How Big Do Earthworms And Worms Get? (Interesting Facts)

Worms are popular for most people. In fact, Charles Darwin made an entire book about worms and earthworms. So with that, let us talk about worms and earthworms. 

So how big do worms and earthworms get? The full size of worms and earthworms depends on the kind of species. Worms and earthworms can grow from one inch long to ten feet. 

Worms and earthworms are very important creatures. Worms and earthworms are so small that some people tend to take them for granted. But as there are people who ignore worms and earthworms, there are people who worship the animal. 

If you are a gardener or know someone who is a gardener, you would love worms and earthworms. Gardeners appreciate worms and earthworms because they are allies in making the soil healthy and make the plants healthy. 

For those of you who still do not know, worms and earthworms can improve and make your soil very healthy. But now, we will talk about the sizes of worms and earthworms. 

We may see worms and earthworms as very small creatures, but can they grow into something big? Let’s find out.

What Is The Average Size Of Mature Worms And Earthworms?

There are around six thousand species worldwide. You may see a lot of types of worms and earthworms, but you still have hundreds of worms and earthworms you have not seen yet. The full size of worms and earthworms will depend on the species of the worms. 

The average size of worms and earthworms depends on the kind of worm or earthworm you have. An adult worm and earthquake can be from 0.39 inches long to 0.039 inches in width and can go to 9.8 feet long and 0.98 in widths. 

The ones you see in your garden or your backyard are the worms and earthworms’ average size. However, the size of worms and earthworms differ from each other. There are thousands of types of worms, and these worms differ in width and length. 

So if you want to know the size of a specific species of worms and earthworms, identify the particular worms or earthworms to know their corresponding size.

What Is The Biggest Earthworm Ever Found?

There is more than one record of the most giant earthworm ever found. There has been one found in between the road of Alice and King William’s town. The longest earthworms were from South Africa. 

The earthworm is named Microchaetus Rappi. The worm was found in the year 1967, and it was measured 6.7 meters or 21 feet. There is also a record of one large earthworm in the United Kingdom. 

It was reported that this earthworm was the largest recorded earthworm seen in the United Kingdom. The earthworms were said to be almost sixteen inches. The length is only the first of the surprises. 

This earthworm weighs nearly an ounce! That is about twice the average weight of an earthworm. This worm can be twice as large as your average worm.

How Big Is The Biggest Worm In The World?

The largest earthworm in the world may be the Megascolides Australis. This is a rare worm species from Australia. 

According to experts, this rare species can just be found in about five locations in the world! How amazing is that? 

According to the Encyclopedia of Endangered Species, a book discussing endangered plants and animals, these worms can go for two meters long and the diameter of 4 centimeters.

Biggest Worms In The World

There are thousands of species of worms in the world. Each species is unique. 

Every species varies in terms of height and weight. But here are some species of most giant worms in the world.

Giant Gippsland Worm 

This is believed to be the world’s most gigantic worm. These worms measure up to 3.3 feet and two centimeters in diameter. These species can also survive up to five years. 

These worms have dark purple heads and a body that is color blue. Unlike many earthworms, these earthworms live their life burrowed in the soil for fifty-two centimeters. These worms are sluggish and move fast when they are deep in the ground.

Websteroprion Armstrongi

These are gigantic species of worms that are found in the ocean. These worms live in the sea and not on land like some other worms and earthworms usually do. 

However, the food of these species is still unclear. These worms have an enormous jaw, so experts presume that this species is a predator and a scavenger.

Biggest Earthworms In The World

An earthworm is a segmented worm. There are also thousands of worm species in the world. Here are some of the giant earthworm species in the world. 

Megascolides Australis

This species is one of the native earthworm species in Australia. In the Bunwurrung language, this species is known as Karmai. This earthworm species can go 3.3 feet long. 

In diameter, it can reach 2 centimeters and three meters in length. Like some earthworm in the world, this earthworm can still contract and stretch more than its actual size. 

These earthworms spend most of their time burrowing about fifty-two centimeters below the ground. Like other earthworms, this one needs water to survive and breathe.

Microchaetus Rappi

This species is also called an African giant earthworm. These species belong to the Microchaetidae family. 

This earthworm’s average length is 4.5 feet, but its length can be twenty-two feet and over 1.5 kilograms.


In summary, the size of worms and earthworms vary depending on their species. There were thousands of species in the world when it came to worms and earthworms. 

The species would differ in weight. The species would even differ in weight. There are also reported sightings of giant worms in the world, though what species is the giant among all of them is still unknown. 

In that case, it is guaranteed that there are still many worm and earthworm species out there that are yet to be discovered. That is something you should look forward to.


Image credits – Canva

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