13 Cavapoo Breeders in North Carolina (NC) | Cavapoo Puppies for Sale

Are you in North Carolina, and you plan to take a Cavapoo puppy home? If you are, then you don’t have to go outside of your area. You can find a Cavapoo breeder in North Carolina that can give you your dream puppy!

Below, I made a list of Cavapoo breeders you can find in North Carolina that you can visit without driving long miles.

If you find it difficult to leave your home, don’t worry. I also got a list of online breeders where you can begin your search for your Cavapoo puppy!

Best of luck finding your Cavapoo pup of choice!

Cavapoo Breeders North Carolina Listings

NamePostal CodePhoneWebsite
Parkers Precious PuppiesNC 28602+1 828-397-4881http://www.parkerspreciouspuppies.com/
Happytail PuppiesNC 27310+1 855-999-6623https://happytailpuppies.com/
Charlotte Dog ClubNC 27013+1 704-761-6389http://charlottedogclub.com/
Darlin, DoggiesNC 28027+1 704-728-4924http://www.darlindoggies.com/
Good Day DoodlesNC 27455+1 336-505-9606http://www.gooddaydoodles.com/
Livelyoak CavaliersNC 28462+1 910-443-4845https://livelyoak-cavaliers.business.site/
Family Affair Standard PoodlesNC 27882+1 252-478-4356https://www.familyaffairstandards.com/
HealthyPupsNC 28669+1 336-957-3609http://healthypups.com/
Dashing Doodles | GoldenDoodles PuppiesNC 27597+1 910-261-8942https://dashingdoodlesnc.com/
Oak City Kennels, LLCNC 27615No Phone Numberhttp://www.oakcitykennels.com/
Recherche KennelsNC 28677+1 980-223-2779http://www.recherchekennels.com/
OBX Doodles, LLC.NC 27944+1 252-455-3608http://www.obxdoodles.com/
Scales Lovable PupsNC 27526+1 757-329-1213http://scaleslovablepups.com/

Cavapoo Puppies for Sale in North Carolina

Parkers Precious Puppies

Address – 5550 B J Hoisery Mill St, Hickory, NC 28602, United States

Phone – +1 828-397-4881


Happytail Puppies

Address – 2911 Oak Ridge Rd, Oak Ridge, NC 27310, United States

Phone – +1 855-999-6623


Charlotte Dog Club

Address – 1800 Amity Hill Rd, Cleveland, NC 27013, United States

Phone – +1 704-761-6389


Darlin, Doggies

Address – 265 N Scalybark Trail, Concord, NC 28027, United States

Phone – +1 704-728-4924


Good Day Doodles

Address – 5206 Century Oaks Dr, Greensboro, NC 27455, United States

Phone – +1 336-505-9606


Livelyoak Cavaliers

Address – 991 Royal Oak Rd NW, Supply, NC 28462, United States

Phone – +1 910-443-4845


Family Affair Standard Poodles

Address – 10560 Lake Royalle Rd, Spring Hope, NC 27882, United States

Phone – +1 252-478-4356



Address – 3683 White Plains Rd, Roaring River, NC 28669, United States

Phone – +1 336-957-3609


Dashing Doodles | GoldenDoodles Puppies

Address – 5632 Massey Rd, Zebulon, NC 27597, United States

Phone – +1 910-261-8942


Oak City Kennels, LLC

Address – Oak City Kennels, Raleigh, NC 27615, United States

Phone – NA


Recherche Kennels

Address – 174 Carodell Ln, Statesville, NC 28677, United States

Phone – +1 980-223-2779


OBX Doodles, LLC.

Address – Beech Springs Rd, Hertford, NC 27944, United States

Phone – +1 252-455-3608


Scales Lovable Pups

Address – Call for address, Fuquay-Varina, NC 27526, United States

Phone – +1 757-329-1213


Online Cavapoo Breeders

You may find several Cavapoo breeders in Florida. However, it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll find an available puppy immediately. In most cases, the breeders will put you on a waiting list.

With this in mind, we added this list of online Cavapoo breeders. These online breeders are search platforms. These sites act as a bridge that connects breeders and buyers.

The platforms below can be a great option if you can’t find an available pup near you. Take a look at each of these three sites:

AKC MarketPlace

The American Kennel Club (AKC) has an online MarketPlace. This site is the first place to visit if you’re looking for a Cavapoo pup. Aside from the MarketPlace, the AKC website is also rich in articles that you’ll find help with your pup.

