Can Cats Sense Energy? (All You Need To Know)

Pets are in tune with our emotions and our moods. But does this include cats sensing human energy? Let us learn more about that.

So can cats sense energy? Some articles claimed that cats could feel human energy. Cats can sense energy much like they can sense human emotions. 

Cats are linked with their owner’s emotions. The negative energy from their owner will significantly affect the cat’s energy. 

Cats cannot communicate with their owners, but cats are excellent at determining and reading the emotions of those people around them. A typical day for a human is a roller coaster of emotions. 

We wake up and go to work and spend time with people and our family. These activities can put our emotions on ups and downs. But have you thought about what this could mean to your cats? 

Animals are sensitive, and cats are sensitive, for that matter. Cats also react in many different ways to a negative stimulus. This adaptation is one reason why it is essential for you to as a cat owner to know what kind of energy is bad for your cats. 

You have to know what kind of emotions will affect them negatively. Your cat might go away and hide in its little corner, but your cat can be so affected, and you will not know about it because you will not pay attention. 

Cats pay attention to us more than we know about it. Cats may seem aloof and not give care, but they do care. So if you want to know more information about cats and energy, you are up for a very informative read.

Can Cats Sense Spiritual Energy?

If you think whether a cat can sense spiritual energy, yes, they do. Like humans, cats can feel energy and energy shifts in people. If you speak harshly because you are stressed out, these are a clear manifestation of negative energy. 

Even if you are silent in your stress emotions, cats can still sense that negative energy. Cats can also feel if you are unhappy. 

Many people reported that their cat would snuggle upon them if they are sad and offer comfort and support. Your hormones will shift if you are stressed mentally, and this will shift depending on your emotions at the moment. 

In return, your body will release pheromones, and these are sensitive to cats. Your cat is very dependent on you in terms of their well-being physically and mentally. 

We feel that humans are the only ones allowed to get stressed out, but animals too can get stressed. Cats, too, can get stressed. And stress also can affect your cat’s behavior and health. 

This bad energy will also turn your cats into a destructive habit. Cats will chew and mark if they are upset. This behavior is bad if your cat is in a depressing and edgy environment. 

This is the part where you, as their owner, would kick in. So if you are having a bad day and are stressed out, you need to remember to think first before acting. 

You need to know that what you do will affect your cat. The bad energy you are giving off will set them off too. 

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Can My Cat Feel My Energy?

Yes. Cats can feel your energy. Cats can feel the people’s energy emotion, and they would most likely feel yours because you already have this bond between the two of you. 

Research has found strong correlations between cats and human emotional gestures. This research would also say that a cat is more positively inclined if its owner is acting cheerful. 

Cats will perform positive behaviors like purring at their owner. Cats in a positive environment also like to rub on their owner’s feet and sometimes sit on their lap. 

Cats also would want to spend time with their owners if it is a positive environment with a cheerful owner. This is the ideal energy that cats need to survive. So remember to keep your energy at a level so you will not negatively affect your cat. 

You have already developed a connection with your cat, which will also tune your emotions with your pet. Some people may not know much about this, but cats have a very keen sense, and they can interpret your energy. 

They will then respond to that energy, depending on what energy you are portraying. Some people would also think that a cat is doing nothing. They perceive cats to be lazy and like to sleep all day. 

But cats are so much more than that. Cats are even considered an empowering thing that can also remove negative energy from your body or anyone’s body. 

cat and energy

Can Cats Sense Bad Energy?

As mentioned, cats are empowered to remove negative energy from a human’s body. People claimed that your cat would absorb the bad energy from your body if you sleep, and they will let it disappear. 

Yes, a cat can sense bad energy. Energy is portrayed through your emotions and, in turn, your behaviors. The cay will then feel these emotions and actions, and they will know the kind of energy you are giving from your body. 

It was also said that it is good to have more cats in your home because cats can reduce your energy. More cats mean more cats to share the bad energy. Some articles would say that cats can heal your bad energy. 

Years ago, cats were known to be healers. Moods also affect your cats. You should also think that if you have a good relationship with your cats, your cat will know what emotions and energy. 

Your cat will quickly read your energy. So if a cat can sense bad energy, think of your energy and not let your bad energy ruin your cat. 

They also have mental health, and as their owner, you need to level your energy into a good one so that your cat will also have this good energy. Remember to think that your energy is your cat’s energy. 

They will suck what kind of energy you are giving, which will significantly negatively affect them. Bad energy is seen in almost all people. For a cat owner, you might just take for granted a cat’s mental health, but that exists. 

A cat has mental health, and bad energy is not good. As a cat owner, you should also think of your cat as much as you feel about your mental health.

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How Do Cats Act When They Sense Bad Energy?

When a cat senses bad energy, it can react differently. Cats are known to be healers, and they can absorb negative energy, so if a cat is surrounded with bad energy, as healers, they will suck that energy up and heal you. 

So if a cat senses bad energy and cares for the person with that bad energy, your cat will pull that energy out and heal that person. People need to gain the trust of the cats. If a cat meets a person, they will get to know this person before offering them the cat’s trust.

Similarly, bad energy is not visible in the cat’s first meet with the people, but this negative energy will go out after a few moments together. Cats will also be aggressive if they will sense bad energy. 

If a cat finds out and senses bad energy, your cat will be on its full defensive mode. If a cat will feel bad energy and choose to be in an aggressive state, a cat will avoid and show contempt for that person with bad energy. 

A cat will turn its ears back in an aggressive mode, and they will lower its tail and body. They will also display their teeth for you. The cat will then start hissing and growling at the person showing bad energy. 

Of course, this is just an option. Not all cats that will sense bad energy will go in an aggressive mode. Sometimes, they would move closer to that person and absorb that bad energy. 

They will heal the person. But sometimes, the cat will go away with the person who has the bad energy. They would sit and take a nap around the corner. 

The reaction will depend on what the cat is and its temperaments. A cat might sense bad energy and act aggressively, or a cat can just let it be and be on its way. You need to know what the behavior of your cat meant.

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In summary, cats can sense bad energy. Years ago, cats were considered to be healers. They are thought to heal the people by sucking their bad energy off of them and absorb them until the bad energy is gone. 

Cats might also be aggressive if they will sense bad energy. This bad energy is not suitable for cats because cats have the tendency to realize your emotions and ready your energy. They will incorporate this energy into their energy, and bad energy will affect your cat in a bad way.


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