Do Dogs Forgive When You Beat Them? (Get Their Trust Back)

We often yell at our beloved pets, mostly if they did something wrong. Pets behave like a baby especially if they get too excited and happy.

So, do dogs forgive when you beat them? Yes, dogs can forgive their owners. A single yelling from you won’t last to them. A gentle touch and loving words are enough to make your dogs forgive you.

Sometimes, we accidentally hurt our dogs, perhaps shouting at them, leaving them alone at home for too long, or you don’t show enough attention to them. 

Our owners’ guilt is different from leaving us saying sorry to our dogs and hoping they forgive us.

However, repeated beating changes your pet’s personality, turning your once happy and confident dog into nervous, shut down, and aggressive.

The question can you bring your pet’s former selves? Yes, you can.

In this article, you will know how much information your dog can remember when you hurt them and its negative impact.

My Dog Is Scared Of Me Because I Beat Him – Will He Forgive Me?

Some dogs have no luck with their owners. Many got abused and abandoned pups that show up in the shelter every day.

So, will your dog forgive you after you beat him or her? Yes, dogs are very good at forgiving, but it’s not the same as forgiveness that you have recognized in humans.

Dogs feel emotions like us, but theirs are less than humans. They can feel raw emotions like fear, happiness, distress, and love.

They don’t feel social feelings like shame, guilt, or pride because dogs don’t give their owners hard feelings.

As long as you stop beating them and show them that you care, they will readily forgive you.

How Do You Make A Dog Forgive You?

Dog’s don’t spend too much time thinking about what happened to their past or future. Most of what your pets think has to do with what is happening to them at the moment.

While your pets can develop a sense of routine and quick to spot patterns in your behavior, it’s beyond a dog’s thinking capacity to predict what time you will be home or the time you hit them.

However, there are many ways to tell your dog that you’re sorry for what you have done to them. It depends on the approach of your pets.

Some dogs love treats, others love cuddles, and others love a good walk. Perhaps, the best way you should do is to combine them.

To find more ways to apologize to your dog. Here are the best ways to get back your dog’s trust again after the apology.

1. Right Timing

It’s hard to say whether your dogs understand when you are sorry for what happened to you both. If you’re going to apologize to your pet, do it right.

By saying you’re sorry that you upset them, scared them, and broke their trust.

2. Use Soft And Soothing Tone

When you’re apologizing to your pet, use the softest and most soothing tone of voice you have. Dogs can detect your body language and can quickly tell if you’re angry or not.

You can apply this soft apology by stroking their fur while saying your apology for hurting them.

3. If You Just Hurt Your Dog, Don’t Hug Them Right Away

If you hurt your pet and you want to apologize to them right away, don’t do it, don’t be tempted to drop down to their level and hg them immediately.

Your gesture might be different for them, this could backfire, and they may perceive it as a threat rather than comforting action.

Give your pet some space and talk to them calmly. This way, your dogs are more likely to understand why you hurt them accidentally.

4. Make Them Feel Wanted

If you’re out all day or perhaps you haven’t given your pet some attention they deserve, then you might need to make up with them.

The perfect way to do that with your active dog is to take them out and let them do what they love, like running, playing, and chasing.

You can apologize to your dog while playing with them, showering them with your excellent attention, and making them your primary focus.

5. Don’t Use Too Much Treats When Apologizing To Your Pet

Giving treats to your pet when apologizing is not quite a good example. It could send a mixed signal to them.

Treats are the most effective tools in training your dogs, and you should only give them those treats to reward their good behavior.

If you give them treats to apologize, it’s like giving them a reward when they haven’t done anything to deserve it.

As owners, you should be mindful because what if the reason you hurt them is that they did something wrong.

Like for example, biting your slippers or chewing your cushion out of your anger, you spank them right away to stop.

There are some reasons why giving them treatment is not good.

Do Dogs Remember When You Hurt Them?

Yes, your dogs may remember when you hurt them, but they won’t remember it if you don’t make it a habit.

Your pet forgets events, but they can remember the intense feelings or actions you have that day when you hit them.

As long as possible, don’t beat them because you like it. Dogs deserve love; that’s why you purchase and have them. You should treat them right because they love you the moment you have them.

insulted dog

I Spanked My Puppy And Feel Bad – What To Do?

If you spanked your puppy and feel bad, you should make up with them. Talk to your dog calmly, and after some hours, both of you already adjust or have some space.

You can do a good walk with your pet, and while walking, talk to them. By that, you’re letting your pet feel wanted.


In summary, dogs are like babies. You need to train them so they can learn good behavior. However, there are times that you may accidentally hurt your pets out of anger. 

Because of your stress and they are so driven to get your attention, you spank or hit your dog to stop them, and suddenly, after seeing their guilty eyes looking at you feel sorry for what you have done.

If this happens to you with your pet, you should make up with each other. Please make time to be with your dog.

Besides, your dog is your best friend, and you can talk about your problems with them. They may not understand you, but they can feel you.


Image credits – Canva

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