Here is the link to their website:


Adopt a Pet

Adopt a Pet is also a great website where you can search for your Cavapoo. This site is popular with many since it’s North America’s Largest Non-Profit Pet Adoption Platform. Another great feature is that you can filter out your searches according to your preference.

Here’s a link to their website:


Puppies For Sale Today

The last online breeder platform would be Puppies For Sale Today. On this site, you can search for all breeds’ puppies. It means you can also find a Cavapoo in it.

Here’s a link to their website:


What Is the Average Price of a Cavapoo Puppy in North Carolina?

Cavapoo pups are popular among pet lovers. It’s a no-brainer since these pups have an adorable appearance and loving character. However, such characters come with quite a high price.

If you plan on getting one from a breeder, expect a Cavapoo puppy’s average price to be around $1500. Such a price would likely be the general price that breeders will charge in North Carolina.

Some breeders may charge more or less, but you may need to be cautious if it would be a lot cheaper or pricier.

Tips When Bringing Home Cavapoo Puppy

Now, if you already found your Cavapoo pup, congratulations! It’s now time for you to prepare for its arrival.

In most cases, breeders would keep your pup for a couple more weeks. Such a time would be enough for you to prepare your home for its arrival.

Before we dive into the tips, let’s get to shopping first. The essential things you may need to buy for your pup would be the following. You can write these items down on your checklist.

  • Puppy Crate
  • Puppy Beds
  • Puppy Pads
  • Puppy playpen
  • Puppy Food Bowls
  • Puppy Walking Accessories
  • Lots of Puppy Toys
  • Puppy Grooming Products
  • Puppy Treats

Now let’s get into the tips and things you need to do:

Puppy proofing

The first thing to do is to make sure that your house and backyard are safe. Cavapoo pups are tiny and curious. Thus, they will likely disappear and go off on their little adventure.

With this in mind, you should make sure that all accessible areas to them are escape-proof. Further, you should consider any items and objects that may cause your pup harm.

Such items can be:

  • Your kid’s toys
  • Electrical flexes
  • Blind cords
  • Toxic food
  • House plants
  • Cleaning substance

Doing your chores

While it may sound funny, it remains to be one of the first things to do. As you welcome your pup, you may start to get busier in the first few days.

For this reason, you may want to welcome your pup with no laundry and dishes to do and with a tidy home. This way, you can take some time as you welcome your new baby to its new home.

Setting everything up

Nothing is worse than scrambling around trying to find the things you need for your pup. For this reason, preparation is of utmost importance.

In short, make sure you have every item set up and placed into their respective shelves so you can get them if needed.

Choosing a Good Cavapoo Seller and Breeder

Breeders play a significant part in every puppy’s well-being, even after the new owner takes it home. For this reason, you need to understand how crucial it is to choose a reputable breeder.

Below is an essential checklist you need to tick off to know you’re meeting a reputable breeder.

Your pup’s health

Health is the first thing in the checklist that you need to examine. In general, your pup should be a happy one, clean and plump, and not skinny and weak.

Further, your pup should get checked by a vet before you buy it. During such a check-up, it should receive their microchip and first shot. 

Your pup’s parents

Reputable breeders would likely show your pup’s parents. It’s not likely that the father would be far away. If it is, make sure to contact the caretaker to learn more about it.

The trait and temperament of parents pass down to their pups. Thus, learning about the parents will give you an idea of how your pup will also turn out.

The pup’s home environment

The next thing to look out for is the environment from where your pup lived. It will be a total red flag if the breeder insists on meeting somewhere else and not in the actual place.

A cooling-off period

Reputable breeders care for their pups even after the new owner takes them. Thus, it’s a good sign if you have a cooling-off period in agreement.

This way, you and the breeder can agree to return the pup if it’s not possible to live in your home due to particular circumstances. In most cases, such a period can be around seven days.

Complete paperwork

The next thing that you need to confirm is receiving a complete round of paperwork about your pup. In general, you should get:

  • Microchip paper
  • Change of ownership paper
  • Pedigree paper if applicable
  • Detailed information about how to take care of your new furbaby

Learn more about you

A promising sign that you’re connecting with a reputable breeder is that they want to learn more about you.

Such kinds of breeders want the best for the pups they breed. Thus, it would be a good sign if the breeder is picky and asks many questions about you.

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