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Are you staying in Michigan, and you’re searching for Havanese puppies for sale? If so, then you’re reading the right buying guide. Below, you can see a list including every Havanese breeder in Michigan.

With this information, you won’t have to seek each Havanese Breeder near you. We also added a list of online Havanese breeders. It can be a great alternative if you can’t find an excellent Havanese puppy for sale.

We hope this article will help you find your Havanese!

Havanese Breeders Michigan Listings

NamePostal CodePhoneWebsite
VanCort s HavaneseMI 48912+1 517-719-0197http://havanesehouse.com/
Nicole s HavaneseMI 48073No Phone Numberhttp://www.nicoleshavanese.com/
Silver Harbor HavaneseMI 49022+1 269-208-7438http://www.silverharborhavanese.com/
Homegrown Havanese & Porties Boarding & Breeding InMI 48473+1 810-877-3779http://homegrownhavanese.weebly.com/
Paytons HavaneseMI 49306+1 517-740-7728https://paytonshavanese.com/
Susie s Quality K9 sMI 49776+1 989-351-0303http://susieshavanese.com/
Cuddly CotonsMI 49341+1 616-866-9575No Website
Great Lakes PupsMI 48083+1 586-914-6129http://www.greatlakespup.com/
The Family Puppy At Oakland MallMI 48083+1 248-793-5989https://thefamilypuppy.com/

Havanese Puppies for Sale in Michigan

VanCort s Havanese

Address – 1203 Hillgate Way, Lansing, MI 48912, United States

Phone – +1 517-719-0197


Nicole s Havanese

Address – 1005 Ottawa Dr, Royal Oak, MI 48073, United States

Phone – NA


Silver Harbor Havanese

Address – Benton Harbor, MI 49022, United States

Phone – +1 269-208-7438


Homegrown Havanese & Porties Boarding & Breeding In

Address – 7448 Van Vleet Rd, Swartz Creek, MI 48473, United States

Phone – +1 810-877-3779


Paytons Havanese

Address – 172 Fairfield Dr, Coldwater, MI 49306, United States

Phone – +1 517-740-7728


Susie s Quality K9 s

Address – 11302 Michigan Ave, Posen, MI 49776, United States

Phone – +1 989-351-0303


Cuddly Cotons

Address – 8555 Charley Ln, Rockford, MI 49341, United States

Phone – +1 616-866-9575

Website – No Website

Great Lakes Pups

Address – 360 E Maple Rd Suite V, Troy, MI 48083, United States

Phone – +1 586-914-6129


The Family Puppy At Oakland Mall

Address – 528 W 14 Mile Rd, Troy, MI 48083, United States

Phone – +1 248-793-5989


Online Havanese Breeders

Aside from the Havanese breeder listings above, we included three online Havanese breeders. It covers websites that run as web search platforms for all kinds of breeds.

Although you may find a few breeders near you, it won’t ensure that you’ll have an available pup. In most cases, you’ll wait for another set of Havanese pups, and it can take a while.

The following platforms can be a great alternative if you can’t find an available pup.

AKC MarketPlace

The American Kennel Club has a MarketPlace which you can visit through the link below. This site is the first place to visit if you’re looking for a Havanese pup.

Aside from the MarketPlace, the AKC website is also rich in articles that you’ll find help with your pup.

You can go to the platform by clicking this link:


Adopt a Pet

Adopt a Pet is another web platform where you can search for your Havanese. This site is well-known for being North America’s Largest Non-Profit Pet Adoption Platform.

A great feature you can find helpful in this site is filtering out your searches to your preference.

You can go to the platform by clicking this link:


Puppies For Sale Today

The third online breeder platform is Puppies For Sale Today. Here, you can check availability for all breeds’ puppies. It means you can also find Havanese in it.

You can go to the platform by clicking this link:


What Is the Average Price of a Havanese Puppy in Michigan?

On average, the price of a Havanese puppy from a breeder in Michigan comes at around $1000-$1500. Other breeders may offer their pups for even $3000 or higher, depending on their lineage.

Besides the lineage, other factors may also affect the Havanese puppy’s price. Among these things are the pup’s health, the parents, and even the breeder’s reputation.

