Can Bulldogs Eat Oranges? (What About the Seeds and Peel?)

Bulldogs can eat oranges, yes. The citrus scent of orange may not be that enticing to bulldogs. Still, oranges are safe for them to eat nonetheless. Oranges are highly nutritious, and these fruits can help boost your pet’s immunity. When feeding oranges, it would be best to remove the seeds and the skin to avoid any issues.

Oranges are famous for their delicious, sweet, and tangy taste. Further, they are also known to offer high amounts of vitamins. 

If you own a bulldog, and you wonder if you can share some orange slices, don’t worry.

I have compiled the essential things you need to know about oranges. It also has some tips which will come in handy as you feed your pet.

Let’s get into it!

Are oranges OK for bulldogs?

Oranges are not toxic to bulldogs, and you can feed some to your pet without having any issues.

This fruit is an excellent source of vitamin C, which can help boost your dog’s immunity.

Some people think oranges and other citrus fruits are toxic to dogs since they are toxic to cats. But, it’s not entirely true.

While cats loathe the citrus scent, it’s not a problem you will worry about for your pet.

Dogs would surely love the taste of orange. Further, this fruit offers high amounts of vitamin C, fiber, iron, and potassium.

All these components will improve your dog’s health in many ways. One benefit is a boost in immunity.

Orange also works wonders for dogs that are either anxious or active. Stress and heavy exercise can overwhelm a dog’s capacity to produce vitamin C.

For this reason, they would need some supplements to compensate for it. Feeding oranges to anxious or active dogs will help sustain a required amount of vitamin C.

Another thing is that this vitamin will help your bulldog if it ingested something toxic. Still, it would be best to consult your vet first before doing such a remedy.

Can English bulldogs eat oranges?

English bulldogs can eat fresh oranges in moderation. But, make sure they are not allergic to it first before feeding.

Some English Bulldogs have sensitive stomachs, and oranges can be a great disturbance.

For this reason, offer oranges in a small amount first, and observe for a day if your dog shows an allergic reaction. If your dog doesn’t show any adverse signs, you can continue feeding it.

Oranges contain both vitamins B and C, and it’s also high in fiber. All these components are healthy and beneficial for bulldogs.

Still, avoid offering the peel and the seeds, as these things can get stuck in your pet’s throat.

Last, limit your dog’s orange intake to 2-3 slices a day. While this fruit is beneficial, it contains natural sugars that can upset the stomach.

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Can oranges hurt dogs?


Oranges can hurt dogs in many ways, and it would help you stay on the safe side if you are aware of these matters.

First, oranges can make your dog sick if you feed a lot for the first time. 

While oranges may not be toxic, it can disturb your pet’s stomach if it eats large amounts of orange for the first time.

It would be best to introduce the fruit by feeding a slice or two and observe if your pet shows any issues.

The second thing is through an allergic reaction. Some dogs may tolerate oranges, but other dogs have sensitive stomachs. Thus, they can be allergic to oranges.

It is also another reason why you need to give orange in small amounts first to see if your dog is allergic to it or not.

Another instance is the orange peel. While the peel isn’t toxic to dogs, it can be quite challenging to digest.

Thus, it would be best if you had the peel removed before offering orange to your dog. It would also be best if you remove the pits as well.

Last, avoid offering some orange juice to your dog, as it is a concentrated drink of citric acid and sugars. 

Dogs don’t necessarily need the vitamins in oranges, so that the juice won’t do them any good.

It’s better to keep them hydrated with water and always inform your vet if you plan to feed any new food.

What do oranges do for dogs?

Oranges offer loads of nutrients, and dogs can enjoy it if they snack on this fruit from time to time.

The best benefit of dogs from oranges is vitamin C, which boosts immunity.

With strong immunity, your dog is less likely to suffer from diseases brought by viruses.

Another critical component is fiber, which improves the body’s digestion.

Still, while oranges are highly-nutritious, you shouldn’t overfeed your dog.

A few slices for a snack should be enough. Going overboard could cause an upset stomach since oranges have high sugar content.

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Can dogs eat orange peels?

As I said earlier, orange peels aren’t toxic for dogs, but it’s also not ideal for them to eat.

Your bulldog, like any other dog, may find orange peels hard to chew and to digest.

Moreover, it can get lodged in your dog’s digestive tract, causing an obstruction. Such a problem would need surgery.

Thus, you should avoid feeding orange peels as much as possible.

Can dogs eat orange marmalade?

Orange marmalade is not precisely toxic to dogs. Still, it’s not healthy for them either.

The thing about orange marmalade is that it has very high sugar content.

Aside from the natural sugar from the concentrated orange, it also has more sugar added into it.

A taste of marmalade shouldn’t cause any issue to your dog. Still, it also won’t do any good either.

For this reason, it’s alright to give them a taste here and there. But, don’t make it a regular snack you would feed.

What fruits can dogs not eat?

There are many fruit options for your bulldog. Still, there are some kinds that you shouldn’t feed. 

Such fruits can cause harm to your pet, even in small amounts. For this purpose, I compiled a list of toxic fruits you should avoid for your pet:

  • Grapes and raisins
  • Macadamia Nuts
  • Avocados
  • Pips, seeds, and stones
  • Unripe tomatoes
  • Rhubarb
  • Persimmon seeds
  • Apple cores & seeds

By staying away from these fruits, you can keep your pet on the safe side.

When feeding fruits to your pet, always consider the sugar content, limiting their intake to a cup per day.

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Oranges are safe for Shih Tzus to eat. Thus, if you want to offer some orange for snacks, you can spare some without worries.

When feeding oranges, you should avoid including the peel and the pits. Although these things aren’t toxic, they can still cause problems for your pet.

Another thing to remember is that oranges are high in sugar. Thus, it can be harmful if your dog overeats.

Always feed oranges and other fruits in moderation. Further, don’t offer toxic fruits and fruit parts that can be lethal for them.


Photos by Graham Holtshausen and Jennifer Hyman on Unsplash

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