Do Cockatiels Get Lonely? (Important Facts You Need to Know)

People may choose birds as pets but some people may not be knowledgeable what these birds want and need. Sometimes, they fall in love when they see it and automatically want to bring the bird home. But buying a bird cannot be as simple as taking it home. 

We need to know a lot about what type of bird it is and how to take good care of them. We need to be knowledgeable about its food, about what they want, what keeps them alive and many more. We do not just buy a bird because we want to. 

We need to really identify and research about it. Cockatiels are lively birds. They are intelligent birds that enjoy playing and flying and climbing. 

Like high maintenance dogs, they need to be stimulated regularly. Cockatiels also love to talk. They love to mimic other people. 

They are brilliant and they can be well trained at an early age. This bird is actually one of the most popular companion birds. They are very talented and loud. If you have one of these in your house, you will listen to whistles and chirps. 

These birds are native from Australia. They are considered to be the pet type because these birds are good as a company. You can introduce this bird to your friends without worrying that they will bite them or not. 

These birds loved to be touched. They wanted their feathers rubbed. They want attention, which is no secret. They will feel really happy if they are out of their cage. Birds like these are fun and joyful.

But do cockatiels get lonely? Yes, cockatiels get lonely when you leave them alone and if they have no one to interact with. 

Like humans, cockatiels can get depressed. They can stop eating. They can stop playing around or singing. When this happens, they will sit in a corner and just sulk. 

Cockatiels are considered as friendly birds. They are known as companion birds. When we say companion birds, they need to interact with someone to survive. 

To avoid this, you should play with your Cockatiels. You should take them off of a cage and play them, so they do not get lonely.

Signs of a Lonely Cockatiel

Their feathers can also tell you alone if there is a problem. If there is a crest to the bird’s feathers, it can mean that they are startled, alert, or curious. If the cockatiel is defensive, they will have their feathers flattened and close to its head. 

Your cockatiel is also likely to sneeze. It is usual for them. If we have a cockatiel as pets, we should be able to tell if there is something wrong with our bird. 

Any changes with our birds can indicate that they may be sick or tired or just depressed. Their normal behavior includes repetitive sounds and noises. They bond (Read Also: Cockatiel Bonding Signs) and interact easily and regularly to their mates or their owners.  

There are symptoms if your bird is depressed. You can observe these symptoms so that you will know when to treat them. The first is the loss of appetite. 

Just like humans, if birds are lonely, they do not like to eat. They have no appetite. This symptom is a very big indicator of the bird being depressed. 

Birds have fast metabolisms; it is essential to recognize immediately if your bird is not eating. You do not want your bird losing too much weight because it will significantly affect their overall health. 

They, too, are sometimes irritable. They will have a sudden change to their personality. They can also experience constant head bobbing and feather-plucking. 

Check for bald areas in the feathers of your birds. They will also have fluffed-up feathers and stress bars on their feathers. Know that birds are capable of getting depressed, but this is more than just depression. It is what depression can do to the bird. 

This depression can lead to destructive behaviour, plenty of problems, and a low immune system. If you will observe these symptoms from your bird, consider changing something to their environment or care.

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How Long Can You Leave a Cockatiel Alone?

A cockatiel can be left alone. A few hours are fine as long as they know that you will come back for them. It is crucial to remember that if you will leave your bird, you have to ensure they have food and water. 

Place them in a place that is enjoyable for them. Other bird owners place them in front of a window so they can look outside the window. If you will be gone for more hours than usual, make sure that you will spend a lot of time with them if you come back. 

You will play with them and make sure to owe them the attention that they needed when you were gone. It is also suitable for the owners to provide the birds with a lot of toys when they are away so the bird won’t have to be bored. Always give them attention and spend little time with them before you leave them alone.

Yes, cockatiels can be left alone as long as you want, but it is not healthy for them. Birds like this need companions and they will get lonely if they do not receive this from time to time.

Spoil them with toys because if you are not around to play with them, they have their toys to play to. In that way, they will not get bored and lonely.

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Is It OK To Have Just One Cockatiel?

Cockatiels can live alone. They are not like some other birds that will not survive without a mate, but cockatiels need attention. If they do not have a company inside the cage, they will require a lot of attention from their owners. 

