Do Cats Attack Chickens? (And How to Keep Chickens Safe)

Some people love chickens, and some people also love cats. But can cats and chickens coexist in the same household? Let us know more about that.

So do cats attack chickens? House cats attack adult chickens very rarely. But it is not the same about baby chickens because baby chickens are more tempting and weak than adult ones. 

With that said, let us know more about cats and chickens. Some people own a cat and a chicken in the same house. This concept is lovely for those who love both cats and chickens. 

But there are times when you wonder if the two can get along. You would wonder if your cat will attack your chickens and if it is safe to keep a chicken so close to your cat. 

If you belong to a group of people who loves chicken, one of your responsibilities is to keep these chickens safe. Chickens are vulnerable at times. 

A chicken is not meant for fighting other animals. Chickens are also very different from cats. Cats can more likely defend themselves. 

So if you question whether a cat will attack a chicken? Let us find that out. 

Do Cats Go After Chickens?

So let us explore more about the question about cats going after chickens. Can your chicken be in danger if there is a cat around them? Do you need to plot a safe pit for your chicken literally? 

So a cat will rarely attack adult and mature chickens. This fact is because the chicken is at a mature age. The size of mature chickens is the same as a cat’s size. 

This difference will keep the cats in a bay in attacking the chickens because the physical appearance can pose a threat to the cat. Adult chickens are even better at defending themselves. 

You may have seen adult chickens in the attacking mode. They can protect themselves if they have to. They can get away quickly with their enemies, and they even have claws that they can scratch the cat with. 

Chickens also have these long beaks that can peck the enemy away. However, this is not the same with baby chickens. You may have to protect them from the cats. 

Baby chickens are so tiny and cannot even defend themselves. You may have to do a few safety precautions in this case. Cats will try to attack your baby chickens if they have the chance. 

How Do I Protect My Chickens From Cats?

As mentioned, it is rare for a cat to attack a fully grown chicken. Fully grown chickens can fight back and even scare the cat away. If you own a fully grown chicken, you can observe for a few days if your cat will attack your adult chicken. 

Chickens can fight and even scare away cats. They are of the same height and size. So if you notice that your cats are not attacking your grown chickens, you can ease up and let them be. 

Your cat might felt a threat from your chickens and will not attack them. It is not the same for your younger chickens, of course. Your cat might felt the dominance because young chickens are small and vulnerable. 

They still cannot protect themselves from a threat. This scenario can compel your cat to attack the younger chickens instead of the mature ones. 

So if you are wondering what protections you can do to keep your young chickens safe or even mature ones if your cat attacks them, you can keep your chickens in a closed space. 

You need to keep your cats and your chicken away from each other. Take out any opportunity that cats can attack your chickens. 

At What Age Are Chickens Safe From Cats?

Some people who have chickens wonder what age their chickens will be safe from cats. This is a good question because you cannot protect your baby chickens forever. 

It is good to know what ages you can let them wander around unprotected with the presence of cats. So cats will stop attacking chickens when they are old enough to defend themselves and fight back. 

You can trust your chickens and cat not to attack each other if your chicken is within eight to ten weeks. Your chicken might be big enough to stand up for your cat. 

Your cat and chicken must be the same size. So if you wonder what age your chicken must be to defend itself fully, think of your chicken’s size. 

You can try to leave your chicken with your cat if they are big enough. Observe if there are attacks with the time they are both left alone. If there is, you might have to give it more time. 

Give your chicken more time to mature and be more significant to pose a threat physically. This is important so that the cat knows its place. Again, think of your chicken’s age and your chicken’s size. 

cat and chicken

Will A Cat Kill A Baby Chick?

A cat can kill chickens. This will depend mainly on the cat and a little on the chicken part. Some cats are just predatory, and that they will kill chickens whether they are big or small. 

Though cats rarely kill adult chickens, it is still possible. But the risk is higher if the chick is still tiny. So the answer to this question is yes. 

A cat can kill a baby chick. Cats can sometimes be lethal, especially to younger animals and baby chicks are not an exception. So if a cat will get an opportunity to fight and kill baby chickens, they can do that. 

It is crucial for your cat owner and chicken owner to separate the two of them away from each other. Give them separate rooms. You can even put your baby chickens in an area that your cat cannot go through. 

Do your best to keep your cat away from your baby chickens. If there is no one around, the cat will have the chance to attack your baby chickens. Keep your baby chickens safe and away until they are big enough to defend themselves.

Can A Rooster Kill A Cat?

A cat might be dangerous to other animals smaller and weaker than them. But a rooster can also be a danger. A rooster may attack a grown cat if the cat goes into its territory. 

Now the cat might not fight back because rooster can be terrifying. Roosters are enormous and can look physically capable of killing a cat. So if you find a rooster and a cat fighting a tough fight, your cat can be killed by the rooster. 

Roosters are very capable of that. So if your cat is smart enough not to fight back with a rooster, then your cat will live. If your cat fights back, your cat can be in real danger. 

Sometimes, rooster attack cats to remind them who the boss is. They have to display dominance and remind the cat that they are perfectly capable of attacking them and winning. This will put the cat in its place and avoid any run-in in the future. 

This will be beneficial for the cat and prevent future troubles, so if you are worried, better separate your cat’s rooster to avoid any fights. 

Can A Chicken Defend Itself Against A Cat?

Chickens can get aggressive when they have to be. They can be weak and vulnerable, but they can be harmful. Especially if a group of chickens has their way with a cat, that cat can die.

A chicken can defend itself with a cat. If the chicken is big enough, the chicken can fight back. Chickens can pose a threat if they have to. If a cat keeps picking on the chicken and preying, the chicken might be compelled to fight back. 

You also have to let their wings be and not cut them so that they can defend themselves easily. They can fly and run and even fight back. They run very fast, and they can fly too. 

A chicken can protect itself against a cat, indeed. A chicken will fight back if threatened. Cats will also unlikely attack a chicken if the chicken is the same as him. 

They may attack young chickens but no mature chickens. They know that full-grown chickens can fight back and can win a fight with them. So if you are worried, it is best to observe your cats and your chickens’ behavior. 

Some chickens and cats do get along well. Some people can even train cats and chickens at the same time. 

Are Chickens Afraid Of Cats?

Chickens do not have a lot of experience at a very young age. A young chicken might be scared of a cat. They are smaller and weaker than the cats, so naturally, they will find the cats threatening and scary. 

With this, it is essential to keep your cats away from your chickens until they are old enough to fight back. A chicken can be dangerous, with all its claws and pointed teeth. They can injure a chicken and prey on them. 

A young chicken can be afraid of cats, but adult chickens will no longer be. A full-grown chicken can fight back. This means that they are not scared of cats. 

If a chicken is fully grown, they know how to protect themselves already and its territory, so if a cat will pick a fight with them, a chicken will fight back. We also have to consider the breed of a cat. Chickens will not be afraid of the cat is not scary. 


In summary, a cat can indeed attack chickens. At times, cats can be in predator mode, and they might want to attack chickens. However, we are not talking about all the chickens. 

Cats will pick with a chicken that is not scary and weak. A cat and chicken fighting will sometimes depend mainly on the chicken’s size. A full-grown chicken can be dangerous and threatening and can fight back against a cat. 

There are also times that cats and chickens will get along well. As the owner, have the time to observe your cat’s relationship with your chickens and decide from there.


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