29 Rottweiler Breeders in Illinois (IL) | Rottweiler Puppies for Sale

Are you looking for a Rottweiler puppy for sale in Illinois? If so, then this article’s for you. If you’re living in Illinois, you can see a list of Rottweiler breeders near you. This way, you won’t have to go far just to search for your dream pup.

Moreover, we added a list of online breeders. It would be a great option in case you can’t find suitable Rottweiler breeders in Illinois.

We hope you find your pet soon!


Rottweiler Breeders Illinois Listings

NamePostal CodePhoneWebsite
Washburn FarmsIL 62450+1 618-838-8206http://washburnfarms.net/
Rodsden RottweilersIL 60174+1 312-451-9987https://www.rodsdenrottweilers.com/
Rodsden RottweilersIL 60174+1 312-451-9987No Website
Precious Gems Dog BreederIL 60417+1 708-672-1269http://preciousgemrottweilers.com/
Morton Rottweilers & High Drive Dog Training.IL 62959No Phone NumberNo Website
Woodland Oaks RottweilersIL 61777+1 309-473-3549No Website
My Body Guard DogsIL 60152+1 815-568-0484https://www.mybodyguarddogs.com/
Furry Babies Fox ValleyIL 60504+1 630-820-5868http://www.furrybabiesinc.com/
Fabrizius FarmsIL 60151No Phone Numberhttp://www.fabriziusfarm.com/
Cabeza Grande KennelIL 62275+1 314-304-0869https://realpresa.com/
Happiness Is PetsIL 60462+1 708-403-3223http://www.happinessispets.com/
Kabeara SamoyedsIL 60441No Phone Numberhttp://www.kabearasamoyeds.com/
Furry Babies RockfordIL 61112+1 815-332-2437http://furrybabiesinc.com/
Petland Chicago RidgeIL 60415+1 708-637-0636https://www.petlandchicagoridge.com/
Windy Acres Puppy AdoptionsIL 61913+1 217-722-9615https://www.windyacrespuppies.com/
Ashley nee001IL 60622+1 419-901-9851No Website
Furry Babies – LombardIL 60148+1 630-315-0948https://furrybabiesinc.com/lombardlocation/
DreamCatcher Hill Puppies and RescueIL 62012+1 618-372-7547http://www.laurelspuppies.com/
renfaires german shepherdsIL 60491+1 708-606-4477No Website
Petland BolingbrookIL 60440+1 630-739-1213https://www.petlandbolingbrook.com/
Prairie Wind PetsIL 61931+1 217-273-5384http://www.prairiewindpets.com/
International Kennel ClubIL 60603+1 773-237-5100http://www.ikcdogshow.com/Contact%20IKC.htm
Metro KennelIL 62960+1 618-309-3733http://www.metrokennel.com/
Petland AuroraIL 60504+1 630-352-0147https://petlandaurora.com/
Chesterville Barns PuppiesIL 61910+1 217-273-5480https://chestervillebarnspuppies.godaddysites.com/
Pasch s Beautiful BerneseIL 61107+1 779-200-7739http://paschsbernese.org/
White Diamond GoldensIL 60432+1 708-878-9898https://www.whitediamondgoldens.com/
Pet Luv Pet CenterIL 60652+1 773-581-7387https://petluvonline.com/
Petland RockfordIL 61112+1 815-332-0707https://petlandrockford.com/

Rottweiler Puppies for Sale in Illinois

Washburn Farms

Address – 3445 County Rd 1250 N, Olney, IL 62450, United States

Phone – +1 618-838-8206


Rodsden Rottweilers

Address – 840 W Main St, St. Charles, IL 60174, United States

Phone – +1 312-451-9987


Rodsden Rottweilers

Address – 1627 Riverside Ave, Campton Hills, IL 60174, United States

Phone – +1 312-451-9987

Website – No Website

Precious Gems Dog Breeder

Address – Crete Rd, Crete, IL 60417, United States

Phone – +1 708-672-1269


Morton Rottweilers & High Drive Dog Training.