Owners need to devote time and attention to them. Birds without a mate will consider their owners as their mate and will expect a lot of interaction with them. If the owner cannot provide this to the cockatiel, then it would be wise to buy another one to be their mate.

Are Cockatiels Happier in Pairs?

Cockatiels would really prefer their own mate as their company, but this is not a mandatory requirement. If you will buy them in pairs, that is good, but if you do not, cockatiels can still survive. 

As mentioned above, cockatiels without a mate will rely solely on their owners. Cockatiels need companions, but it is not required to be their own kind. They can have the companion they need from their owners, as well. 

Cockatiels need attention and affection. Some owners are having trouble deciding to buy another one as their mate or not. So the answer depends on you. 

If you can give the time and patience to your cockatiel and provide them with the companionship they need, then you do not have to buy another one. But if you do not have the time and patience to do this, then it would be wise to buy another one.

sad cockatiel

Can A Cockatiel Die From Loneliness?

Cockatiels need companions. The same with humans, cockatiels can be really lonely. One thing that can also be the reason for great loneliness is if the bird’s mate dies. 

When their mate dies, they will be depressed. They will not eat or not have energy. Soon, they will get ill because of their weight loss and no nutrition and will sooner die. 

Cockatiels may not die of loneliness alone but the effects of loneliness. When a cockatiel is lonely, they will not eat, and eating can be the source of illness and even death to the bird.

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How To Prevent Cockatiels From Getting Lonely?

Cockatiels are healthy if they are active, alert, and friendly. They eat regularly and drink regularly. They are clean and dry, and their feathers are arranged smoothly. 

If you want to make your Cockatiel happy, here are the things that you should look into.

1. Use a Spacious Cage

The first thing to consider is the cage that you will let them live in. Cockatiels love to fly and play so that they will need a lot of space in their cage. 

They will have to spread their wings so ensure that the cage is large enough for their wings to expand. Also include the space for food and water, especially the toys that you will be putting inside to have your bird happy and satisfied. 

Ensure that your hand can be slipped inside the cage without a problem. They will need a large space to be happy, and you should provide that to them. Always clean and disinfect their cage.

2. Clean Regularly the Bird’s Cage

Clean after a few days or weekly. Wash food containers or water containers. Replace them as necessary as needed. 

Be careful not to use cleaning materials that will be harmful to the bird. Always purchase those that are chemical-free and are safe for the Cockatiels.

3. Put Branches or Perches

Next to ensure is the branches or perches inside the cage. They will want to fly around and land on perches. They love to hop from one branch to another, so install these perches with the right length. 

Check also that the wood you will be installing is safe and not dangerous to the bird, like eucalyptus. Other than perches, ensure to put toys inside the cage. They love to play things.

4. Spoil The Birds with Lots of Toys

They will be happy with a lot of toys inside their cages. Ensure that the toys are safe for them because they love to destroy and eat things with their beak.

5. Feed Them a Well-Balanced Diet

Have attention also to their diet. These birds should have a well-balanced diet. Always have their fresh food and water available to them always. Foods that they did not eat after a few hours should be discarded and thrown away.

6. Bathe The Birds Regularly

Birds also will want to bathe. This activity is part of their hygiene. There are some birds who want to spray them with water. 

So if you want your bird to be happy and clean, bathe them regularly. Bathing for Cockatiels and for other birds are essential. Their feathers and skin also require care. 

We do not want their skin and feathers to be dry. Regular bathing for Cockatiels can make their feathers and skin look bright and clean. Cockatiels can take a bath as much as often as needed. Other Cockatiels love to bathe and love water. 

Ensure to have their bath in the morning and ensure to dry them up to enjoy the rest of the day with clean and dry feathers. Remember to dry their feathers with natural air. Do not use a blow dryer. 

Let them dry up naturally. If birds do not want to bathe regularly, you can try misting them up or just spraying water into them.

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In summary, cockatiels can get lonely with reasons. Make sure to have their companion, whether it is from their owner or their own mate. These birds need attention and affection, and without these, it can actually lead to loneliness. 

There are plenty of reasons for the cockatiels’ loneliness, so make sure to pay a lot of attention to them.


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