15 Maltipoo Breeders in Tennessee (TN) | Maltipoo Puppies for Sale

If you’re staying in Tennessee and you want to search for Maltipoo breeders near you, then read on. Here, you can see a list that includes all Maltipoo breeders in Tennessee. Thus, you don’t have to search for each one that has a Maltipoo puppy for sale.

Besides the listing, we also added some extra online breeders to check some Maltipoo puppies for sale.

We hope you find a Maltipoo pup soon!

Maltipoo Breeders Tennessee Listings

NamePostal CodePhoneWebsite
Appalachian Mountain MaltipoosTN 37601+1 423-773-1941https://appalachian-mountain-maltipoos.business.site/
Maltese and MaltipooTN 37367+1 423-309-1704https://maltese-and-maltipoo.business.site/
Tailwagging PuppiesTN 37022+1 615-633-2284http://tailwaggingpuppies.com/
Maltese Maltipoo Puppies For Sale Near Me Teacup Micro Premium Pups LLCTN 37115+1 615-504-4753https://micropremiumpups.com/
Precious Pups 4 UTN 38572+1 931-788-2136https://www.preciouspups4u.com/
Beau s PetsTN 37122No Phone NumberNo Website
Allison Hollow PuppiesTN 37030+1 615-735-1198http://www.allisonhollowpuppies.com/
Cumberland Mountain KennelsTN 37752+1 423-489-2182http://cumberlandmountainkennels.com/
Judys Puppy Nursery we sell puppies and we do pet groomingTN 37870+1 423-566-3647No Website
Southern Dream PupsTN 38583+1 931-808-2040http://www.southerndreampups.com/contact.html
Petland KnoxvilleTN 37922+1 865-407-2174https://petlandknoxville.com/
Hollywood Club CanineTN 38305+1 731-660-1806http://doggroomingjackson.com/
Rocky Valley Kennels Puppy BoutiqueTN 37617+1 423-574-2003No Website
Paradise Kennels TnTN 37076+1 615-668-6211http://paradisekennelstn.com/
Mid South PuppiesTN 38068+1 901-860-3709http://midsouthpuppies.com/

Maltipoo Puppies for Sale in Tennessee

Appalachian Mountain Maltipoos

Address – 153 Bishop Rd, Johnson City, TN 37601, United States

Phone – +1 423-773-1941


Maltese and Maltipoo

Address – 30 blaylock cemetery Rd, Pikeville, TN 37367, United States

Phone – +1 423-309-1704


Tailwagging Puppies

Address – 1189 Luby Brown Rd, Bethpage, TN 37022, United States

Phone – +1 615-633-2284


Maltese Maltipoo Puppies For Sale Near Me Teacup Micro Premium Pups LLC

Address – 2124 Gallatin Pike N, Madison, TN 37115, United States

Phone – +1 615-504-4753


Precious Pups 4 U

Address – 1306 Ted Davis Rd, Crossville, TN 38572, United States

Phone – +1 931-788-2136


Beau s Pets

Address – 213 Dogwood Hills Dr, Mt. Juliet, TN 37122, United States

Phone – NA

Website – No Website

Allison Hollow Puppies

Address – 66 Allison Hollow Ln, Carthage, TN 37030, United States

Phone – +1 615-735-1198


Cumberland Mountain Kennels

Address – 120 Divine St, Harrogate, TN 37752, United States

Phone – +1 423-489-2182


Judys Puppy Nursery we sell puppies and we do pet grooming

Address – 8160 TN-63, Speedwell, TN 37870, United States

Phone – +1 423-566-3647

Website – No Website

Southern Dream Pups

Address – 853 Golden Herren Rd, Sparta, TN 38583, United States

Phone – +1 931-808-2040


Petland Knoxville

Address – 9339 Kingston Pike Market Place Shopping Center, Knoxville, TN 37922, United States

Phone – +1 865-407-2174


Hollywood Club Canine

Address – 1806 Hollywood Dr, Jackson, TN 38305, United States

Phone – +1 731-660-1806


Rocky Valley Kennels Puppy Boutique

Address – 3084 TN-126, Blountville, TN 37617, United States

Phone – +1 423-574-2003

Website – No Website

Paradise Kennels Tn

Address – 2119 Granny Wright Ln, Hermitage, TN 37076, United States

Phone – +1 615-668-6211


Mid South Puppies

Address – Old Brownsville Rd, Somerville, TN 38068, United States

Phone – +1 901-860-3709


Online Maltipoo Breeders

Though you have several Maltipoo breeders in Tennessee to choose from, it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll find an available pup. If you experience such a problem, you can check these online Maltipoo breeders.