Address – 11814 Pennsylvania Dr, Marion, IL 62959, United States

Phone – NA

Website – No Website

Woodland Oaks Rottweilers

Address – 14506 Autumn Rd, Wapella, IL 61777, United States

Phone – +1 309-473-3549

Website – No Website

My Body Guard Dogs

Address – 7213 Blissdale Rd, Marengo, IL 60152, United States

Phone – +1 815-568-0484


Furry Babies Fox Valley

Address – 2352 Fox Valley Center Dr, Aurora, IL 60504, United States

Phone – +1 630-820-5868


Fabrizius Farms

Address – 4N859 Meredith Rd, Maple Park, IL 60151, United States

Phone – NA


Cabeza Grande Kennel

Address – 13127 Niggli Rd, Pocahontas, IL 62275, United States

Phone – +1 314-304-0869


Happiness Is Pets

Address – 15647 S 94th Ave, Orland Park, IL 60462, United States

Phone – +1 708-403-3223


Kabeara Samoyeds

Address – 18105 Godfrey Ave, Lockport, IL 60441, United States

Phone – NA


Furry Babies Rockford

Address – 7200 Harrison Ave Suite F39, Rockford, IL 61112, United States

Phone – +1 815-332-2437


Petland Chicago Ridge

Address – 110 Commons Dr, Chicago Ridge, IL 60415, United States

Phone – +1 708-637-0636


Windy Acres Puppy Adoptions

Address – 220 E Co Rd 1100N, Atwood, IL 61913, United States

Phone – +1 217-722-9615


Ashley nee001

Address – 1289 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60622, United States

Phone – +1 419-901-9851

Website – No Website

Furry Babies – Lombard

Address – 170 Yorktown Shopping Center, Lombard, IL 60148, United States

Phone – +1 630-315-0948


DreamCatcher Hill Puppies and Rescue

Address – 4609 Hopkins Ln, Brighton, IL 62012, United States

Phone – +1 618-372-7547


renfaires german shepherds

Address – 13837 W Sandstone Dr, Lockport, IL 60491, United States

Phone – +1 708-606-4477

Website – No Website

Petland Bolingbrook

Address – 744 E Boughton Rd, Bolingbrook, IL 60440, United States

Phone – +1 630-739-1213


Prairie Wind Pets

Address – 6193 E CR, 1400N, Humboldt, IL 61931, United States

Phone – +1 217-273-5384


International Kennel Club

Address – 20 S Clark St, Chicago, IL 60603, United States

Phone – +1 773-237-5100


Metro Kennel

Address – 210 E 3rd St, Metropolis, IL 62960, United States

Phone – +1 618-309-3733


Petland Aurora

Address – 4332 Fox Valley Center Dr, Aurora, IL 60504, United States

Phone – +1 630-352-0147


Chesterville Barns Puppies

Address – 432 N Co Rd 400 E, Arcola, IL 61910, United States

Phone – +1 217-273-5480


Pasch s Beautiful Bernese

Address – 5941 Guilford Rd #2517, Rockford, IL 61107, United States

Phone – +1 779-200-7739


White Diamond Goldens

Address – 1016 Rocky Hill Cir, Joliet, IL 60432, United States

Phone – +1 708-878-9898


Pet Luv Pet Center

Address – 8057 S Cicero Ave, Chicago, IL 60652, United States

Phone – +1 773-581-7387


Petland Rockford

Address – 7358 Mid Mall Dr, Rockford, IL 61112, United States

Phone – +1 815-332-0707


Online Rottweiler Breeders

While it’s easy to find a breeder near you with the help of this article, it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll find an available pup in a few days or weeks. The truth is, availability is one of the common challenges with a Rottweiler. 

With this in mind, we decided to include the following websites that can serve as your other options in case you didn’t have any luck with your search quest. These sites are platforms wherein you can search for your pup without leaving your home.

Aside from its user-friendly interface and platform, you can also be confident that it’s safe and legit. Let’s take a look at each:

AKC MarketPlace

AKC MarketPlace comes as the first online breeder you should visit. The American Kennel Club (AKC) has this online marketplace to search for a Rottweiler pup you want. Aside from the puppy, you can also find other tips and information necessary on their site.

The great thing about this is that many people contribute to this, and it receives verification from experts. Thus, you can rely on this site for info.

Here is the link to their website:


Adopt a Pet

Your second option would be to visit Adopt a Pet. This platform is North America’s Largest Non-Profit Pet Adoption Website. On it, you can find both Rottweiler Pups and adults that are anywhere or in the states near you. 

The great thing about this platform is that it enables you to filter the searches with the sex and age of the dog that you want.

Here’s a link to their website:


Puppies For Sale Today

Lastly, you can take a look at Puppies For Sale Today. This site is where you can search for all breeds’ puppies, which means you can also find a Rottweiler in it. If you’re looking for a Rottweiler pup, you can find one in there.