It would be better if you also prepare for other expenses that your puppy will need. For instance, your new pup needs food, grooming tools, bedding, and even toys. It would be best to also prepare for other things such as vet checkups, medicine, and even pet insurance.

In short, if you’re planning a budget for your pup, it would be best to include all possible expenditures so you won’t get surprised.

Tips When Bringing Home Havanese Puppy

Havanese Breeders typically don’t send puppies to buyers the first time they meet. In most cases, you’ll get around 12 weeks or less before they give the Havanese pup to you.

During such a period, you need to prepare your home and yourself to welcome a new family member.

Prepare the things your puppy would need.

The first thing to do is get the things your Havanese will need at your home and have them ready before your pup’s arrival.

If you have no idea where to start, the following items are must-haves:

  • Grooming tools for your pup
  • Crate for sleeping and training
  • Quality dog food and food bowls for Havanese pups
  • Chew toys for your Havanese’s playtime
  • Harness and leash for identification and walking
  • A vet’s contact information if you need health assistance

Puppy-proof your home

Another thing you need to do is to puppy-proof your home. If you don’t know what it is, it’s making your home a safe place for your Havanese pup. It may include securing anything that could hurt your pet. Among these are:

  • Cleaning detergents
  • Electrical Cords
  • Sharp-edged objects
  • Medicines

You may also want to keep personal items out of your pup’s reach. This way, you can avoid unwanted damages.

Finish all chores before your Havanese arrives.

If you can, bring your Havanese pup home on the weekend or whenever you don’t have tasks to do. This way, you can guide your Havanese puppy on its first day at home.

If you need to clean or do other tasks, it would be best to finish it so you can give total attention to your pup when it arrives.

Avoid a stressful environment for your pup.

It’s excellent for your Havanese to meet all members of your house. However, please don’t do it all simultaneously because it may cause stress for your new pup. Allow your pup to settle and familiarize itself with the new home before you do so.

Begin crate-training your Havanese.

Crate training is crucial for Havanese puppies for several reasons. For instance, the training will help them learn quicker and have potty training. The crate will also be your pup’s safe place where it can rest without stress.

You can do this by introducing your pup to its crate the first thing after it arrives at home. You can provide a nice treat for your pup to eat in the crate. This kind of technique will assist your Havanese in learning that it’s a safe place.

Start the house training.

As soon as your Havanese settles, try to schedule a house training. It would be best if you create it at the same time every day.

This way, your Havanese pup will learn to live by a routine. You can also do this with mealtimes, playtimes, potty training, and other activities.

Choosing a Good Havanese Seller and Breeder

Michigan has quite a lot of Havanese sellers and breeders. For this reason, it may seem overwhelming to pick which one would be best for you. 

Below, I’ve written some helpful that can help you choose a good Havanese seller and breeder in Michigan.

Learn more about your chosen Havanese breeder.

Although we wrote a list of Havanese breeders, you still need to know a chosen one.

You can call the phone number and check out their website to find out more about the type of breeder they are. If it’s possible, you may also visit the address in person.

This way, you can prevent going dealing with unreputable Havanese breeders.

Visit your future pup in its current home.

If you have met a breeder, he/she will likely give you a few weeks to prepare your home. During this period, he/she will also prepare your pup.

Within the period, you can meet and bond with your future pup. As you do so, try to evaluate and see the area and how your puppy acknowledges it.

These things will tell you more about the breeder and how he treats the puppy.

Ask the right questions.

Once you have your breeder, contact him or her and ask specific questions. Among the things you can ask the breeder are:

  • How much does he/she know about Havanese?
  • What does he/she do to keep the Havanese puppies healthy? 
  • When did he/she start breeding Havanese? 

These questions can tell if the breeder is open and honest and if he/she is knowledgeable about Havanese pups.

If you aren’t satisfied with the breeder’s answers, you may as well stop and consider other choices.

The breeder should want to learn more about you.

If you meet a good breeder, he/she should want to learn more about you since you will be the puppy’s future.

A reputable breeder will want the puppies to be with good parents. For this reason, it will evaluate you to make sure you can take good care of the pup. 

Now, if the Havanese breeder isn’t interested to know you, it likely doesn’t care about the pup.

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