Do cats eat guinea pigs? (+ how to have them together)

If you’re wondering: ‘Do cats eat guinea pigs?’, then the answer is yes, cats do eat guinea pigs. Even so, not all of them will. Some cats learn to befriend guinea pigs, while others see them as potential snacks. A reminder, though, while your cat may not eat a guinea pig if you get one, it doesn’t mean your cat won’t harm it. Guinea pigs are rodents, and rodents are one of the favored prey of your feline pet.

If you’re a cat owner who thinks of adopting a cute little guinea pig, I’m here to tell you that it’s okay.

Even so, you may need to know a few things about cats and guinea pigs and how to keep both of them safe from each other.

Will cats harm guinea pigs?

No matter how long you train a cat, a certain wildness will remain in them. Thus, your cat is likely to attack and kill a guinea pig, especially if it’s her first time seeing one.

Cats are natural hunters, and they get attracted so easily by small moving animals.

This instinct is also why they may, if not attack upon sight, get curious, and try to measure out the guinea pigs.

Further, you should remember that pet cats are playful by nature. Your cat may not eat your guinea pig, nor have any intention to harm it.

Even so, you should remember that they would nonetheless play with it. While it may do no physical harm, it may stress your guinea pig due to fear.

It may also invite some unwanted injuries such as scratches from a cat’s paws.

Lastly, among other animals, cats favor rodents the most. While they may pay less attention to insects, they will pounce on every rodent they will see.

If your cat, or any other cat for that matter, isn’t used to living with other pets, expect the worse for your guinea pig.

Now, you may think your cat poses dangers to your guinea pig, and you may doubt if it’s a good thing to get one. Don’t worry, though, as both pets can live together.

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Do kittens and guinea pigs get along?

Yes, cats and guinea pigs do get along.

It may seem unusual due to their relationship as predators and preys to each other. Even so, cats and guinea pigs are house pets, and they can learn to see each other as family.

House cats are usually less aggressive compared to their wild counterparts.

The reason is that they don’t need to hunt for their food. Comparing both wild and house cats, the wild ones are most likely to eat guinea pigs.

A wild cat sees a guinea pig as potential food, while your pet cat will see your guinea pig as a toy or a family.

Between the two, guinea pigs are possible to live in a house with a well-trained cat.

Now, let’s continue by making it possible.

A cat and a guinea pig can live together, but they will need supervision and proper introduction.

How do you introduce a guinea pig to a cat?

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How do I introduce my guinea pig to my cats?

Guinea pigs are rodents, which is why they get scared easily in front of other animals. For cats they may get curious and approach the guinea pig immediately.

When introducing both pets, consider the following steps to prevent unwanted incidents.

These steps will also help in training both your cat and guinea pig to live with each other.

Maintain a safe place for both pets

Always create a safe place for both pets. These places shouldn’t be accessible to the other.

Creating a safe place for both pets will give them a go-to area if they ever feel threatened or scared.

While a cat may not get scared from a guinea pig, give it a place away from the rodent if he shows a different reaction.

Aside from their safe places, create an open space where they can meet each other. The meeting space will make it easier for you to manage both of them when they’re together.

Allow both pets to be comfortable in both their safe places and their meeting space.

Introduce your pets to each other gradually

Upon getting both pets, introduce them as early as possible. A proper introduction will avoid tensions if they see each other after a long time living in your house.

To make a gradual introduction, start by letting them meet each other with quick eye contact.

Afterward, make it longer between the intervals.

As training for your cat, make sure he sees you petting your guinea pig. The sight will make him sense that the guinea pig is part of the family, and not a snack to attack.

Do the same with the guinea pig.

Let your guinea pig and cat get to know each other

During the first couple of meetings, both your cat and guinea pig may let out an intense reaction.

These reactions can be in the form of quick movements, both towards and away from each other.

Once the reaction and tension subside, make way for them to meet each other.

Let your guinea pig roam in the area, together with the cat, and allow them to get to know each other.

Always supervise both pets when they’re together

While they may learn to live together, it’s still not 100% safe to leave them alone together.

Thus, always keep watch when they’re together, and separate them when you’re not around.

This way, you can ensure the safety of both and avoid unwanted incidents from happening.

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In trying to keep both pets around, always remember that cats eat guinea pigs, and both animals live in your care. Thus, it’s essential to always watch over them when they’re together.

Looking at it, you will not only protect them from each other. More than anything, it’s your chance to enjoy your time with them.

Now go and pet both your cat and guinea pig together!

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