9 Interesting Facts About Silver German Shepherds

Silver German Shepherds are incredibly intelligent animals, and incredibly interesting too. Do you want to learn Interesting Facts about Silver German Shepherds? Continue reading and find out…

The name “German Shepherd” comes from Germany where they were originally bred as a herding dog for farm work. The Silver part of their name refers to their coat and color.

In the United States, there are more than 1 million registered German Shepherds. That accounts for nearly 20% of all dogs registered with the AKC.

German Shepherds make wonderful family pets. They are known to be very loyal. As well as that there are loads more cool things to learn about Silver German Shepherds.

Here are 9 interesting facts about Silver German Shepherds.

9 Interesting Facts About Silver German Shepherds

Silver German Shepherd

1. They Have Been Used In Police Work Since The Early 1900s

Yes, this is true. Silver German Shepherds have been used in police work as early as the 1900s.

It was not until the 1970s that German Shepherds became popular in the U.S. for domestic purposes. Up until then, they were very many working dogs.

The German Shepherd has been used by law enforcement agencies since the early 20th century.

In Germany, they use them to look for missing persons. When someone goes missing, they send out teams of German Shepherds to scour the area for clues.

When they find something, they call in the local authorities. Then they wait for them to arrive before searching further. This allows them to cover more ground quicker.

Some people wonder why German Shepherds are used over dogs like Dobermans, who are much larger, for police work.

German Shepherds make excellent police dogs because they are so smart and trainable. Their size also makes them easier to control.

Also, when you consider how many German Shepherds there are in law enforcement, it’s easy to see why they’re such an important breed. There are currently 50,000 active police dogs.

It takes approximately two weeks to train a puppy to become a working police dog. During training, puppies must learn how to react when confronted by suspects or criminals.

Once trained, these dogs can help protect people from dangerous situations. This makes them one of the most trusted breeds in law enforcement.

It should also be noted that German Shepherds are highly intelligent, so they’re able to pick up on subtle clues that others might miss.

German Shepherds were also once used by the military during World War II.

These dogs performed admirably in combat zones due to their intelligence and ability to adapt to new environments. They were even used as sentries at night.

2. Their Behavior Is Not Influenced By Their Color

This may be an obvious fact to point out to you and me, but it needs to be said.

Max von Stephanitz was the founder of the German Shepherd Breed. He had ideas about the color of a dog’s coat influencing their behavior.

He even said, “No good dog is a bad color”. Which led to a lot of people believing that the color of the German Shepherds is what caused them to act and behave in such a way.

Unfortunately for von Stephanitz, he was wrong. The color of a Silver German Shepherd has little to nothing to do with its characteristics.

So where did the Silver German Shepherd get its color from? Well, it comes from the original black and tan colors of the German Shepherd Dog.

But those colors weren’t always present. Before the 1800s, German Shepherds had brown coats. And before that, they went through several other different colors.

So, the color of the German Shepherd is just a combination of its ancestors’ past coats.

Silver German Shepherds are one of the rarest colors of the breed out there.

Only around 2% of all German Shepherds are silver colored. That means that only 200-300 purebred German Shepherds are born each year. This is because the silver coat is caused by a recessive gene.

3. They Are Very Loyal To One Person

The loyalty of a German Shepherd is something that cannot be denied. They will follow you around everywhere, no matter where you go.

If you have a friend or family member that owns a German Shepherd, then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

You’ll find your dog following you wherever you go. Even if you don’t want him to. Because he knows that you love him and would never hurt him.

German Shepherds are very loyal to their owners. They will do anything for them. They will guard them and defend them against any threats.

They will even put themselves in harm’s way to save their owner. This is why they are often chosen as service dogs.

If you’re thinking about getting a German Shepherd as a pet, then this is a great thing. Because they are extremely loyal to their human families.

Allowing them to live with you and your loved ones is a great idea for protection and your furry friend.

4. They Have A Strong Sense Of Smell

It’s no secret that dogs have a great sense of smell. That’s another key reason why they’re picked to work military, police, and security roles.

It’s that great sense of smell that gives them an edge and allows them to hone their instincts.

There have been so many cases of dogs smelling literal danger and saving their humans.