Below is a list of three websites where you can find a Maltipoo puppy for sale. In general, these three sites are platforms for both puppy sellers and breeders to connect.

AKC MarketPlace

The first place, and probably the best one, to look for a Maltipoo puppy is the AKC website. The American Kennel Club isn’t only an established organization. It also has an online marketplace that you can access through the link below.

Aside from the puppy searching platform, you can also find helpful articles on how to take care of your Maltipoo.

Here is the link to their website:


Adopt a Pet

The second online breeder website is Adopt a Pet. On this website, you can find a good quality Maltipoo puppy. This search platform is famous for being North America’s Largest Non-Profit Pet Adoption Platform.

One feature of this platform is it will allow you to put some filters on your searches. These filters will help you narrow down your options according to your preference.

Here is the link to their website:


Puppies For Sale Today

The third platform you can check is Puppies For Sale Today. Like the first two, this website is also a great place where you can search for a Maltipoo pup. On this website, you can find all kinds of dog breeds as well. Thus, you may be able to find an available Maltipoo puppy for sale.

Here is the link to their website:


What Is the Average Price of a Maltipoo Puppy in Tennessee?

Maltipoo puppies have an average price of around $500 to $2000 if you get it from a breeder in Tennessee. It will be more affordable for typical breeders, while it can go even higher if you would get one with a high-end status.

Other factors that may affect the price would be the location of the pup’s home, the age of the puppy, and the breeder’s reputation.

Thus, if you get a puppy from a reputable breeder, you may expect any breeder to sell their puppies in this price range.

Moreover, you need to prepare for the items and food your dog will need upon bringing it home.

Tips When Bringing Home Maltipoo Puppy

If you already have a Maltipoo puppy to bring home, then congratulations! You successfully found one from a breeder. However, your tasks are only about to start! The first thing to do is to prepare for your new Maltipoo puppy.

If you don’t know where to start, here are some eight essential tips you can do for your new pup.

Pick a potty area for your pup.

A potty spot is essential for every puppy, and it’s the first place your pup needs to go as it enters your home.

If your pup relieves itself, you need to say or make a command that you’ll always do. Afterward, you need to praise it in a way such as offering a treat.

This way, you start potty training your pet while welcoming it home.

Introduce its new home.

The next thing you need to do is to introduce it to its new home. However, before you do this thing, make sure you have your home puppy-proofed already.

If you don’t know what it means, it’s a way of removing the objects that may potentially harm your pet. It includes open electric plugs, sharp edges, and even toxic substances like cleaning materials.

One common mistake of new puppy owners is to let the pup wander around the whole house.

Such a thing can be pretty overwhelming for a small pup. Thus, it would be best to save the house tour for another time.

Instead, let it stay and familiarize itself in its new crate or bed. This way, it will see the area as a safe zone and feel comfortable with it.

Allow your pup to meet the family members.

This tip is ideal for you to do one person at a time. If you have several family members at home, your pup may find it stressful to meet strange faces all at the same time.

Thus, it would be best to let each one meet your pup for a particular time. This way, your pup will familiarize itself with your family through a particular bonding time.

Provide chew toys for your Maltipoo.

Maltipoo puppies, like the others, love to chew, especially as they start growing their teeth. Thus, you need to provide safe chew toys for it.

These chew toys do two things at the same time. First, it makes your pup’s teeth stronger. Second, it prevents your pup from chewing your things at home.

Take your Maltipoo to its sleeping spot.

