Do Worms And Earthworms Have Blood? (Interesting Facts)

It is common for most people that for a living thing to survive and live, they must need blood, so does it say the same with worms and earthworms? Let us find out.  

So do worms and earthworms have blood? The answer to this is yes. Some worms and earthworms do have blood, but they vary in color depending on what kind of worm we are talking about.

Blood is a common thing to have to say that a thing is living. Some people would question whether a worm has blood because it does not leak red if you step on it. But I think the more appropriate question is: “do worms and earthworms have blood, and what color is it?”. 

Who knows, maybe blood can have different colors aside from red. If you are reading this, you might have also asked yourself if there was blood in worms and earthworms. 

Let us find that out together. Stay for this very informative read about worms and blood.

What Worms Have Blood?

Now you know that many worms and earthworms have blood but what kind of worms have blood? Let us further discuss that. So a lot of worms and earthworms have blood, and they all vary in color. 

There are some worms and earthworms that have blood with no color. Some worms even have blood with a pink color, and some also have a color red blood. So we need to know what kind of worms have blood and what color they are. 

When we say worm, a lot of worms will go inside your head. This is because this earth has so many different worms. There even might be worms that exist that have not been found out yet. 

Generally speaking, a worm is defined as a long, thin animal with no bones. Let us identify the three types of worms and their blood color.

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The First Type Is The Segmented Worms

This type of worm has marine worms, leeches, and earthworms. These worms are also known as annelids. The bodies of these worms are divided into segments, hence, the name. 

The color of the blood of these worms will vary on the molecules that they carry. Let us also include the different kinds of gases that will go in and out of their body. If the molecules carried by the worms have iron with them, the worm’s blood will have the color red. 

The blood will turn blue if they have copper in it. These molecules have no single color to be red, pink, or even green. Blood colors of leeches and some segmented worms are red, but some also are not red.

The Second Type Is The Flatworms

These worms are parasite worms. These worms live in ponds and lakes. They need another host to live. 

These kinds of worms are almost flat that they do not even need blood, but they absorb oxygen in their skin. These worms’ blood is mostly colorless or kind of white.

The Third Type Is The Roundworms

These worms are also called nematodes. These worms are mostly found on soils. 

Gardeners would meet this fella very often when taking care of their garden. These worms can also be parasites and live through humans.

Is Worms’ Blood Similar To Ours?

Worm’s blood and human blood are not similar in all their ways. The only way that they can be identical is that a worm’s blood carries hemoglobin. 

The work of hemoglobin is a common oxygen-carrying molecule, and this also applies to worms. Some worms have red blood color because their blood also contains hemoglobin like that of humans. 

What Is Worm And Earthworm Blood Color?

The blood of worms and earthworms will vary on the molecules that they carry. The blood of the worms and earthworms will vary on the molecules with oxygen and many other gases carried in and out of the worm’s body.

If the molecule carries iron in its oxygen, the worm’s blood will be red, just like human blood. If the molecule has copper in its oxygen, the worm’s blood will be color blue. So it also depends on the molecules. 

These molecules can even be green or pink in color. So if you want to know what color is the blood of worms, you must first identify what kind of worm you are talking about. 

Worms are not the same as humans because humans all have red blood. But worms have different types. 

There are so many worms in the world, and each worm would vary in its blood color. Identify first what kind of worm it is, and you can go from there in identifying the type of color that worm has.

Do Worms Bleed?

Like humans and other animals, worms and earthworms do bleed. Worms and earthworms have blood, and they will surely bleed. The colors of these blood will vary depending on what kind of worm you are talking about. 

Blood is important. Human beings need blood. Animals also need blood, and so are worms. 

Blood is necessary because blood carries oxygen throughout the body of an organism. A human has red blood because the molecules that carry our oxygen are red. 

Many worms have different blood colors because they also have different colors in their molecules. So worms can have red blood, and some can have pink or green ones.

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With What Blood Loss Would The Worm Survive?

This question can be answered the same as answering what would happen if you cut a worm. If you cut a worm, of course, that worm would bleed. Some will not notice that because worms and earthworms have different types, some worms will have colorless blood. 

With this, you will not notice that the work you cut is already bleeding. But they do bleed if a worm is cut. Not the question is, will that worm survive after blood loss? So if you cut a worm and bleed, the two parts will not survive altogether and become two worms. 

What will happen is that the part that has a head on it can survive. This part with the head on it can survive and grow its tail. The head can regenerate its tail and become whole again. 

The part where the tail is will not survive at all. It is essential to know that the head mist contains the clitellum part. 

If the head is cut together with the clitellum, that head will regenerate its tail.

Do Earthworms Have RBC?

Worms and earthworms do not have red blood cells. Red blood cells are not found in worms. The blood of worms and earthworms do contain hemoglobin, but they do not contain red blood cells. 

Worms and earthworms are some of the few animals with hemoglobin in their blood but not red blood cells. So the answer to this is no.


In summary, worms and earthworms are the same as humans in terms of blood. Worms and earthworms have blood. But unlike humans, their blood is not all red. 

Their blood will depend on the molecules that carry oxygen and the types of gases in and out of their bodies. The color of the worm’s blood will depend on the type of worm.


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