Can You Put Visine in a Dog’s Eye? (Important Facts)

When we have irritated eyes, we use Visine or other over the counter eye drops. But can we do the same if our dogs have eye problems? This knowledge is a crucial thing dog owners should know. 

So, can you put Visine in your dog’s eyes? The answer is no because Visine is not FDA approved for dogs. Effective medicines for humans do not actually do the same with the dogs. 

Like humans, dogs get their eyes irritated. They can get dry and painful. And most of the time, dog owners have no idea what medicine they should give their dogs.

Frankly, we even offer our dogs medications that are intended for humans. We think that they work just the same with our dogs. But, if you will use human products for your dogs, especially Visine, you have to know the complications that can happen. 

You also have to know that medicines that are very effective for humans are not considered safe for dogs. Humans and dogs belong to two different species, and they have different genetic material. 

A medication that is made to aid us will not do the same for them. On the bad side, they can even be dangerous for them. It is now more popular than it was before. 

If dog owners find their dog’s eye irritated and red, they immediately went for some Visine and applied it to their dog’s eyes. Doing this can have side effects and can even cause some problems. 

So if you want to know more about why Visine is not suitable for your dog, you have to stay and read the entire guide.

Is Visine Toxic To Dogs?

Visine is not FDA approved to treat the eyes of your dogs. If your dog is experiencing irritation with its eyes, you need to consult your vet before anything else. It would be best if you had an expert opinion and help. 

Your vet may be able to help you with your dog’s eye irritation. Visine helps with eye redness and dryness. But it contains an ingredient that may not be compatible with your dog’s eyes.

Moreover, it will create complications rather than solutions to your dog’s eye infection. Visine, a very useful eye drop to human’s eyes but can be very harmful to your dog’s eyes. 

When we say that it is not FDA approved for dogs, it can only be used for human eyes. It is usual for dog owners to have this reflex to use Visine every time your dog’s eyes get irritated. 

Visine has not been entirely studied and researched with the dogs. The side effects and complications are still in progress, but it was confirmed that there are complications. 

The Visine’s purpose is to cure the eye’s redness and dryness, but it may have the opposite effect on your dogs. Visine works well for people. Visine contains a drug that constricts the blood vessels of the eyes. 

In return, this will make your eyes appear wide and will provide relief. But since the drug was still not tested for dogs and there can be a reason why it is best for you and your dog not to give them any Visine.

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Can I Use Visine Eye Drops On My Dog?

No would be the answer to that. While Visine proves to be very effective for human eyes, we cannot say the same with your dog’s eyes. Visine was not tested with a dog, making it not recommended to the dogs. 

However, you can use many alternatives to treat your dog’s eye irritation. A veterinarian once said that certain types of human eye drops could be safe to use for your dog’s eyes, but you must first consult your vet. 

Visine is just off-limit to your dogs, and you do not want to cause harm to your dogs. You can also do ordinary eyewash for your dogs as an alternative to Visine. 

It can clean your dog’s eyes, and it can be very helpful if your dog’s eyes have inflammation. If your dog also has a sore eye, you may choose not to consult your vet right away. 

Artificial eye drops can be very helpful and ointments too. They can be soothing for some dry eye conditions of your dog. But if you are bothered, you can always seek your vet’s opinion. 

You are also taking risks for treating your dog’s eye with Visine. If they have an eye problem, there can be an underlying condition that may worsen if you put on a Visine on them. Their eye problems can worsen because there is no knowing how dangerous the Visine can be.

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How Can I Treat My Dog’s Eye Infection At Home Then?

The rule of thumb is always to consult your vet when you have problems with your dogs. But there can be many home remedies that you can do if you ever find yourself in this situation. 

You can follow these guides if your dog has an eye problem. These are home remedies you can do if you are worried about your dog’s eye condition. 

You can do these home remedies and observe for one day. If it gets worse after a day, you can move past these home remedies and seek medical help.

1. Consult Your Vet

This task is the most important thing you should do. While some people might think about a situation as a simple situation, that is most likely not the case. So if you are not entirely sure how the problem will go, you can always ask for help from your vet. 

A dog’s eye condition can be for many reasons. You have to consult for an expert opinion. This gesture is to ensure your dog’s safety from any underlying condition that can be worse than a simple eye infection.

2. You Need To Identify The Possible Causes Of Irritation

If you know the cause of the eye problem, it is much easier to cure the problem. There are possible reasons for that. It would be best to check the surroundings for any possible reason why your dog’s eyes are hurting. 

The place can have many dust specks that can easily irritate your dogs’ eyes. There can also be spilled liquids that are also harmful to your dog’s eyes.

3. Make A Saline Eye Wash

You can do this remedy at home. This method can be an alternative to Visine, or any eye drops you can buy over the counter. 

You can do this like first aid. It can help with the inflammation of your dog’s eyes. You can easily do this at home also.

4. Use A Chamomile Tea Bags

This method is a home remedy you can always use. This tea bag can reduce the inflammation if there is any with your dog’s eyes. 

This method is very easy to use. Just ensure you have chamomile tea bags, which will do the trick.

What Kind Of Eye Drops Can I Use On My Dog?

You have alternatives to use aside from Visine. There are eye drops that can help your dog’s eye without harming them. There are also two types of eye drops that you can use for your dogs. 

You can entirely avoid the Visine and use these alternative eye drops instead. These eye drops are safe and a lot effective in treating your dog’s eyes.

1. Antibacterial Eye Drops

This type of eye drop is a very common use eye drop for your dogs. They are available to buy over-the-counter at pet stores in your local vet clinic. You can use this eye drop to aid your dog’s eyes. 

Do not forget, though, that the first thing you have to do is consult your vet and seek medical treatment. This gesture is to prevent any complications from happening before they get worse. Although if you are on a budget, you can use these eye drops.

2. Steroid Eye Drops

This eye drop is used to treat inflammation with a dog’s eyes. Eyes are very sensitive and can have inflammation very quickly. These eye drops can prevent vision loss by fixing inflammation over the eyes. 

These eye drops are alternatives that you can use to aid your dog’s eye problems. This eye drop is safe, unlike using Visine. Though many dog owners practice using this eye drop, it sure is not safe for your dogs. 

You can buy these eye drops from your local pet shop. Unlike Visine, it is proven to be effective and safe.


In summary, Visine is not approved by experts to aid the dog’s eyes. They can be effective for human eyes, but it does not say the same for the dog’s eyes. 

Side effects were not studied and researched, but it is known to have complications. The effectiveness conducts to human eyes has never been confirmed to have the same for a dog’s eyes. You can also do home remedies instead of purchasing a Visine. 

A dog eye infection can come for many possible reasons. This is why it is essential to consult your vet for an expert opinion.


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