The German Shepherd Black Mouth Cur Mix(Best Guide)

German Shepherds are known for their intelligence, loyalty, and trainability. They are also very protective of their family members.

This breed has been around since the early 1800s, and they have become some of the most popular dogs in the world. 

Mixed breed dogs are becoming very popular nowadays, and as German Shepherds have so many good traits as mentioned above, they are commonly used for breeding mixed dogs. 

What is the German Shepherd Black Mouth Cur Mix?

This article will be going over the characteristics of the German Shepherd Black Mouth Cur mix, so you can determine whether this mixed breed pup is the one for you. 

Lets Learn about Each Breed first and then we will look at how their combination is best of both worlds.

The Black Mouth Cur

Black Mouth Curs were originally bred as farm dogs. They were used mainly for hunting, protection, herd, and other things that a farmer needs.

Their exact origins are unknown, but they were probably bred by mixing different breeds of dogs.

Today, black mouth curs are still used as farm dogs. They are also good pets for those who have active lifestyles and would love to take their pet on adventures with them.

Furthermore, they also make good pets for families, but appropriate training and supervision may be needed, as these dogs can get slightly wild. 

Similar to the German Shepherd, they have a naturally occurring protective nature, creating strong bonds with owners and family members, making them great guard dogs. 

The German Shepherd

It seems as though the German Shepherd can do no wrong! Originating in Germany, they were bred to be herding dogs, protecting and herding sheep. 

Due to their past, they are extremely intelligent and obedient, which is why they are used as police dogs and guide dogs.

They are also commonly used for personal protection. They have a great work ethic and are very courageous, which is what makes them perfect for the above roles. 

Aside from these traits, they also have a very sensitive, loving side. They form strong bonds with their owners as well as children, and they are very playful and loving.

As mentioned, you’ll be getting the best of both worlds with this dog. It will offer you protection, enable you to have fun and play around with it, and still enjoy a lovely cuddle at the end of a long day.

If you’re not tempted to adopt a German Shepherd, I definitely am! 

Why Cross These Two Breeds?

Both these breeds have strong characteristics of being protectors and herders.

Although German Shepherds are more popular, Black Mouth Curs are still wonderful dogs, who bear many similarities to the German Shepherd. 

Therefore, from a cross between the two, you can expect to have the perfect protection dog, who loves hard, works hard, and plays hard! 

More often than not, cross-breeds between the two are a result of unintentional mating. However, there are some breeders out there that do intentionally breed them. 

Regardless of how they are made, the similarities between the two breeds make for a stunning companion! 

General Characteristics Of This Mix

While there are many similarities between these two dogs, there are also a few differences worth noting.

This article will now go over the characteristics you can expect to find in German Shepherd Black Mouth Cur Mix. 


Both dogs are medium to large, with the German Shepherd being slightly bigger than the Black Mouth Cur.

The male German Shepherd usually weighs more than the female, and the same goes for the Black Mouth Cur. 

However, it is important to note, that due to their unknown heritage, there is a wider range of size and weight for the Black Mouth Cur. 

Looking at the general sizes of both parent breeds, you could expect your mix to be around 20 inches in height and around 45 to 80 pounds in weight. 

It is safe to say this will not be a small dog! 


 The coats of both parents vary. German Shepherds have a double coat that is medium to long. They tend to shed year round, but blow their coat every spring and fall. Therefore, this breed does shed quite a lot. 

Their coat color can be a variety of lovely tans, blacks, blondes, blues and sable! 

In contrast, Black Mouth Curs have shorter coats of fine or coarse fur. They will also shed all year round, with more profuse shedding twice a year.

They do shed less than German Shepherds, so this breed is likely to leave less fur around your house. Their hair is usually black, brown, red, white, tan, or gray. 

The color and shedding of your German Shepherd Black Mouth Cur mix will depend on which parent your pup takes after.

They are likely to take after one more than the other, but you can still expect a more medium-sized coat on your wonderful mixed breed. 


When it comes to grooming care for your German Shepherd Black Mouth Cur mix, the routine is quite simple! 

They only need brushing once a week, with this increasing to twice a week during shed season. They don’t require baths as often as other breeds, as too many baths can dry out their skin, but a bath every few months will be needed if your puppy gets dirty.

Their teeth should be cleaned and nails should be clipped as frequently as you would for other dogs.

If your mix has developed floppy ears, then you should clean them more frequently than if they had erect ears, as these ears are more likely to develop infections. 


Both German Shepherds and black mouth curs are powerful, muscular dogs. Their past as protectors not only makes them super courageous, it makes them able to go up against wild animals!

Their bites are extremely powerful and can easily cause a lot of pain. The average German Shepherd has a 238 psi bite force, and the Black Mouth Cur’s is around 170 to 200 psi. 