A German Shepherd’s sense of smell is one of the strongest in the world. They can detect things like drugs, bombs, guns, blood, and more.

When sniffing around, they use their nose to search for whatever scent they need to find. This allows them to locate objects quickly.

Not only that but German Shepherds have such an incredible sense of smell that they can sniff the sweat from a person.

In that whiff, they can smell the different chemicals you’ve emitted and use that to analyze you.

For example, if you’re stressed they can smell the cortisol or adrenaline in your system and act accordingly. This is what makes them excellent support dogs.

Imagine being about to smell emotions. It would make family gatherings a lot more dramatic.

5. They Can Be Trained Quickly

When most people think of training a dog, they usually picture a large, aggressive animal. However, when it comes to German Shepherds, they are much easier to train than other breeds.

This is because they are bred to be gentle animals. Their size doesn’t make them mean. They’re not naturally aggressive at all.

They’re also highly intelligent and understand commands easily. The best part is that they respond well to positive reinforcement. Which means that they learn better from rewards rather than punishment.

Training a German Shepherd is easy. They’re smart enough to pick up on simple commands quickly.

They’re also eager to please and will learn new tricks without any problems. This is why they’re perfect for working jobs in law enforcement, military, and security.

Because of their strong sense of smell, German Shepherds are excellent hunters. They can track down prey in seconds.

They can also pick up on scents that humans wouldn’t notice. This is why they make great search and rescue dogs.

6. They Are Very Intelligent

The intelligence level of a German Shepherd is pretty high. They’re able to learn how to perform tasks quickly.

They’re also known for having a strong memory which helps them remember what they’ve learned. They’re also good issue solvers and can figure out complex situations.

German Shepherds are often used by scientists because of their ability to learn. They’re very quick learners and can pick up on concepts fast.

They’re also willing to do anything you ask of them. They’ll follow orders and even go beyond expectations.

Their inquisitive nature means that they enjoy learning new things. They love to explore and are always curious. This makes them great pets as well. They’re logical and playful.

7. They Are Good With Children

German Shepherds are incredibly loving animals. They love children and enjoy spending time with them.

If you want to get a dog that loves kids, then look no further than the German Shepherd. They’ll play with kids and protect them just like they would their parents.

They’re also playful and energetic. They love running around and playing games with their owners.

They’re also great with older children because they don’t bite or growl at them. They’re also good with babies because they’re patient and calm.

One of the biggest reasons why German Shepherds are used by children is because they are good with kids. They love playing with them and making friends.

They’re also friendly towards strangers and will let anyone approach them.

They’re also incredibly protective of kids. They won’t hesitate to protect them from harm.

They will bark at intruders and chase them away. They will even attack if they feel threatened. This is why they make fantastic service dogs.

Which Makes Them Great Therapy Dogs?

The bond between a child and a therapy dog is undeniable. Especially when it comes to German Shepherd puppies. They’re playful and loving and always ready to play. They’re also very social and get along

They’re extremely friendly animals. And that’s something that makes them great for therapy. They love attention and affection. They’re always happy to see their owners. They’re also loving and kind towards kids.

A German Shepherd’s incredible intelligence as well as their calm nature make them very effective therapy dogs. Not only that, but remember how we said they have a strong sense of smell?

That comes in very handy when it comes to their therapy roles. They can be able to smell when someone requires help.

Their unbelievable intelligence means they also have the ability and understanding of what to do and how to help the situation.

German Shepherds make excellent therapy and support dogs, but a specific example of this is when they act as alert dogs.

People who suffer from epilepsy often have support dogs- mostly German Shepherds – that can tell when their owner is about to have a seizure.

They’re able to do this because they can smell the chemical shift in their person.

They then alert their owner and even help them into the most comfortable position for the seizure, and guard them while they go through it.

If that doesn’t melt your heart then are you sure you really have one?

8. They Have A Strong Sense Of Hearing

As well as a strong sense of smell, German shepherds have an excellent sense of hearing. They hear everything. Even the slightest sounds. It’s not uncommon for them to hear noises that humans can’t even hear.

This is especially true during thunderstorms. During these times, they can detect the sound of raindrops hitting the ground miles away.

