17 English Bulldog Breeders in Georgia (GA) | English Bulldog Puppies for Sale

Are you in Georgia and having difficulty finding an English Bulldog puppy? Don’t worry. This article contains a rundown of English Bulldog breeders in Georgia, where you can start searching! You don’t have to go too far, and you don’t have to search so hard! I already made a list for you!

Take a look at this listing. Hopefully, you can find your breeder and puppy of choice without leaving Georgia!

More than the listing, I also added a list of online breeders so that you can search for your puppy in the comfort of your home.

I hope you find your English Bulldog puppy soon!


English Bulldog Breeders Georgia Listings

Breeder NameLocationPhoneWebsite
Bennetts English BulldogsGA 30441(478) 455-3648http://www.englishbullydog.com/
Bulldan KennelsGA 30535(706) 499-2164http://www.bulldankennels.com/
Elite Southern Bullies (Pitbulls and English Bulldogs)GA 31539(912) 253-0944No Website
Low Country English BulldogsGA 31545(912) 256-0769http://www.lowcountryeb.com/
Black Gold BulldogsGA 31569(912) 222-3976http://blackgoldbulldogs.com/
Mid-GA BulldogsGA 31095(478) 550-2826https://midgabulldogs.com/
Enfant Parfait French BulldogsGA 31569(770) 846-7846http://www.enfantparfaitfrenchbulldogs.com/
Sanders KennelsGA 30534(770) 475-6009http://sanderskennels.com/
Mickey’s BulldogsGA 30311(912) 661-2199http://www.mickeysbulldogs.com/
Southern Territory PupsGA 30420(912) 246-6403http://www.southernterritoryfrenchies.com/
Flawless Frenchies – French Bulldog BreederGA 30554(678) 936-1862http://www.flawlessfrenchies.com/
Piney Grove KennelsGA 30629(706) 783-4217No Website
Puppies From HeavenGA 30044(678) 253-4081http://www.19breeders.com/
Georgia Diamond BulldogsGA 30286(762) 319-0609https://georgiadiamondbulldogs.com/
English Bulldog kennelGA 30039(817) 754-0209https://englishbulldogkennel.com/
AKC English bulldogs for saleGA 31545(209) 732-0923https://englishbulldogsavenue.wordpress.com/
North GA BulldogsGA 30739(678) 231-8714https://northgabulldogs.com/contact-us

Bennetts English Bulldogs

Address – 158 Drew Bennett Rd, Midville, GA 30441

Phone – (478) 455-3648


Bulldan Kennels

Address – 929 Historic Highway 441 N, Demorest, GA 30535

Phone – (706) 499-2164


Elite Southern Bullies (Pitbulls and English Bulldogs)

Address – 975 Uvalda Hwy, Hazlehurst, GA 31539

Phone – (912) 253-0944

Website – No Website

Low Country English Bulldogs

Address – Jesup, Georgia

Phone – (912) 256-0769


Black Gold Bulldogs

Address – 457 Barber Rd, Woodbine, GA 31569

Phone – (912) 222-3976


Mid-GA Bulldogs

Address – 10192, Warner Robins, GA 31095

Phone – (478) 550-2826


Enfant Parfait French Bulldogs

Address – Georgia

Phone – (770) 846-7846


Sanders Kennels

Address – 1301 Elliott Family Pkwy, Dawsonville, GA 30534

Phone – (770) 475-6009


Mickey’s Bulldogs

Address – Southeast Georgia

Phone – (912) 661-2199


Southern Territory Pups

Address – Cobbtown, GA 30420

Phone – (912)246-6403


Flawless Frenchies – French Bulldog Breeder Lula, GA

Address – 8058 Belton Bridge Rd, Lula, GA 30554

Phone – (678)936-1862


Piney Grove Kennels

Address – 67 Matthews Sims Rd, Comer, GA 30629

Phone – (706)783-4217

Website – No Website

Puppies From Heaven

Address – 1848 Old Norcross Rd #A600F, Lawrenceville, GA 30044

Phone – (678) 253-4081

Website http://www.19breeders.com/

Georgia Diamond Bulldogs

Address – Thomaston, GA 30286

Phone – (762) 319-0609


English Bulldog kennel

Address – 4125 Countryside Way SW, Snellville, GA 30039

Phone – (817) 754-0209


AKC English bulldogs for sale

Address – 3876 Rayonier Rd, Jesup, GA 31545

Phone – (209) 732-0923


North GA Bulldogs

Address – Rock Spring, GA 30739

Phone – (678) 231-8714


Online Bulldog Breeders

If you can’t find your ideal bulldog breeder or puppy near you, you can look for it online. Here are the three best sites where you can find your perfect bulldog puppy with ease:

AKC MarketPlace

The American Kennel Club (AKC) has a specific marketplace you can access online. You can search for the puppy you want on the said website, and you can even filter the search to make a quicker and better search.

