Can Dogs Eat Hot Cheetos? (Spicy Guide)

Some people feed their dogs anything. Some dogs do eat everything, but are dogs capable of eating spicy food? What about flaming hot Cheetos? For now, we are going to talk about dogs and hot Cheetos. 

So can our dogs eat hot Cheetos? Dogs can eat almost anything, but they cannot eat spicy food. Hot Cheetos have onion and garlic that are not good for your dog’s health. It even has capsaicin. As much as a dog might want to eat hot Cheetos, please do not give it to them. 

If you have a dog, then it means that you know that dogs eat all kinds of human food. But it is vital for your dog that you learn if the food is safe for their consumption. When we eat food, sometimes we tend to give some to our dogs.

We do not even have an idea if the food will cause them problems or not. Hot Cheetos are not even good for us humans. That can already be a basis that is not suitable for our dogs. 

Though hot Cheetos do not pose a significant health risk, our dogs must avoid eating them. The snack contains ingredients that cannot be fed to the dogs.

If you have hot Cheetos for a snack, it is best to avoid getting some of it for your dog. Do not let your hands dangle because they will lick them.

So let us find out more about this subject. Let us look into what is inside the hot Cheetos and if dogs are safe eating hot Cheetos.

What Happens If A Dog Eats Hot Cheetos?

We, humans, love spicy food. I mean, yes, they are not for everyone, but most love spicy food. And sometimes, you want to feed your dog the same food you are eating. 

Since hot Cheetos contain capsaicin, garlic, and onion that are not good for your dog’s health, they will experience diarrhea because of it. Diarrhea is the most likely result your dog can have out of eating hot Cheetos. 

While capsaicin is not entirely toxic to dogs, it can cause diarrhea, vomiting, and burns in your dog’s mouth, throat, and stomach. If you saw that your dog has diarrhea, you must be ready and prepared to take your dog outside as often as needed. 

You would not want your dog with an upset stomach staying inside your house. You may have to clean many times. They might vomit the Cheetos they have eaten.

You can also observe if your dog will develop signs of discomfort. Other than that, you can also check for tiredness because with an upset stomach, your dog can lose its energy. 

If you have consulted your vet, follow the instructions given. The number of hot Cheetos consumed will tell the result. One or two hot Cheetos might not harm your dog significantly. 

But many hot Cheetos can cause your dog’s mouth and stomach to burn. In return, they will develop an upset stomach and will likely vomit or poop those hot Cheetos out. 

If that is the case, that is good. What you do not want is if it will create problems or complications to your dog’s health.  

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Why Are Hot Cheetos Bad For Dogs?

If you have doubts about hot Cheetos for your dog and ask yourself if your dog eating hot Cheetos is good, now you know the answer. Hot Cheetos must not be given to dogs. 

But why is it bad for our dogs? Hot Cheetos appeared in the late 1940s. Cheetos are cornmeal put in the oven or even deep-fried to make the shape of its kind of puff. 

Hot Cheetos have an original flavor and a spicy flavor. The original, though, is just cornmeal covered in cheese. The spicy one is covered in spicy chili powder. 

And now that you are aware of it, spicy foods are not meant for the dogs. It is prohibited because it is a processed food, and there are ingredients inside hot Cheetos that are off-limits to your dogs. 

Another reason why hot Cheetos are terrible for your dogs is about the ingredients. Spicy food has the ingredient capsaicin. Yes, this is not harmful and does not pose an illness threat.

But your dog can get an upset stomach because of this. To add, hot Cheetos have garlic and onion. We all know that these ingredients are not suitable for dogs. 

Snacks like hot Cheetos are also rich in oil, fat, and sodium. These ingredients should not be consumed in high quantities by your dog. As has been said, hot Cheetos are not suitable for your dogs. 

Avoid hot Cheetos at all costs if you do not want to handle a dog with an upset stomach or diarrhea.

hot cheetos

Can Hot Cheetos Kill A Dog?

You are aware by now that a hot Cheetos is not a very good snack for your dog. If ever your dog ate hot Cheetos, there can be several issues about that. 

Snack foods that are processed have no nutrients to offer to your dog. It is like they are consuming food without consuming nutrients. So if your dog is eating Cheetos, they are cracking up their calorie intake, and they get nothing out of the snack. 

They get no nutrients, no nothing. If your dog ate hot Cheetos for like one or two, it does not create a significant threat to their health. 

However, as mentioned, they can get an upset stomach or diarrhea. These illnesses might not pose a dangerous threat, but it can lead to complications. Simple diarrhea might worsen and might even harm your dog ill. 

So basically, hot Cheetos will not kill your dog. Again, if they consumed just a little bit, then your dog is okay. If finished a lot, they can only get diarrhea, stomach ache, and discomforts. 

Though complications are not impossible, they can get that unlikely just for a hot Cheetos. If your dog is a healthy one and has a robust immune system, you can just take it easy and tend to your dog until he gets the Cheetos out of its design.

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What to Do If Your Dog Ate Hot Cheetos?

If your dog has eaten hot Cheetos, do not panic right away. They might have eaten because a piece fell to the floor, they ransacked the garbage can, or just someone gave some to them. 

Eating hot Cheetos will not automatically lead to a negative result. You have to know first how much your dog has eaten. If it is just a tiny consumption, then you can just loosen your corset and monitor them. 

If nothing happens, you can let the situation go. If your dog has eaten many hot Cheetos, it is best to monitor your dog’s behavior. 

If you noticed slight changes or odd behavior, it would be best to consult your vet right away. Ask your vet for advice. Your vet might ask you to go home and observe your dog if it will exhibit physical discomforts. 

Again, if your dog consumed a tiny piece, you can just not worry about it. One hot Cheetos or two might not cause any severe complications. 

You can just have a result if your dog ate many hot Cheetos. That is enough to trigger a response. The next step is to call your vet as soon as possible for instructions and guidance. 

Notice if your dog is developing signs of diarrhea already. Feel your dog’s energy. Please pay attention to their behavior because your dog cannot talk and will just depend on you for their comfort. 

How to Recognize That Your Dog Ate Hot Cheetos?

You may not be with your dog all the time of the day. They might have eaten something, and you have no reason to know it because you are not there. 

So it is very likely that your dog might eat hot Cheetos, and you will not even know a thing about it. So how do we know if our dogs have eaten Cheetos? 

So listed down below are the possible signs that your dog can exhibit after eating a hot Cheetos. 

Paws In The Mouth

After eating hot Cheetos, we all know that it can make our mouth and throat burn. So it is the same with dogs; they will paw at their mouth because it is burning from the spiciness. 


One result if a dog eats hot Cheetos is vomiting. If your dog has been vomiting, check its vomit and look for the same appearance as Cheetos have.

Lethargy Or Helplessness

Your dog can get tired if they are not feeling well. If your dog has an upset stomach, it can be drained of their energy because of their physical discomfort. 

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In summary, hot Cheetos are not a good and healthy snack for your dogs. Though hot Cheetos are a delicious and tasty snack, it does not go well with your dogs. 

There are plenty of snacks that are good for your dogs. Offer that instead. Spicy food contains an ingredient that is not compatible with your dog’s stomach. 

Intake of hot Cheetos will result in your dog getting an upset stomach and diarrhea. Moving forward, keep your spicy food away from your dog’s reach. 

Tighten the lid of your garbage cans. We all know that a dog likes to ransack things that are within reach. Garbage is mostly one of them.


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