My Dog Ate AirPod: What Should I Do Now? (Tips That Work)

AirPods are prominent these days, so it’s not surprising to find one lying around. While it’s okay for us to leave it unattended, it may become an opportunity for our dogs. With their curious attitude, they may sniff and eat such an item. Thus, it begs the question:

My dog ate AirPods: What should I do now? AirPods are not digestible, and so they should safely pass through their gut without issues. Thus, in most cases, dogs will be alright, and you won’t have to worry. However, even if your pet shows no problems, it would still be best to contact a vet and ask for advice.

Dogs are curious animals that would eat anything they can reach. While it’s alright from time to time, some items just pose a threat to their lives.

For instance, AirPods consist of lethal materials, making the item inedible. As a pet owner, you probably already know that it has toxic components inside. While it should safely pass through, it still poses a risk for your pet.

In this article, I included some tips and what you need to do if it happens. This way, you can be ready if your pet starts eating such a thing.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

What should I do if my dog swallowed AirPod?

If your dog swallowed an AirPod, the best thing to do is take your dog to the vet as soon as possible. Do it, especially if your dog suffers from symptoms such as vomiting or if it shows any pain.

If your pet seems alright even after ingestion, then you may want to observe your pet first. Still, you need to call a vet and ask for assistance regarding the matter.

Once you call your vet, he may recommend bringing your pet to the clinic to get tested. The vet will examine your dog, including checking the mouth and esophagus.

Since AirPods contain batteries, it can cause acid burns in the esophagus and mouth if chewed. Of course, it’s not likely if your dog swallowed it without chewing.

The vet may also run some blood tests and an x-ray. It will further diagnose where the AirPods are and show whether it’s whole or chewed.

What happens if a dog swallows an AirPod?

As I said, AirPods are small enough to pass through. Thus, it may safely pass through the gut without causing issues.

While it can happen that your pet will be alright, it can also damage your pet’s organs.

For instance, AirPods contain wires, polymers, metals, and batteries.

The metals and other parts can cause choking hazards or other stomach issues. It can also cause a blockage in the intestines.

Aside from the metals, the batteries are also a concern. Since AirPods are wireless, they contain batteries on each piece.

Batteries contain acidic substances that can cause burns and ulcerations in the mouth. It can also cause damage to the tongue, esophagus, and other parts.

It’s not likely to cause issues if swallowed whole since it has a cover that won’t get digested. However, if your dog chewed the item, the battery may be exposed, which may harm your pet.

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Can a swallowed AirPod kill your dog?

A whole swallowed AirPod is not something to worry about since it’s not likely to kill your dog. However, it can still cause issues accompanied by severe symptoms.

More often than not, the item will only pass through without any problem. However, if your pet started exhibiting signs or symptoms, it would be best to consult a vet for it.

The symptoms your pet will show may be a sign of a severe underlying complication. Thus, your pet needs immediate care and attention to avoid worse conditions.

Can a dog pass an AirPod?

The short answer is yes. AirPods and other similar items can pass through a dog’s digestive system.

Dogs take in many things, even the ones we don’t imagine they would. Thus, they can eat even the weirdest items without causing an issue.

If your dog eats an AirPod, it’s more likely to pass through the gut without a problem.

Still, it poses a particular risk of causing an obstruction. While it’s not likely to happen, it would be best to prepare for the worst.


How can I help my dog pass AirPod?

Since dogs eat what they reach, they usually pass such through if it’s indigestible.

While it happens most of the time, some items tend to cause issues that can be problematic for us as pet owners.

Thus, we need to help our dog pass an object, and we can do so by feeding a bulky meal of dry food.

A bulky meal of dry food will act as a cushion to the objects, helping them move on out.

Food also turns into digestive juices. Such components can help soften wads of rawhide treats. With such, the items can move smoothly, avoiding any obstruction.

How to recognize that your dog ate AirPod?

Since AirPods have a small size, it can be difficult to tell if your dog swallowed it since it won’t have any remains.

Due to the size, it’s not likely to have any traces. Of course, if it’s inside the case, it should completely disappear. However, that would mean a worse case.

If your AirPods went missing and your dog has access to it, then you should consider it as the worst-case scenario and contact your vet right away.

Moreover, it would be best to keep an eye on your pet and observe for the next hours for any signs or symptoms.

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How to prevent dogs from eating AirPods?

A dog that eats AirPods and other things isn’t surprising. Still, it should be a lesson to prevent it from happening again.

Here are some of the things you can do to prevent your pet from eating AirPods again.

Place the product somewhere unreachable.

The first thing you need is to secure the place where you place your AirPods. It would be ideal for putting it somewhere your dog can’t see and reach.

Another thing you can do is not to show your dog whenever you’re using this item. You can also put it in a bag or anything significant that your pet can’t swallow.

This way, you can be sure your pet won’t get its hands on such a product again. If your dog has access to your room, put your AirPods and other similar items in place it can’t reach.

Divert your dog’s attention.

Another thing you can do is to divert your dog’s attention away from the item. You can do this by giving your pet an interactive toy.

Moreover, allow your pet to play in areas far from your AirPods and other similar items. This way, you’ll avoid having your pet running around and eating this item again.

Introduce such toys with your guidance, and leave them with your pet only as long as you think it’s alright. It may take a few days or weeks, depending on your dog’s output.

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AirPods are prominent these days since they come as wireless and small pieces. Thus, we tend to leave it lying around. If you have a dog, such items can be objects for them to eat. While they would do so, it doesn’t mean it’s safe.

Of course, the AirPods are likely to safely pass through without causing issues. However, it’s also important to note that it’s still dangerous for our pets.

For this reason, take it as a lesson not to have these items lying around in areas where your dog can access them.


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