Moreover, you can find further tips and information that can come in handy on their site.

Here is the link to the AKC Marketplace.

Adopt a Pet

Adopt a Pet is North America’s Largest Non-Profit Pet Adoption Website.

In it, you can find both Bulldog Pups and adults that are near you. You can also filter the searches with the sex and age of the dog that you want.

Here is a link to their website.

Puppies For Sale Today

Puppies For Sale Today is also a website where you can search for puppies of all breeds. If you’re looking for a Bulldog pup, you can find one in there.

Here is a link to their website.

Tips When Bringing Home Bulldog Puppy

If you’re already planning to bring your bulldog puppy home, consider the following tips before you do so. It will help you be ready for your puppy’s arrival.

Provide a suitable bed.

Make sure your puppy already has its bed where it can sleep. A crate is ideal for your new puppy. 

One thing you can do is provide a stress-free sleeping area. Thus, you should maintain the space with a quiet environment.

Put the bed somewhere you can see so you can always keep an eye for your pet.

Your pet should have his food and water bowls.

It would be best to have a customized food and water bowls intended for your pet.

Always have it available at a scheduled time. It will also train your pup to eat in a planned manner.

Provide toys for your pet to chew.

All puppies and dogs like to chew, so be sure to have a toy ready for your pup to chew.

It will also prevent your pup from chewing on appliances and furniture.

Provide a suitable collar and leash for it.

Although your puppy is still young to have it outside for walks, it’s essential to have a collar and leash ready.

It would save you the effort to purchase or look for one when you want to walk your pup.

Have a brush for your pup’s grooming session.

Bulldog puppies don’t have long hair, but it doesn’t mean you can’t use a brush.

Try to ask your vet for grooming products you can use for your bulldog puppy.

Keep in contact with your veterinarian.

Vets will always be our go-to if we don’t have any idea what to do with our puppies.

For this reason, always make sure you have your vet’s address and contact number at hand.

Keep every dangerous item out of your pet’s reach.

Puppies are always playful, so be sure to avoid having access to items that can be dangerous for them.

Keep furniture with sharp edges away from your puppy, and remove items that are prone to falling.

Always have your yard and fence secured to prevent your pup from running away.

If you have an open yard where you’ll allow your pet to play, secure the fences to prevent your puppy from getting out.

Look for small openings and cover it. It will help you prevent your puppy from going out and disappearing.

Choosing a Good Bulldog Seller and Breeder

In finding a good breeder, it’s best to look for someone who has the dog’s best interests and you at heart.

To give you an idea on how to look for a good breeder, here are some things for you to consider in the breeder you found:

In general, you will know it’s a good breeder when he or she:

Will let you visit all areas.

A good breeder won’t hide where your puppy and even your pup’s parents spend their time. He/she should want to let you know where the puppy spends most of its time.

Is not someone who has a puppy mill.

It means they should breed only one or two kinds and do not breed only to sell it immediately.

Will not have a litter of pups always ready for you.

A good breeder wants to rest the dogs and doesn’t want it to mate all the time. Thus, he/she may put you on the waiting list and does not breed just because someone wants to buy.

Should be very knowledgeable about the breed he/she raises.

A good breeder knows almost everything about the breed. He/she should see the dog’s following characteristics:

  • Potential size
  • Temperament
  • Exercise requirements
  • Inherited health issues
  • Special needs

For this reason, a good breeder is usually the one who only breeds one or two kinds of dogs.

Knows how important socialization is for the puppy’s development.

A good breeder spends time with each of the puppies one-on-one. He/she provides not only toys and treats but also time and love for each puppy.

Works well with a particular and respected veterinarian.

A good breeder should have a good connection with a specific vet who examines each pup. At the same time, the said vet should also have proper medical requirements for each puppy.

Gives you reference from other puppy parents.

A good breeder will give you several references from other families who got a puppy from him/her.

Questions your ability to care for the dog.

A good breeder wants to secure the future welfare of the puppy. Thus, he/she will ask you several questions to see if you are fit to take care of a puppy.

Only sells to people he/she acknowledges as good pet owners.

A good breeder will not want transactions done only on the internet. He/she won’t sell puppies on any pet store or over online transactions without any direct contact.

Informs you of the pup’s dietary requirements and its routine.

He/she will want you to know what you need to do to make sure the puppy adjusts well to its new home.

Always available for your puppy.

A good breeder always accommodates questions for the welfare of the puppy. He/she will remain in contact even after you take the pup home.

Provides a written contract.

A good breeder should create a written contract with you. It should include a pre-purchase examination with your chosen vet. If there are problems, he/she is ready to take the pup back and provide a full refund.

Provides documentation of pedigree.

A good breeder provides all documentation, even registration papers in your name.

Will request you to re-home the dog if you find yourself incapable of such.

If you find it challenging to take care of the puppy, he/she will ask to bring it back and care for it.

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Images – Photo by Denis Arslanbekov on Unsplash

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