3 Havanese Haircuts: Compare Teddy Bear Puppy Cut Short Hair

The Havanese dog is a small breed of dog, native to Cuba. This tiny dog’s ancestors are said to be the Bichon and the Maltese, which originate from the Mediterranean.

The Havanese have a 300-year history within Cuba and were often associated with Cuba’s aristocracy.

The American Kennel Club recognized the breed Havanese in the mid-1990s, and ever since then — America has been obsessed with this small, adorable dog.

More than that, this breed of dog is known for its amazing long coat. The Havanese is loved all across the world and is regularly compared to teddy bears.

This dog is certainly a little teddy bear, and its long coat requires a lot of attention, otherwise, it can grow into the Havanese’s eyes.

That’s not a problem for Havanese owners, however, as they love giving these dogs remarkable haircuts.

Yep, while there are dozens of haircuts the Havanese are known for, there are 3 main Havanese haircuts that prove to be popular within the Havanese dog community.

If you’re thinking about getting a Havanese dog, then you need to be prepared for a lot of grooming. This is not a dog that needs one haircut, once a year.

Don’t let that fool you, these dogs are incredible — with great personalities and loveable spirits. Yep, if you decide to rescue, or buy a Havanese dog, you’ll definitely be happy.

Whether you’re thinking about adopting a Havanese dog, or you already have one, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the different types of hairstyles these dogs require.

In this article, we discuss the top 3 haircuts that are associated with this dog.

So, if you want to give your pooch the best haircut in town (which, you should!), keep reading this article!

The Havanese Breed: All You Need To Know

Havanese dog

The Havanese breed is loved all across the globe, but did you know that the Havanese is the only purebred Cuban dog?

That’s one of the reasons the aristocracy has loved this dog for centuries. It’s viewed as a national icon for Cuba, which is why the Havanese has even been featured in postage stamps, in Cuba!

Obviously, the aristocracy was not obsessed with the Havanese, just because it’s a purebred breed.

The Havanese dog is, overall, an amazing dog. It’s arguably one of the cutest breeds in the world. It’s a small, happy dog, with extremely long hair.

The Havanese breed is incredibly loveable and is a typical family dog. They also have big eyes and floppy tails. Their coat is like silk, so Havanese dogs are known for their incredibly soft fur.

Sometimes the coat can grow a little curly, but typically, the Havanese is a straight-haired dog.


Interestingly, the Havanese breed has an incredible arrangement of variety in the color of its coats. There’s pretty much every shade possible with Havanese dogs.

Here are some of the most common coat colors:

  • Cream Havanese: Cream is a very common color for Havanese dogs. It’s pretty uncommon for a Havanese dog to be pure white, but cream dogs will almost always have some pure white streaks in their coat. There may even be caramel hues.
  • Black Havanese: Black is another common color for Havanese dogs. The coat may be pure black, jet black, charcoal black, or even silvery black. It’s also very common to have a range of hues, even with black Havanese dogs.
  • Black and White Havanese: Black and white Havanese dogs can be present within Havanese breeds. It’s common for this color to show up in patches, but this can also show up as spots.
  • Chocolate Havanese: There are tons of different shades of brown that are common with a Havanese dog, but chocolate brown is very common. Light brown and dark brown are also fairly common colors.

Eye Color

The eye color of a Havanese dog is fairly typical.

Usually, Havanese dogs are known for having brown eyes. If the Havanese has a black coat, or a gray coat, then it is possible that the Havanese may have blue, or green eyes.

This is not true for every Havanese dog, but occasionally, there will be some blue, or green eyes present in the Havanese breed.

The 3 Best Havanese Haircuts

The Havanese Puppy Cut

It’s crucial for owners of the Havanese breed to familiarize themselves with the different types of haircuts available for this breed.

It’s also important to mention that the comfort of the dog matters far more than the appearance of the dog.

Never just assume that a certain haircut will be acceptable for a breed of dog because there’s a range of factors to consider.

If you’re unsure what the best haircut is for your dog, then check with your vet. While your dog groomer may say otherwise, your vet will be able to give you the best advice.

After all, the most essential thing is the dog’s health and wellbeing.

1. The Havanese Puppy Cut

Okay, you have definitely seen the Havanese puppy cut before. This is one of the cutest haircuts for a Havanese dog.

