Rainbow Dalmatians – Just a Myth? (All You Need to Know)

Dalmatian is a kind of dog with a beautiful coat with spots. Thus, it’s not a surprise to see many people love this dog. But, is it true that dalmatians come in a variety of colors? Moreover, is there a dalmatian with the colors of a rainbow?

So, you may ask: are rainbow dalmatians just a myth? The truth is there’s no such thing as a rainbow dalmatian. In the first place, no dogs are born with rainbow-colored spots. Still, dogs come in colors other than black. If you are looking for a rare dalmatian, they come in colors such as lemon, blue, and liver.

Since rainbow dalmatians don’t exist, where did the idea of a rainbow dalmatian came from?

Let’s get into it more!

Do rainbow Dalmatians actually exist, or is it just fake?

As I said earlier, Rainbow dalmatians don’t exist. Thus, if you see any pictures of rainbow-spotted dalmatians, it may be an edited picture, therefore, a fake.

While there are no rainbow dalmatians, this breed comes in rare colors other than black or liver. If you like to go for a rare-colored dalmatian, you may want to read more below.

But before that, you may ask how the idea of rainbow dalmatians came about.

How did the myth of rainbow Dalmatians come about?

There’s not much to tell where the myth of rainbow dalmatians came from upon researching. However, I found a post on Reddit with a picture of two black-spotted dalmatians with added spots of yellow, blue, and red.

Since it’s only from 2018, it may not be the myth’s origin. However, the post kind of stirred the topic again.

Of course, it remained not a controversy but a topic of sarcasm. Peoples’ comments vary from saying it’s a ‘Van Dogh’ or even a ‘Jason Pawllock,’ rooting from the names of renowned painters. Other people say it’s a product of way too many skittles treat.

Still, be it a controversy or sarcasm, the fact remains that rainbow dalmatians don’t exist. Instead, dalmatians only come from a few rare colors aside from black and liver.

What color spots can Dalmatians have?

Below is a list of color spots you can find in a dalmatian. Some of these are rare, while some are typical. If you’re interested in taking home a dalmatian, you may find these options helpful.

Black-spotted Dalmatian

A dalmatian with black spots is the typical one we see. In fact, when we speak of a dalmatian, you probably would imagine this one. It has a distinctive white coat with black spots all over the body.

Black-spotted Dalmatian

Liver Dalmatian

Another usual dalmatian is a liver dalmatian. Like the first one, a liver dalmatian has a white coat with brown or liver-colored spots all over.

Multi-colored Dalmatian

A multi-colored dalmatian comes mostly in different shades of the same color. Still, it’s not even close to saying a rainbow dalmatian.

Multi-colored Dalmatian

Lemon Dalmatian

Lemon Dalmatian is one of the rare types of this breed. It has light brown spots that seem yellowish. Thus, it looks as though it’s a lemon-colored one.

Lemon Dalmatian

Blue-spotted Dalmatian

Blue-spotted Dalmatian is the kind with seemingly blue-colored spots. Although it’s not exactly blue, it has a blue touch in it. Moreover, its eyes are usually blue.

Blue-spotted Dalmatian

Long-haired Dalmatian

Last but not least is the long-haired dalmatian. This type of dalmatian is rare since it usually has a short, thin coat. Thus, with long hair, it stands out from the rest.

Long-haired Dalmatian

In general, dalmatians that come as rare don’t fall into the purebred category. Still, it’s quite lovely to take home.


While it may be cool to think that rainbow dalmatians exist, they don’t in reality. Thus, it may be an impossible feat to accomplish if you think you can get one.

It’s not something to grieve about, though. If you want a rare dalmatian, you have many options to choose from, as listed above.

In the end, the idea of rainbow dalmatian will remain only as a topic of sarcasm and not something to take seriously.


Image credits – Canva, Wikimedia, Pixabay, Quora

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