Puppies often sleep for 15 to 20 hours a day, and Maltipoo pups are no exception. Thus, they often fall asleep in different places all the time.

If your pup shows sleepiness, always take it to its sleeping spot. This way, it will learn to go there on its own if it feels sleepy.

It would be best if you give your puppy some crate training. Unlike the common idea that crates are doggie jail, it’s the opposite. Pups find such places as their safe and secure spot.

Of course, it will be so if you introduce the crate to your pup in a good way.

Always keep an eye on your new pup.

Always pay attention to your new pup, especially during its first days and weeks of stay.

While you allow it to roam and play around, make sure you have your eyes on it to prevent potent harm.

Make rules and schedule.

It’s pretty tempting to allow your pup to enjoy its time at home simply. However, it’s not something you would want in the long run.

Though it seems pretty early, rules and schedules are best to implement in your pup’s early years.

Dogs find routines and rules ideal for their training. Thus, it would be best to do so for your pup. This way, you’ll give it early training and use it as it grows older.

Take things slowly, one step at a time.

The last but the most important tip is to take everything slowly and don’t push everything all at the same time.

The thing about dog parenting is that it will teach you to be patient. The reason is that dogs won’t learn all the things you want to teach in one sitting.

For this reason, don’t worry if your Maltipoo seems to do things slowly and if it can’t do the things you want it to do.

Give your pet some time. With proper and constant training, you and your pet will get there at some point.

Choosing a Good Maltipoo Seller and Breeder

Maltipoo pups, like other pups, are significant investments, and it’s because they are no joke, especially in their price. Aside from the pup themselves, you also need to spend more for their items, and it’ll take you more effort to care for your pup.

With this in mind, you must also consider the place where you’ll get your pup. The answer to this one is usually and always the breeder. Still, with all the choices around, you may wonder if all breeders are worth your trust.

Below are some of the tips you can use when choosing a good Maltipoo seller and breeder. This guide will help you filter out your options so you can meet only the best and the reputable breeders around.

Pay a personal visit to the breeder.

While we provide all the contact info and website of each breeder, we also put in the address, and it would be best if you visit them.

The visitation will allow you to see the actual place where your pup started its life. Moreover, visiting the place will let you know if your pup receives proper care or if the breeder doesn’t care at all.

Don’t settle for a single breeder.

If you find yourself looking at only one breeder, try to look for second and third options.

Chances are you may like the breeder, but they have no pup available for you. With this in mind, you may want to contact several breeders at a time.

This way, you’ll have all the options and weigh them down to get the best you can get.

Get to know the breeder and your future Maltipoo pup.

As you talk to the breeder, ask things like his/her experience as a breeder and your future pet.

One good sign of a reputable Maltipoo breeder is that he or she has facts of the breed ready to fire at you.

For this reason, you may want to do a little research yourself about Maltipoos. This way, you can verify all the information he or she relays.

Aside from these facts, also try to consider asking about your future pet. It includes temperament, possible health issues, and even certain attitudes.

Remember that a good breeder won’t hide anything from you, so it would be best to ask all the things you need and want to know as you two talk.

Interact with the litter and the parents.

If you found a reputable breeder, he or she wouldn’t mind you interacting with your future pup’s siblings and parents.

One thing to note about the litter is to compare it with your pup and see if your pup shows other behavior.

On the other hand, the parents would likely pass their temperament to the litter. Thus, if you understand the parents, you’ll have an idea of how your pup will act as it gets older.

Be mindful of the policies and guarantees.

All breeders need to explain their terms and conditions to each seller. Thus, it’s essential to be mindful of such. If your breeder doesn’t explain it to you, you may want to like more about it.

Always note that reputable breeders want the pups to have the best future in the hands of good paw parents. Thus, he or she should be willing to take the pup back if you say you can’t take care of the pup.

Talk to other customers.

A reputable breeder would be happy to introduce you to other people who bought puppies from him or her.

Try to ask about their experiences when dealing with the breeder, and also know the problems they’ve had. This way, you’ll get to know your breeder from the same perspective you have.

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