If you want your dog to look like a teddy bear, then you totally need the Havanese puppy cut.

Yep, this haircut is designed to mimic the cuteness that is present in Havanese puppies. So, if you’re unsure — Havanese puppies tend to have shorter, finer hair.

This cut will entail a coat that is around the length of half an inch, to an inch. This would be for all over the body, including the legs.

The result is adorable, and to be honest, it can be easier to maintain grooming when the pooch has slightly shorter hair.

So, the hair around the face typically depends on the owner’s preference. Some Havanese owners love to give their dog a tiny fringe, by just keeping the hair around the face a tiny bit longer.

Other dog owners prefer an even look, which means even the hair around the face will be trimmed.

It’s fine to keep the Havanese hair around its hair a little longer, but do not allow the hair to cover the dog’s eyes. This is unfair to the dog, as the dog needs to be able to see.

2. The Havanese Teddy Bear Cut

Okay, I know I said that The Havanese Puppy Cut would make your dog look like a teddy bear, but hear me out.

The Havanese Teddy Bear Cut will also make your dog look like a tiny teddy bear, but in a slightly different way. They’ll both work!

You will end up with a teddy bear, no matter the haircut you choose! But, the styles are a little different, and it’s ultimately the owner’s personal preference.

So, for the Havanese Teddy Bear cut, the fur around the body of the Havanese will be trimmed, likely between half an inch, and one inch.

However! The fur around the legs, and the fur around the face, is usually left a little longer.

It will also be shaped to give a round and fluffy look. It creates the cutest look, with the pooch looking like a tiny little fluffy bear.

The only real issue with The Havanese Teddy Bear Cut, is that it will mean more visits to the groomers. It’s not as easy to maintain, because it’s a precise look.

If you do not want to spend a ton of money at the groomers, then it’s pretty much effective to go with The Havanese Puppy Cut.

It’s not as round or fluffy, because the legs are not shorter, but it is easier to maintain.

3. The Havanese Short Hair Cut

Not all teddy bears have long hair, some teddy bears have short hair.

The Havanese Short Hair cut is pretty much what it seems. It’s a haircut that makes the dog’s coat short all over. It’s a very cool hairstyle and is equally popular as the Puppy Cut, and Teddy Bear Cut.

The Havanese still looks incredibly adorable, but it’s a more refined look.

Plus, this look is much easier to maintain. If you do not want to spend tons of money, and time, at the groomers, then having The Havanese Short Hair Cut is probably the best option.

The dog looks just as cute, and it’s much easier because the hair will grow at the same time.

Havanese Grooming Tips

grooming a havanese

Below are some great tips for Havanese owners. It’s important that Havanese dogs are groomed well, otherwise, it can cause issues with their coat.

  1. You cannot let your Havanese dog’s hair grow out naturally. This breed of dog requires grooming. This is not just because some haircuts make the dog look cuter, it’s because if a Havanese has its hair grow out naturally, then it will eventually become matted. The Havanese needs grooming to ensure the hair does not become matted.
  2. If you live in a warm climate, then make sure that the dog does not overheat. Your vet will be able to advise you on the right haircut for your climate.
  3. Do not forget about toenails. When you get your dog groomed, ensure that you get their toenail clipped when needed. If you are comfortable clipping your dog’s toenails, and you know how, then you can do this yourself.
  4. If you take your dog to the groomers, ensure that it is a quality dog grooming salon. Read reviews before taking your dog to dog groomers. Also, ask the salon whether they have groomed the Havanese breed before and if they are familiar with the haircuts required. While it is a popular dog breed, it’s good to understand the level of knowledge and familiarity the groomers have with your breed of dog.


The Havanese breed is a wonderful dog. This is an adorable dog that is known to look like a tiny teddy bear.

The Havanese breed originated in Cuba, where it is still widely popular among Cuban citizens. Now, these dogs are popular all over the world.

It’s known for its happy personality and good spirit. This breed of dog needs to be groomed, and if you do not have patience with grooming, you should not get a Havanese.

This dog cannot let its natural hair grow out, otherwise, it will form matted hair. Luckily, there are tons of great Havanese Haircuts available for this dog, and no matter what, it’ll look like a teddy bear!

Now that you read our Article, 3 Havanese Haircuts, continue reading our Dog Section to learn more about Dogs and other breeds.

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