn to live with a routine, and you’ll also have time to do your duties aside from paying attention to your pet.

Choosing a Good Boxer Seller and Breeder

The best Boxer puppies only come from those who take an extra mile in caring for them. Thus, if you want the best pup, you’re the best bet is to get one from a breeder. However, you’ll need to find a Boxer breeder that is reputable and someone who cares for the puppies.

Below are certain qualities that you should look for in a Boxer puppy breeder. If you’ve met a breeder, you may want to make these things your guidelines if you should continue or choose another one.

The Boxer breeder should only breed Boxer puppies.

A single breed should be the first thing to remember when searching for a reputable Boxer breeder. If you encounter a breeder who breeds two or more types of dog breeds, it’s not a good choice.

The Boxer breeder should take the Boxer puppies’ health as its main priority.

Every dog in a breeder’s hand should have the best health and receive the best health care from a partner vet.

Thus, if your Boxer breeder can’t give you any vaccine and health papers and documents, you may want to go for another.

The Boxer breeder shouldn’t force the dog’s parents to mate.

Every breed has a mating season to which they breed. If the Boxer breeder sells quite a lot of pups but only has a pair of parents, you can think that it forces the parents to mate so they can have puppies to sell.

The Boxer breeder should train pups in their first weeks.

Every reputable Boxer breeder gives all the pups around eight weeks at least to stay with their parents. In such a time, the breeder should train the pups before it moves to its new home.

If your Boxer breeder is eager to send the pup away even as a newborn or within only a week or two, it’s a huge red flag.

The Boxer breeder would continuously be in touch.

A reputable Boxer breeder knows the pup’s life remains his or her concern, even if it’s in a new home. Thus, a good one would stay in touch with you to ask for updates about the puppy’s welfare.

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