Dog Ears Pierced – Is It Safe, Humane, and Legal?

Ear piercing is considered normal for everyone. But what about getting your dog’s ear pierced? Let us learn more about the issue at hand.

So is it safe, humane, and legal to get your dog’s ear pierced? Piercing your dog’s ear can be considered animal cruelty. Dog’s ear piercing is illegal, and you can get in a lot of trouble if you pierced your dog’s ears.

Dog owners walk through an extra mile to beautify their dogs. Some dog owners put dresses on their dogs, depending on the weather and occasion. 

Dogs are even seen with a bow tie on them. And others are placed in a stroller if the owner loves to walk around. 

Even a baby who is still not capable of deciding on its own is still allowed to get its ears pierced. But getting your dog’s ear pierced is a very different story. 

This act involves physical pain or discomfort to your dogs. When you dress your dogs and put some accessories on them, they can get uncomfortable, but they have no physical effect on your dogs. 

Piercing your dog’s ears included pain. This activity can move to the fact that you are causing your dog pain. So dog’s ear piercing is an example of animal cruelty. 

Dog’s ear piercing has been debated a lot over the past few years. Some argued that this injustice should stop. Some people also argued that it is a form of art, and whoever owns the dog must be the one who can decide if they want their dog’s ear pierced.

If you get your dog’s ear pierced, some people might find it beautiful and would praise you for getting the job done. But others would ostracize you. 

They will even call animal control or animal police and report. So if you want to know more about the dog’s ear piercing, stay for an entertaining read.

Can A Dog Get Its Ears Pierced?

For some reason, dog owners love to make changes to their dogs. This change includes pedicures. Dog owners love to pain their dog’s nails with colors. 

They also tie it with coloring their dog’s hair. You can try many fashion trends with your dogs, but one of the most heated debates is shining on the piercing of your dog’s ears. 

Maybe most of you have never even heard of such a thing. You can be a dog lover, but you did not know that it is possible to have your dog’s ear pierced. So yes, it is possible. 

Dog piercing is not a popular trend, but some dog owners perform this on their dogs. Though few people find this gorgeous, it can also be a risk to your dog. It is not the same as humans.

Humans can get their ears pierced and then go on with their lives after. They can just forget they have piercings because it will just heal on their own, and it will not be that painful anymore. 

With dogs, it is different. Dogs do not behave the same as humans. We do not move so much. We do not play on the dirt or play with other dogs or animals. 

If a dog’s ear is pierced, they can scratch it and can tear it with their own. Dogs love to run around and roll into the floor and do some sorts of movements that can damage their piercings. 

A dog’s ear is also prone to infection. You are making it worse if you will get it pierced. You see, it is more than the dog’s physical appearance; you have to think of your dog’s welfare and your dog’s health as well.

Is It Illegal To Pierce Your Dog’s Ears?

Over the years, a dog’s ear’s piercing has been debated a lot. Dog owners have enjoyed piercing their dog’s ears. They refer to it as art. 

They love to include their dogs with the fashion trend, and they love to beautify their dogs. This act has been considered normal for a while. But people thought about it a lot and realized that dogs might not even like the thought of having their ears pierced. 

Of course, we will not know about this because our dogs cannot communicate with us. So it has become a debate on whether there should be a law to stop this. 

There has been a bill passed banning tattooing and piercing animals. The most common animals are dogs and cats. The bill passed is not to allow tattoos or pierced animals. 

This ear piercing will only be permitted for medical or for identification. This activity is also permitted if a licensed veterinarian will perform the piercing. People called the bill a wonderful thing. 

However, many people called on this bill and said that this should just be for common sense. But sad to say, people do not have a lot of common sense. The public celebrated this bill. 

Many people practiced ear piercing so often, and it is just now that this act was called out. Now, this is considered animal cruelty. And animal cruelty is now regarded as illegal. 

If you belong to the group of dog owners who practiced this act, you should stop it now. Causing pain to your dog is not one of the responsibilities of being a dog owner.

dog ear

Is It Animal Abuse To Pierce A Dog’s Ears?

Yes, piercing your dog’s ears is considered animal abuse. A dog owner might just want their dog to be fashionable, but if you pierce your dog’s ears, you inflict pain in them. 

By definition, cruelty to animals is when you inflict pain on them. While piercing an ear is maybe a temporary pain to the dog, the fact is that you inflicted the pain. 

As has been said, dressing your dogs and painting their nails can be quite fashionable, but ear piercing requires pain. It can be quite dangerous for the dog because they scratch their piercing and can cause it to bleed. 

One mannerism of the dog is they like to scratch some parts of their body. They even like to scratch their ears, and their ear is one of the most common places they want to scratch. 

You cannot even tell your dog not to scratch their ears. They will not be told to stop doing it. Piercing your dog’s ears is also unnecessary. 

It is painful and unnecessary. There is also the risk of infection. Piercing your dog’s ears is considered selfish and mean by some dog owners. 

You might think that it looks good and show fashion, but your dog might be in pain. They can be in pain, and you will not even know it because they cannot talk to you. And if you inflict unnecessary pain on your dog, it is immediately called animal cruelty. 

You can even go to jail for performing such an act. People can report you to the authorities, and you can get in a lot of trouble for piercing your dog’s ears.

Risks Of Having Your Dog Pierced

Piercing your dog’s ear can look fashionable to you and other people, but the law now is against it, and there can be complications when you pierce your dog’s ears. 

Aside from the complications, some facts would just basically confirm how a dog’s ear should not be pierced.

Dogs Scratch Their Ears A Lot

Dogs love to scratch their ears. This behavior is a mannerism all dogs execute, and they do it pretty often.

 If you put a piercing to their ears, they could scratch their ears and their piercing. This scratching will cause pain and wound.

Dogs Love To Shake Their Ears

Dogs like to shake their heads a lot. They do this if they are wet or just want to shake off some dirt to their ears. This behavior can be painful and can cause them lacerations because the piercing can touch anywhere.

A Dog’s Ear Is Prone To Infection

A dog’s ear is very sensitive to infection. If you get your dog’s ear pierced, you can make it even more susceptible to disease. 

Even without ear piercing, it is usual for dogs to get infections to their ears. You will make it worse if you add piercings.

Your Dog May Feel Discomforts While Wearing The Earring

If this happens, they will try to take off the earring. You do not want this to happen. This can cause bleeding everywhere because your dog might pull the earrings off. 

They can also scratch their earing off. This is not a good sight because the earing can move and can cause more damage to their ears.

Dogs Are Not Born To Get Their Ears Pierced

A piercing to a dog’s ear is not normal. This ear piercing is not part of your dog’s lifestyle. 

Unlike humans, dogs are not meant for ear piercings. They can go on with their life perfectly without getting their ears pierced.


In summary, getting your dog’s ear pierced may not cause some major complications for your dogs, but there can still be complications about it. The majority of the people do not consider this as humane. 

In fact, it is now considered animal cruelty. When you pierce your dog’s ears, you inflict your dog unnecessary pain. As simple as it sounds, a dog can live its life happily even without having piercings in its ears. 

It is now also illegal to have your dog’s ear pierced. You can be reported to the authorities because the bill banning the tattooing and piercing of a dog’s ear has just been passed and approved. This activity has been going on for so long. But it has been stopped.


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