Do You Tip Dog Groomers At PetSmart? (1-Minute Read)

Generally, a fresh, groomed dog is a happy dog. No extra hair in the eyes, clean skin, brushed fur, clipped nails, and clean teeth make a dog comfortable and behave. All of these are done by grooming your pets.

So, do you tip a dog groomer at PetSmart? Yes, your dog groomer should receive a tip from you. Groomers are likely making 40 to 50 percent commission you have paid. 

Tipping your dog’s groomers shows that you value their work. After all, grooming your dog is a skill that most pet owners can’t do by themselves. 

Booking regular grooming appointments makes your dog happy at the same time healthy. It could be stressful for other dogs since dogs don’t like to take a bath.

Taking a bath is one of the grooming processes that your pet should go through. Grooming has lots of benefits for your dogs, and one of those benefits is maintaining good hygiene for your dogs.  

Dead skin and built-up dirt can make your dog smell bad. Having a stinky dog is a headache, so take your pet to the groomer shop to freshen up.

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Should You Tip A Dog Groomer At PetSmart?

Dogs also need specific care to keep them clean, productive, and healthy. Those dog breeds with long hair need to be cut from time to time. It is why it needs to be groomed every few months.

Hence, after your dog has done being groomed, you might be asking yourself, should you tip the dog groomer? The answer is yes because they serve you and your dog well.

While not every one of you sees the importance of a dog groomer’s role, you should think twice.

Here are the top five reasons dog groomers should receive a little extra from you each time your dog is groomed.

1. The Quality Service For You

Think about tipping. Most people who perform service for you suck as delivery food drivers, waitresses, hairdressers, taxi drivers, and many more. Tipping is a typical practice in American culture, so why not include tipping your dog groomer?

They also perform service for you, not just you but also your pet. Your dog may be difficult or sensitive that you, as a homeowner, can’t handle, especially during bath time.

Taking this kind of responsibility might be hard for you, but for some, like dog groomers, this is a bit handful for them.

Technically, it would help if you always tipped your dog groomer because they perform a service you can’t compete for yourself.

2. They Are Professional And Should Be Treated Right

Dog groomers are also professional. To become a dog groomer, you need to study the process before becoming a certified pet groomer strictly.

Some of your pet groomers take many years of experience to get where they are now; they may even own their own pet’s groomer shop where you are now.  

As professionals, they also want you to recognize and appreciate their work throughout their career as pet groomers. As such, you should give them a tip for they deserve it.

3. They Give Their Best To Deal Picky Customers

Not all people know how to value and appreciate efforts. In every business establishment, you may once encounter a picky customer.

Working in this kind of business takes a lot of effort, and it’s quite exhausting, so if you find that your dog groomer encounters a picky customer, that degrades them.

As their next customer, appreciate him/her for doing a great job. Giving a tip is a simple gesture of saying thank you for dealing with difficult individuals to please.

4. They Work Passionately

Do your dog groomers bring back your pet smelling fresh and look good? Do your dogs feel comfortable around him/her?

If yes, giving them a tip should not be a big deal for you.

Sure, anyone can cut a dog’s hair, but not as good as dog grommets. Their passion is one of the reasons that they deserved to be rewarded.

5. They Accomplish Their Work Beyond Their Duty

Dog groomers wake up early and stay late to finish their job. Some would offer home service to cater to your dog’s needs.  

They are setting themselves aside to accommodate your dog in these ways. They ensure that your dog gets the proper service that your dog needs to be healthy.

Probably, one of the roles of dog groomers is to keep your pet healthy, and grooming them will keep them that way.  

If your dog groomer does this, you are lucky because you are confident that your dog has been taken care of with excellent service. Giving your dog’s groomer a tip is just a small gesture that you appreciate the efforts they give to your pet.


Are PetSmart Groomers Allowed To Accept Tips?

The answer is yes. However, it will depend on the person or the dog groomer if he/she will accept it or not. 

A pet groomer will reject your tip, and some would accept it.

However, there are instances that you want to tip the person behind, making your pet unique. Some of you may hand it down to their front desk staff and ask the staff to give it to the person assigned to groom your dog.

It would help if you did not do this because there are scenarios that won’t give your tip to the person that deserves it.

To make sure that you will reward the correct do groomer give it to him/her personally. It is because there are times that some individuals love to take advantage of other people’s recognition.  

Instead, giving them their tip, they keep it.

How Much Should You Tip A Dog Groomer At PetSmart?

The range of tips will depend on the customer’s satisfaction and appreciation level. As a dog owner, if your pet gets horrible service, you have the right not to give any tip. Hence if you get a quality and superb grooming service, you can tip your groomer from 15 to 20 percent of their full service.

Be mindful that giving tips is a token of your gratitude for the groomer’s effort and service.

However, there are some unique situations that you should tip more than usual to your dog’s groomer.

1. Your Dog Have Lots Of Shedding 

A groomer takes a lot of time to get all of the dead and damaged furs. Dog groomers will frequently brush it until everything is pulled out.

This process is very tiring for them, sure they have a trick to do the job quickly, but when it comes to the dog’s elbow grease still, they need to go for the proper process. 

If you know that your dog needs a lot of care and attention, you should know to yourself that you need to tip them above the average range as a customer.

2. Too Much Matting In Your Dog’s Fur

Matting is one of the typical dog fur problems. When dog fur wraps around itself, forming tight wound clumps. Dog groomers need to brush it out to loosen the fur. Severe matting becomes closer and closer to the skin that irritates your dog’s skin.

3. Your Dog Bites The Groomer

Groomers get bitten by their customer’s dog; this incident is not new. There are times that your pets get aggressive, which leads them to bite their groomers. 

If this happens, you should tip your groomer generously.  

Consider yourself lucky that your groomer is calm about your dog’s attitude.

4. Dogs With Fecal Matter Stuck In Their Body

A Fecal matter is challenging to the task, mostly if it’s stuck there for a long time. Your dog groomer sets more time than a regular grooming service just for you.

As the pet owner, you should be aware of the problem, and you probably need to tip your groomer’s effort.

5. Having Elderly Or Overweight Dogs 

It is the most challenging task to do for groomers, especially if your dog comes from a large size breed. It requires skills and patience to finish the job correctly. 

It will not just take to groom, but it requires more groomers to do the task. It is your responsibility to give tips to your groomer and their assistant.

It doesn’t mean that you should tip your groomer every time your dogs get to groom, instead of tip them occasionally or when you can afford giving him/her a tip. 

They are also humans. Dog groomers will understand if you don’t have an extra tip for them. Just don’t forget to thank them for the effort and service they give to you.

How Much Do PetSmart Groomers Make?

Generally, PetSmart dog groomer salary ranges from 14 to 17 dollars per hour. This estimation of salary determines the PetSmart dog groomer salary report provided by employees or the statistical method. 

Suppose PetSmart has lots of customers this month, the employees’ salaries will also increase. It is why extra tips are essential to your dog groomers.


In Summary, grooming a single dog takes a lot of time, especially if your dog’s breed comes from a large family. It takes a lot of work to finish the task and make your dog look fabulous again.

Grooming is your pet’s basic needs, and it keeps them clean and healthy; simultaneously, it becomes less stressful to you while you are around with them.

As an owner, it is your responsibility to keep your dogs happy and fresh; taking them in a PetSmart should not be a big deal.

Besides, if you have a stinky dog, your dog is not the only one to suffer but you too.

Lastly, if you get quality service from your dog’s groomer, giving them a tip should be an initiative job for you. 


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