You can expect your mixed breed dog to have one that is between those two psis. 

Exercise Requirement

As you’ve probably already guessed, your German Shepherd Black Mouth Cur Mix is going to need a lot of exercise.

Both breeds have very high energy levels due to their herding and protecting characteristics. This is also due to their size. 

Their high levels of intelligence also mean they require a lot of mental stimulation as well as physical stimulation.

You can do this by playing dog mind games with them and giving them challenges. Ensuring they are stimulated mentally will prevent any destructive behavior later down the line.

Following on from this point, this mix will need, at the very least, a 45-minute-long walk daily, or a long, high-energy play session daily.

As with being mentally stimulated, ensuring they are using up their energy outside will ensure they behave indoors. 

Training Ease

The similar pasts of these two breeds mean they are very trainable and obedient. This means you can expect a mix between to also carry these traits. 

Their loyalty to their owners also means they love to please them, so training this mix will be an enjoyable experience for both parties! 

German Shepherds are known globally as the 3rd most intelligent dog breed, and while Black Mouth Curs don’t have a place in that ranking since they are not as popular, they are still known as very clever dogs. 

As a result of the above points, you can expect training your mixed puppy to be a breeze! 


German Shepherds are great dogs because they’re fast and agile. Black Mouth Cur Dogs are also very athletic and can run at speeds up to 20 miles per hour.

A German Shepherd Dog Mix should be able to run at around 25 miles per hour.

Your mix is likely to be very athletic and agile, meaning you are bound to experience some fun (and tiring!) walks. 


One of the most important things you must consider before welcoming a dog into your family is its temperament.

While dogs may develop their own habits, we can estimate what kind of temperament they are likely to have by looking at their parents. 

After looking at both breeds, your mix is likely to be a brave, loyal, protective dog that is eager to please its family.

This mix may turn out to be a hard worker, with a loving, sensitive side who loves to receive affection.

It is likely to be friendly towards people outside the family, and other animals, as long as it is given the right socialization.

Your pup will also be good with little kids, but it needs to be trained to not jump up and scare the poor things, as it is likely to have a lot of energy. This is where the long walks and play sessions come in handy. 


Mixed-breed dogs are often healthier than purebreds, but there are still risks associated with them.

It is important to acknowledge that all dogs carry their fair share of issues, and the following ones should not put you off welcoming one into your home. 

Black Mouth Curs can typically suffer from hip dysplasia, epilepsy, and ear infections. German Shepherds can become bloated and suffer from digestive problems as well as elbow dysplasia, and cataracts.

Therefore, a mix between these two breeds may face similar health issues. 

While a mixed dog may be more prone to experience the same issues as its parents, there are other factors that contribute to a dog’s health, such as regular exercise, and a healthy diet.

Taking your dog to the vet frequently will help maintain its health, and if it were to experience any of the issues mentioned above.

There are treatments available, and you and your vet can determine the best way to move forward if your pup were to fall ill. 


A healthy German Shepherd can live until it is around 14 years old. Similarly, Black Mouth Cures can live from around 12-16 years. You can then expect your German Shepherd Black Mouth Cur mix to live till around 14 years of age.

Whether a dog has a healthy lifestyle or not can really affect its lifespan, so it is important to be aware of your dog’s needs, in order for it to live a long, happy life with you. 

AKC Recognition

As the AKC does not recognize any mixed breeds, the German Shepherd Black Mouth Cur mix is not recognized by this organization. However, it is recognized in the UKC in the United Kingdom. 

Despite this mixed breed not being recognized by the AKC, it can take part in certain events, as long as it is registered in their Canine Partners program. 

Is The German Shepherd Black Mouth Cur A Popular Mix?

Despite this mixed breed being a wonderful dog, they are not so common as breeders don’t often intentionally breed them. This is due to Black Mouth Curs not being as popular of a dog breed. 

If you are to find a mix between these two, it is more likely that it has been a result of unintended mating. 

Who Would Benefit From This Mix The Most? 

As this is a high-energy and powerful dog, they would suit people who enjoy hikes and exploring the outdoors. 

They would also suit families, as long as there is enough indoor and outdoor space for them to roam around and explore. 

If you live in a small apartment, this dog may not be the one for you as it can grow to be relatively large, and won’t have enough mental stimulation when it is indoors. 

Final Thoughts 

All in all, this mix is most likely to be a great all-around working dog. They are loyal to their owners,  courageous, and intelligent, making them an absolute joy to be around. While they are protective, they also love having fun and receiving affection.

Their owners must be willing to meet their exercise needs, as well as give them enough mental stimulation. These dogs are easy to train and will give their families lots of fun times for years to come. 

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