How Fast Does Cat Hair Grow Back? (All You Need To Know)

A cat owner will always wonder how fast their cat’s hair can grow. Do cat hair grow back, and if yes, how fast can we expect cat hair to grow back up again? Let us find out with this fantastic read. 

So how fast does a cat’s hair grow back? Most cats will have their hair growing back again in the span of eight to twelve weeks. So you can expect your cat hair to grow in just after a few weeks. 

Cats bring us so much joy. A cat and a dog are among the most common pets people have around in their house. Most of the population have dogs and cats chosen to be their pets. 

There is just something with cats. They are very loving and very cuddly. Cats are fond of snuggling with their owners, and they want to cling to their owners. 

They want physical, and cats are just calm as opposed to dogs. Some people want a pet that is not aggressive and would require a lot of energy. 

This difference is why people get cats because cats are relaxed and calm. Cat owners would also love to groom their cats. 

Cat’s hair can grow tall. Cat owners want to cut their hair but wonder if it is worth it or if their hair will grow back. So let us talk all about cat fur today. 

How Fast Does Cat Fur Grow?

A cat’s fur or hair can grow in the span of eight to twelve weeks. Although some factors can influence the growth of a cat’s fur, it is rare, for that matter. 

A part of a surgical site in the cat’s skin or a trauma to their skin can be a factor in the cat’s hair growing. There are also very cases where a cat’s hair will not grow back at all. 

On average, it may take up to twelve weeks to produce them. As humans, it can also happen that a cat’s hair will not grow consistently. 

People even have some parts in their heads stop growing. This fact is the same with cats. 

On the other hand, some cats grow their hair so much faster than others. If your cat is healthy, then your cat will grow its hair back amazingly fast. It can also be a faster growth if the cats have short hair. 

If you have a cat with trouble growing its hair back, you can give the cats a boost of protein. You can also put coconuts in their skin. This remedy can help grow their hair back. 

It will also be safe to say that the cat’s hair growth depends mainly on the cut. Some cats will grow their hair back longer than the 12 weeks, and some cats would develop them less than 12 weeks. But on average, a cat’s hair will grow back inside eight to twelve weeks. 

How Fast Does Cat Hair Grow After Shaving?

If you shaved your cat’s hair, it does grow back. It also grows back quickly. A cat with short hair can promptly grow its hairs rather than those with long hair. 

A cat with short hair can grow its hair within three months. On the other hand, long-haired cats can grow their hair back within four to six months. So it is safe to speak that if you have shaved your cats, their hair will grow back in less than six months. 

But as mentioned, your cat’s hair will depend on the cat and the length of their hair. But if you plan to shave your cat’s hair, it would be best if you consult an expert. 

The skin of the cat is more sensitive than humans. It is also elastic and sticks fervently to the cat’s hair. This means it would be safe to seek a professional to do the shaving. 

We would not want our cat to get injured because we did something we are not an expert on, like shaving. But if you’re going to do the job or want to stay within budget, you can try and cut it as carefully as possible. 

If you do this, you need to cut your cat’s fur with gentle hands. Always keep a comb between the scissors and their skin. Do not near the scissors so close to their skin. 

How Can I Make My Cat’s Hair Grow Faster?

A cat with thick hair is healthy and is a good sign. A cat’s lifestyle will affect its hair. You have to know that a cat’s hair needs nutrients. 

It is vital to monitor their diet. Now you know how fast a cat’s hair grows back, but if you do not want to sit in the corner and patiently wait for your cat’s hair to grow back, there are quite some other things you can do at home. 

You Need To Feed Your Cat Foods With Proteins

Proteins help in the growth of a cat’s hair. If your cat’s hair is growing within the average time or takes longer than that, it is safe to conclude that they do not have their usual dose of proteins. Yes, it is essential to feed our cats with lots of food, but it is vital to provide our cats with quality foods. So feed your dogs with food that contains plenty of proteins, and so on, you will see a lot of progress in your cat’s hair. 

You Need To Feed Your Cat Foods With Minerals

Minerals also contribute to the growth of a cat’s hair. To be specific, zinc contributes to hair growth. So feed your cat with lots of minerals. 

