Is Baby Shampoo Safe For Cats? (Important Facts)

If you are a proud cat owner, you might have asked yourself once how to bathe your cat. This activity is quite tricky because cats do not want to get washed. This article will answer your questions about bathing a cat.

So is baby shampoo safe to use for cats? The best shampoo for a cat is the ones that are made exclusively for cats. However, if there are no cat shampoos available, yes, you can use baby shampoo for bathing your cat.     

For a cat owner, you should know that the best product for your cat is the product that is made exclusively for them. So unless you are left no choice, use shampoos intended for cats. It may not be recommended to use baby shampoo. 

But if there is no available cat shampoo and you will use baby shampoo, make sure that it is unscented and a ph-balanced shampoo. As mentioned, it is not harmful to use baby shampoo for your cats, but this must not turn into a habit. 

It may contain gentle ingredients, but it is not made suitable for cats, so we cannot guarantee 100% that there are no harmful effects. Cats do not like to bathe in general because they do not want to get wet. 

However, other cat breeds enjoy water and bathing, but most of the cat’s breeds do not like water. Some cat owners like to bathe their cats. However, they are experiencing difficulty with pet shampoo or soap. 

Baby shampoo has ingredients that are suitable for a baby’s skin. Of course, a baby deserves soft and gentle ingredients not to irritate a baby’s skin. 

A cat’s skin is also sensitive, so some cat owners ask themselves if it is okay to use baby shampoo for the cat. It is not common for cats to get bathed. Cats may survive without bathing because a cat can groom itself naturally. 

But this is just suitable if your cat is staying at home and not getting itself dirty. Of course, you need to bathe your cat if they played in the mud or they got their body dirty. So let us talk about cats.

Is Baby Soap Safe For Cats?

The answer to this is the same for using baby shampoo. It is not recommended. We need to use soap that is made exclusively for cats. 

This option ensures that the cats will be safe and no harm will come to them. If you ever find yourself stuck and cannot find cat soap, you can use baby soap. You have to remember, however, not to use this regularly. 

Experts did not study the results of using baby soap on cats intensively, so you must take safety precautions if you will use this to bathe your cats. When washing your cat, always avoid getting some soap in their eyes. 

It would be best if you also kept the insides of their ears dry. So if you have no choice at the moment, you can use baby soap. Just remember not to use this many times. 

You can use it when no cat shampoo is available, but you still have to scour the market for cat soap. That is the better option to ensure your cats’ safety and cleanliness. 

It is still recommended to use cat soap and shampoo. Using baby soap or baby shampoo is only accepted if you have no choice. So if you do not want to take any risks, you need to buy a shampoo or a soap intended for your cat’s skin.

Does Baby Shampoo Kill Fleas On Cats?

One of your job as a cat owner is to get rid of your cat’s fleas in their body. You need to comb your cat and bathe as often as necessary to get rid of these fleas. 

If you do not mind buying a product, you can buy products that are made to kill fleas immediately. It would be best if you also remembered not to use a dog flea product because this product can be harmful to your cat. 

You might also know that cats do not like baths. They do not want to get wet from the water. So you can bathe your cat gently with shampoo or soap. 

It may not be necessary to use a flea product for your cat. Use a gentle shampoo or soap, and that will do the job. Even a mild cat shampoo can eliminate the fleas. 

You have to groom and bathe them regularly. However, if you want the job done and want the fleas eliminated, it would be best to use a product that kills fleas. You can visit your local vet shop and ask for expert help. 

If you want to minimize your budget, you can use a gentle shampoo and gentle soap. Some cat owners reported that the fleas would immediately die even if you will use baby shampoo. 

Fleas will be present if a cat is not well-groomed. If your cat is not clean anymore and has an unclean body and hair, it will attract fleas.

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Risks Of Baby Shampoo For Your Cat

The risks will depend on the shampoo’s product that you will use to bathe your cat. It would be best to think twice in choosing the shampoo you will use for your cat’s skin. You always have to choose unscented shampoo. 

If you will use baby shampoo and it is not unscented, then you are taking the risk of having your cat’s skin irritation. The risk of using a shampoo that is not made for cats is that your cat can have skin irritation. 

We are talking about compatibility here. The product must be compatible with your cat’s needs. We do not want our cat to have irritations. 

It is too much a risk. If you care for your cat deeply, you will not allow any risks to happen if you can make it safe from the start. 

What Other Shampoos Can You Use On Cats?

If you are still confused about what shampoo or soap you can use for your cat, we will provide it for you. As mentioned many times, the best shampoo is still the shampoo made for your cats. 

But sometimes, everything we need is not always available. That is why we will have alternatives.

You Can Make You DIY Dry Shampoo

Some people prefer products that are natural, organic, and homemade. So if you are one of those who want to bathe their cat and do not want to use factory-made products, you can make your own! 

There are hundreds of DIY shampoos on the internet to use with your cat. You can pick one and try making it in the house. This shampoo is safer than the products in the market. 

You can use this without worrying. After all, you know what is in the ingredients because you made them.

You Can Use Cornstarch As A Dry Shampoo

This option is something that we can find at home. You will not have trouble looking for this product. If you have cornstarch in your home, you can use this as an alternative dry shampoo. 

You can take a pink of cornstarch and then sprinkle it in the hair of your cat. You need to massage the cornstarch to the skin of your cat. 

You Can Make An Oatmeal DIY Shampoo

We can find oatmeal everywhere, so it will not be difficult to find this product and use it as a DIY shampoo for your cat. 

Oatmeal can help soothe your cat’s skin irritation. You can use it in your cat’s hair and then rinse it afterward. 

You Can Use A Baby Shampoo

This shampoo is considered an alternative because this product is made for babies. But if you do not have a cat shampoo at the moment, you can use baby shampoo. 

The ingredients are safer and gentler than any shampoos in the market. But still, it is highly recommended to use cat shampoo.

There are still a lot of alternatives that you can use. Just keep in mind that these are alternatives only, meaning it is not the right product. 


In summary, you can use baby shampoo as an alternative to bathing your cat. However, it is not advised to use it permanently. The best shampoo for your cat is a shampoo made just for cats, and we do not know the harmful effects it can bring to our cat. 

You can use baby shampoo as an alternative, but only if you have no other choice. You can use options if you do not have a cat shampoo or cat soap. A cat may not require a bath because they naturally groom themselves, but it is still okay to bathe them. 

You can keep them clean, and you can even eliminate fleas and other parasites living in their body. This challenge is the beauty of having a cat. It challenges you to think of ways to groom and clean your loving cats.


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