10 Dogs That Fight Wild Animals (And Kill Them)

At first, you would think dogs can’t fight against Wild Animals. However, believe it or not, some dogs can put Wild Animals down.

What are the 10 dogs that fight Wild Animals? Ten dog breeds are noted for their ability to catch and kill wild Wild Animals: Rottweiler, Wolf dogs, Neopolitan and Tibetan mastiff, Boerboel dogs, Rhodesian Ridgeback, and Bloodhounds, Fila Brasileiro, Dogo Argentino, and Kangals.

These dogs are usually developed to hunt and protect against wild animals that can fight Wild Animals. They have robust characteristics that are ideal for fending off predators. 

This article will show you in detail the different dog breeds that can fight against Wild Animals. The following will help you get to know more about it.

What Dogs Can Attack and Take Down Wild Animals?

Ten types of dogs are noted to possess abilities in fighting prey. These dogs have individual personalities and endurance levels in withstanding large wild animals such as Wild Animals. 

Here is the list of those dogs.

  • Rottweiler
  • Wolf Dogs
  • Neopolitan Mastiff
  • Boerboel Dogs
  • Rhodesian Ridgeback
  • Bloodhounds
  • Fila Brasileiro
  • Dogo Argentino
  • Kangals
  • Tibetan Mastiff


This dog breed is born to be a natural guard dog that can be successful in police, military, do custom work, and as a family and protector. They have a high urge to protect their owners, for they are aloof or hate strangers.

They seemed to be alert, highly intelligent, and display a fearless expression. It has strong, powerful jaws. This large breed endowed with great endurance can hold its own against other big animals like Wild Animals.

Also, they are active dogs that need regular socializing because of their aggressive tendencies. These dogs bred for security purposes can become stronger and more courageous in defeating Wild Animals. Their tendency to be quick and full of energy is what can kill Wild Animals.


Wolf Dogs

Wolf dogs are not an easy-going breed. They are quite aggressive and difficult to handle, especially in a home setting.

Compared to other dogs, this one is more intelligent and more assertive. They are well equipped with sharp canine teeth for attacking.

They usually work best in packs to protect their food and guard their territory. This can be traced to its original roots, which are the wolf. They are known to be pack hunters that regularly prey on large animals.

Thus, wolf dogs could withstand and kill a Wolf once they are in the group.

Wolf Dogs

Neopolitan Mastiff

During Roman gladiatorial contests, this Neopolitan mastiff breed is used to fight Wild Animals. 

It has a massive size, great strength, and beast-like appearance that work as guardians for centuries. These dogs are also confident and have a more robust sight of their target. 

They are bred as devoted companions and powerful heavyweight guard dogs. It has a strong fighting ability, with its wide mouth may scare other animals and terrible when provoked.

Although they are not the most powerful breed of the Mastiff family, they still acquire the characteristics of their descendants, who are competitive and dueling.

Neopolitan Mastiff

Boerboel Dogs

Boerboel dogs are a breed of Mastiff family that has a docked tail. Among the Mastiff family, they are the most agile. 

They are known to be farmer’s dogs. They are used for protection against wild and dangerous animals.

In South Africa, Boerboel dogs defend their homesteads from hyenas, Wild Animals, and other wild animals.

They are even as one of the fighting dogs. When fighting, they are prone to pull and chew.

This large, muscular dog’s primary hunting function is to fight predators such as Wild Animals. There is a report that one Boerboel dog can even kill a leopard.

Their personality is quiet, confident, courageous, and extremely protective. This type of dog is not for a novice owner because it tends to be overbearing and headstrong. They are aggressive to other dogs and suspicious of strangers.

Boerboel Dogs

Rhodesian Ridgeback

It is also called the African Lion Hound. It has a mixture of European hunting dogs and African dogs shown by its distinctive ridge.

Rhodesian ridgeback is a breed of confident and strong-willed hunting dog. Their skills are far better than that of a simple guard dog. These dogs can be as fast as an athlete and intelligent.

Moreover, they are an aggressive type of dog with a strong personality. 