You Need To Feed Your Cat Foods With Vitamins

The same with humans, dogs also need their daily dose of vitamins. Vitamin deficiency can lead to hair loss or the discontinuity of hair growth. So monitor your cat’s diet and feed your cat with foods that contain the quality nutrients they need. 

Allow Time To Brush Your Cat’s Hair

A cat also has dead hairs. These dead hairs will stick to the cat’s skin and hinder any new hair growth. You must take care of this issue right now because the new hairs that are supposed to grow will be disrupted. 

The dead hair will tangle the cats’ hairs and become a mass of tangled hair. That will attract unwanted parasites or skin irritation. So if you want to keep your cat’s hair healthy and growing, you need to devote time to brush your cat’s hair. 

Bathe Your Cat In A Constant Basis

If you are done brushing your cat’s hair, it is best to follow it with a good bath. The same with everything else, bathing cures a lot. Bathing will also remove the dead hairs that are already stuck to the healthy hairs. 

It may be quite a challenge to bathe your cats, but you must know how crucial and helpful it is to do it. Use shampoo or soap that is made specifically for cats. Please do not use a shampoo that is not made for cats because it will irritate. 

You Can Try To Maintain The Room’s Temperature

Cats also have their temperature. Ideally, it is also vital to maintain their body heat. They have their ideal temperature. 

And if the temperature gets higher than their ideal one, they tend to lose their hair. So if you want to put effort into it, you can try to maintain the temperature where your cat is residing. 

Avoid Getting Your Cat Stressed

Animals also worry. They can also get stressed out, and a cat is not an exception. Stress brings nothing but bad things. 

Once your cat gets stressed, they will make the nutrients go away. In return, the shedding of hair will be worse. 

The cat’s blood pressure will climb, contributing to the hair shedding. So if you noticed your cat getting stressed, make sure to calm it down.

cat with no hair

How Long For Cat Hair To Grow Back After Spaying?

Spaying involves removing both the ovaries and the reproductive tract to the cervix level. This operation is done to prevent unwanted pregnancy. The coat shall grow within the span of two to three months. 

When cats are getting spayed, an expert will shave off a part of their fur. This hair will grow in about three months, but it is still possible to take longer than that. This part is where the tips above come over. 

You need to ensure that you do all possible ways to grow their hair back up again. Some cat owners also reported that the hair that grows back is with a different shade of color. It also depends on the cat whether their hair will grow quickly or slowly. 

How Long For Cat Hair To Grow Back After Ringworm?

Ringworm is a disease caused by fungus. The lesions are circular in appearance and look like work, hence, the name. The incubation will be ten to twelve days. 

Cats can have this disease and spread all over the cat’s body. If a cat has this disease, there are treatments available. There is also hair loss included in this disease. 

The hair loss will grow larger before they go smaller. The hair loss will stop for about one or two weeks. There will be no part that will shed the cat’s hair anymore. 

Within two weeks, the cat’s hair will go back to normal. However, if this will not happen in two weeks, it is best to consult your vet and do a check-up. 

How Long Does It Take For Cat Fur To Grow Back After Fleas?

If you have noticed your cat’s hair is losing or has bald patches all over their skin, you may have to find the cause of this. The most common cause of bald patches for cats is parasites or fleas. 

Products can eliminate these fleas. You can get the product from your vet. There is also an additional product that can help with the cat’s itching. 

The hair loss will stop and grow back as soon as the fleas are gone. It is crucial to do the treatment as quickly as possible. The products can take effect within twenty-four hours. 


In summary, a cat’s hair will grow on average in eight to twelve months. Many factors will also contribute to cats’ hair growth. The healthier that cat, the faster its hair will grow. 

You can feed them quality foods that will help grow their hair back. Cats with short hair can grow their hair faster than those with long hair. Cat’s hair will grow back on its own. 

But as a cat owner, you still got a lot of things that you can do to help with the hair growing. You can brush their hair and bathe them. This way, you can help the hair grow and prevent hair loss.


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