Can Cats Eat Flour Tortillas? (Yeah, They Can)

Cats can eat flour tortillas, yes. Although cats are carnivores, it doesn’t restrict them from eating plant-based food. Cats can eat flour tortillas since it doesn’t contain anything harmful to them. Still, since it’s not their usual diet, only give it as a treat and don’t make it part of their daily meals.

Flour tortillas are easy to make, and it has relatively simple ingredients. Thus, if you have some pieces to spare, you can give it to your pet.

Remind yourself not to give too much, though. While it is safe for your pets, too much intake can cause some problems.

The traditional homemade flour tortilla recipe only needs simple ingredients. The list includes all-purpose flour, salt, baking powder, lard, and water.

Small amounts of the said ingredients will not cause any harm. Thus, giving them tortilla treats from time to time should be alright.

Now, let’s get into tortillas more.

Can cats eat tortillas?

Cats don’t include tortillas in their diet. Yet, if you have some to spare, it wouldn’t harm them.

Unlike other human food, tortillas contain ingredients that are safe. As long as you feed it to your pet in small amounts occasionally, it will not cause any problems.

Further, if you wish to give your feline pet a tortilla snack, don’t include any other side dishes along with it.

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Give flour tortillas plain without any dishes in it

While flour tortillas and any other variant may be safe for cats, the dishes that go along with it are harmful.

For us, a flour tortilla is an unfinished dish. Tortillas of all variants go along with other recipes.

It can be a quesadilla, a burrito, shawarma, and so many other delightful dishes. Thus, if you plan to give some of these meals, don’t do it.

Your kitty may only eat tortillas as long as it is unsalted, unseasoned, and without cheese, meat, onions, etc.

Most dishes that often include tortillas contain food that is harmful. With that in mind, flour is safe, but only in moderation.

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Can cats have flour?

flour tortillas

Yes, cats can have flour in small amounts and not in a regular intake.

The gluten in the flour is often a substitute for high-quality protein sources in cat food.

Thus, it’s no wonder why many cat food manufacturers add such ingredients to put more in cat food.

Although flour won’t be harmful, keep in mind that our feline pets are carnivores.

For this reason, flour and other grains aren’t part of their diet. It means that their stomach is not designed to digest large amounts of flour.

It’s alright for felines to have some flour-based food, but only as an occasional treat.

Giving regular and large amounts can cause digestive issues.

Now, you may wonder if cats can eat chips since most chips are flour-based products.

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Can I give chips to my cat?

You can give chips, as long as it’s only a treat and not regular food.

Felines may love the crispness of chips. Still, such treats offer no nutritional value for them.

As carnivores, felines can survive without plant-based food such as tortillas and chips.

Further, chips are high in fat, carbohydrates, and even salt. Thus, too many chips can even harm your feline pet.

There are chips produced without too much seasoning. These chips come as unsalted and unflavored, and these types are the ones you can offer.

Remember, though. Salted and flavored chips will not be suitable. Such variants contain salt, MSG, and even artificial flavors. There are even spicy chips.

Don’t give any of these chips, as it may be toxic for your pet.

If you wish to give some crisp treats, stay on the safe side by giving the unsalted and unflavored ones.

Tortillas in their plain and unflavored versions can be safe. But, other food and ingredients can harm them.
Knowing such food can help you be aware every time you treat with other food for the first time.

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Are any foods toxic to cats?

Human food that is toxic for cats includes the following. Although this is not a comprehensive list, it consists of the toxic ones you should avoid.

Raisins and Grapes

A small amount of raisin or grapes can be lethal. The results of such happen immediately. Among the effects are vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and others.

Chocolates and Caffeine

Chocolates and caffeine are toxic. Even a small intake can be lethal, and it would require immediate medical attention.

Onions and Garlic

Onion and Garlic, together with other spices, can damage the red blood cells, leading to anemia. Thus, even a small intake of such can be lethal for cats.

Raw Egg, Meat and Bones

Although wild cats can eat raw meat, the domestic ones can’t. Raw goods can cause an upset stomach. Further, they might not probably eat this food.

Make sure to offer cooked ones to ensure that it’s safe from bacteria that can cause problems.

Alcohol and Raw Dough

Alcohol is a toxic thing for cats, and even a small intake can harm them significantly, the same thing with raw dough.

Felines don’t have the stomach like that of omnivores and herbivores. Thus, they’ll have issues digesting such food.

Milk and Dairy Products

Milk and dairy products contain a high amount of lactose, which cats will find hard to digest.

As they grow, they become lactose-intolerant. Thus large amounts of milk and dairy products can cause digestive issues for them.

Dog Food

While dog food isn’t necessarily harmful, it doesn’t contain the nutrients cats need. Avoid giving your cat dog food, and be careful not to have this mistake when picking it at a grocery.

In Summary

With its simple recipe and accessible ingredients, flour tortilla goes a long way. Thus, if you wish to spare some for your cat, go ahead. It won’t cause any problem.

Still, as the owner, you need to remember that flour tortilla is not, and it shouldn’t be part of their diet. Always see this food only as a treat, and don’t give it too often.

Offer flour tortillas plain and without any seasoning and flavor. This way, you can ensure its safety, and you can enjoy it on your own as well.


Flour tortilla recipe

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