Typically, these dogs are aloof to strangers. However, they can still be loyal to their owner, depending on the situation.

What makes this dog breed fight against Wild Animals is its courage, strength, and agility. They usually work as a pack in cornering a Wolf in hunting expeditions of some farmers.

In addition to that, this strong muscular body with high prey drive has an excellent scent tracking ability. They don’t leave their prey and can track it for long distances.

Rhodesian Ridgeback


This dog breed is part of a group that hunts together by scent. They are considered to be the largest scent hound. Bloodhounds are bred to track deer, wild boar, and even people.

It can hunt down its prey using its sense of smell. They can sniff out even the slightest hint of a trail. They do not directly kill Wild Animals, but these dogs partake in finding the animal’s cold scent.

However, they seem to be low when functioning as a watchdog or guard.

Nowadays, they are used to assist law-enforcers in search and rescue missions. It has an extraordinary sense of smell coupled with a strong tracking instinct.


Fila Brasileiro

This dog is believed to be a crossbreed of English Mastiffs, Bulldogs, and Bloodhounds. Thus, this large-sized dog is used to fend off massive predators such as Jaguars.

It is known for being tough, intelligent, and very active. Fila Brasileiro displays excellent skills of courage and determination. It is not recommended for inexperienced owners, for it tends to be harmful.

They usually hunt in groups. Thus, to fight and kill Wild Animals, it would take a group of four to five Fila Brasileiro. These guard dogs are very active, and in fact, they can chase their prey up to 35 miles per hour.

Also, they can firmly control large breed animals. This breed of dog can be a great companion and, at the same time, a watchdog.

However, they were banned in several countries because of their aggressive personality. It perceives every small animal as its prey in which they will keep chasing down.

Fila Brasileiro

Dogo Argentino

It is a big, muscular type of dog breed to pursue big games such as wild boar, puma, and the like.

They are known to be pack-hunting dogs. Therefore, they hunt their prey together with other members of their species.

This dog breeds displays strength, intelligence and can respond quickly.

Since they are developed to hunt, chase, and catch dangerous animals, it has a powerful and excellent lung capacity. They are also a highly active, muscular, and sharp sense of smell for tracking a scent.

It has the ideal characteristics to endure long trips in any weather condition. Thus, they fight fiercely with the pursued prey.

Dogo Argentino Lion


Kangal is known to have the strongest bite among dogs listed as having strong bites. It has an outstanding bite strength that is triple times stronger than a Doberman dog breed.

This dog has a bite force of 743 pounds per square inch that could outstand a Wild Animals having only an average bite force of 400 per square inch.

You can see already what animal its bite force can match with.

This is a Turkish dog breed known to be very protective and defensive. This dog’s big muscular size often scares away wild animals.

Also, they are proven to be tough dog breeds.


Tibetan Mastiff

They bred to catch and protect livestock against Wild Animals, leopards, and other predators. They also tend to be flock guardian dogs that use their guardian tactics such as barking and scent-marking perimeters to warn away predators.

Tibetan Mastiff is alert and active at night. They are also an intelligent breed of dogs that may be stubborn.

Its powerful jaw strength and massive size can fight against other wild animals.

Tibetan Mastiff Lion


In summary, these breeds of dogs are mostly developed to hunt, catch, and guard livestock and humans. They generally have high prey drive and tendencies of aggression.

In fact, most of them have great strength and force in terms of biting, agility, and a sense of smell. Most of them are known to be intelligent and loyal to their owner.

When hunting, most of them work well in a pack. Thus, they might be able to fight or even kill wild animals such as Wild Animals once they have outnumbered them.

These dogs are not suited for novice owners or those who lack command. There are tendencies where these types of dogs tend to be aggressive and stubborn. They have that independent thinking that may disobey their owners if no proper control is imposed on them.

On the contrary, if given proper training, these dogs can obey and even live with humans. Sometimes, being aggressive, which is connotes them, can get people the wrong idea of them.

They can still be lovely and affectionate to people. Although, their protective instincts may still prevail depending on the situation.

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