The reason behind this is that they have highly developed ears. These are very sensitive and pick up on all sorts of different sounds.

This is especially useful when it comes to training. Because they hear so much, they learn quickly. They’re also highly motivated. So they work harder than any other breed.

Because of all these traits, they’re perfect for search and rescue missions. They’re also trained to sniff out bombs and drugs. They’re also trained for police work. They’re also trained as military working dogs.

They’re able to take what they hear, process it, and then act accordingly. This is why they’re such intelligent animals. They’re capable of learning things quickly and acting on them.

9. They Have Their Own Sport!

You’ve heard of football, you’ve heard of quidditch, now get ready for Schutzhund! Schutzhund is a type of obedience competition where the dogs compete against each other for points.

There are three levels of competition: Novice, Open, and Master.

To qualify for the master level, a dog must pass two tests: one for protection and one for detection.

Both tests involve using a stick or a glove to hit the dog. If the dog moves away, he loses a point.

If the dog attacks, he gets another point. It seems a little harsh, but the point of this sport is to figure out which dogs are trainable and which ones are not.

It’s important to note that there are 3 different phases of the competition. Tracking, obedience, and protection. If a dog does manage to keep his composure and stay calm throughout these, he’ll earn more points.

The point of this game is to test the dog’s endurance, strength, intelligence, trainability, protective instinct, scenting, hearing, and bond with its owner.

These games also help breeders pick out which dogs they want, that should be bred to create a stronger genetic line.

The Schutzhund was created as a response to the fact that German Shepherds were losing their workability.

They wanted to find a way to select only those dogs that would be best suited for working and thus the games were created.

Originally it was only German Shepherds that could partake but now the Schutzhund is open to all breeds.

Bonus Fact!

Silver German Shepherd

There’s just so much to know about Silver German Shepherds. They’re so interesting that we’ve included a fun bonus fact!

German Shepherds And Hollywood!

German shepherds get used in movies and on TV… like a lot! Because of how easy they are to train and their calm temperaments, German Shepherds are a very popular breed to have on set.

They’re well-behaved and listen to commands. And because of how expressive they are, and smart too, they make fantastic actors. German Shepherds have featured in over 500 movies and TV shows to date.

Admit it, only a dog could get you to cry at their death scene every. single. time.

Some famous German Shepherds out there include Rin Tin Tin. Rin Tin Tin was a famous star in the black and white age of cinema, specifically the early 1900s. Rin Tin Tin was also a German Shepherd.

He rose to fame through movies like ‘The Law Of The Wild (1934) and ‘The Adventures Of Rex And Rinty (1935). He starred along with co-stars like Rex the Wild Horse and Richard Cramer.

Rin Tin Tin was so beloved that he even got a star on the Hollywood walk of fame. Rin Tin Tin, unfortunately, passed at the ripe old age of 14, after living a life that was more glamorous than some of us can dream of.

Though he was missed his descendants went on to continue his legacy, with his son Rin Tin Tin Jnr starring in his own bunch of movies.

Final Thoughts…

Smart, loyal, agile, and fluffy. Silver German Shepherds have a personality great enough to land them hundreds of tinder matches, and enough interesting facts to keep them keen.

To recap our facts, we’ve learned that:

  1. German shepherds have been used in police work since the early 1900s- and they’re damn good at their jobs.
  2. Despite what people used to think, the fact that they’re silver doesn’t influence their behavior. And Silver German Shepherds are incredibly rare.
  3. Silver German Shepherds are very, very loyal animals. So loyal that they wouldn’t even look at another owner. You’re all the owner they need.
  4. They have a very strong sense of smell which, in turn, is the reason behind their great instincts.
  5. They can be trained quickly because of their inquisitive nature and intelligence.
  6. They are good with children because of their calm temperament.
  7. This, then makes them great therapy dogs
  8. They have a strong sense of hearing which adds to those sharp instincts.
  9. They have their own sport! Schutzhund may seem like more trouble than the fitnessgram pacer test, but there’s a reason behind it. And the German Shepherds seem to enjoy the competition.

Finally, let’s not forget about our beloved Rin Tin Tin!

So as you can see Silver German Shepherds are just the cream of the crop!

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