Here’s a link to their website:


What Is the Average Price of a Rottweiler Puppy in Illinois?

The Rottweiler is a noble, alert, and confident pet. It can be a robust working dog or a gentle family dog that loves to cuddle and be the source of laughter. As a result, many people love these dogs and want to take one home. However, they can be pretty pricey.

Rottweiler puppies in Illinois generally cost around $1,500 to $2,500 range. Due to training needs, you may have to spend a couple hundred or more on a good training course. Further, expect to spend at least $300 annually if you would pursue pet health insurance.

Such costs don’t include the items you need for the dog. Among the other things you need to prepare are food, home, grooming tools, toys, and even visits to the vet.

Tips When Bringing Home Rottweiler Puppy

Once you already have an available Rottweiler puppy, you don’t want to take it home without preparation. Thus, you may want to take a look at these things to prepare. This way, you can be confident your pet has all it needs at home as it arrives.

Home prepping

Rottweilers don’t need too much when it comes to their home. Still, it’s a good thing to have your home puppy-proofed.

The first thing is to shop for some things. You’ll need the basic supplies like the following:

Food and water bowls

  • A high-quality puppy food
  • Some treats for training
  • A harness and leash
  • A crate
  • A comfy bed
  • Chew toys
  • Grooming tools

You can also invest in the following things. While these aren’t that important, they will do you and your pet a great favor.

  • Puppy pen
  • Baby gates

Aside from the shopping, you also need to puppy-proof your home. It includes hiding anything that could potentially hurt your pet. Among these are

  • Medicines
  • Electrical Cords
  • Cleaning detergents
  • Sharp-edged objects

You may also keep your items out of your pet’s reach. 


Another thing to prepare is a schedule. Routine and schedule go well with dogs. Thus, it’s essential to start your puppy with a schedule.

Having a schedule will help you and your dog settle at home. It’s also their way of housebreaking and training.

Among the things you need to schedule are:

  • Meals
  • Walks and strolls
  • Potty breaks
  • Nap times

Expectations on the first week

The first week with you can be overwhelming for your pup. Thus, it would be best to ease up your Rottweiler into your home by keeping things as light and stress-free.

These pups will grow their teeth in the following months. Thus, it would be best to offer to chew toys. This way, they won’t turn to ruin your shoes and floor mats, and couches.

Rottweilers are people dogs, which means they enjoy spending time with you. In short, give your pet lots of love, and you’ll always have a great buddy at your side.

Choosing a Good Rottweiler Seller and Breeder

The sellers and breeders play a significant role in your pup’s well-being and character. Thus, you must choose a good seller and breeder who knows and cares for Rottweilers.

In general, you can see many things that manifest an excellent seller and breeder. If you want to ensure you’re getting your pup from a good seller or breeder, you may take note of the following things.

You can tell that the one you meet is a good seller or breeder if he or she

Shows all the information and paperwork about your pup

A good seller or breeder would be proud to give you all the paperwork it has for your pup. Such paperwork includes the pedigree and health clearances.

Wants to know you and where you’ll take the pup

A good seller or breeder ensures that the puppy would have a good home that’ll make it feel safe and comfortable, away from stressful environments.

Asks so many questions, even personal ones

A good seller and breeder want to know more about you to see if you’re fit to be a paw parent. Thus, it will ask all kinds of questions, even personal ones.

A reputable breeder won’t hide any health problem of your pet

A good seller or breeder will let you know if your pet suffers from any health problems. It will be ready to take the pup away if you say you can’t handle the health issue.

Takes his/her time before sending the pup

A good seller or breeder would require you to visit their place a couple of times to bond with your pet. They shouldn’t simply grab your money and give the Rottie away.

Does not prioritize earning money over the puppies

Although Rottweilers may cost thousands of dollars, a good seller or breeder won’t use it as a chance to get rich. For this reason, it breeds pups but not much and lets the parents rest and not mate all the time.

Tells you about the feedback from past customers

A good seller and breeder would be proud to show the feedback and experiences of other customers. In fact, he or she will even show a connection to other breeders and vets.

Proudly tells his/her breeding experience

A good seller or breeder would show the dogs in recognized confirmation shows. Further, he or she should have strong connections with other breeders.

Raises only one kind of breed

A good seller or breeder shows its expertise if they focus only on a single breed and not multiple ones.

Other states

Or you can check our overall page with list of all covered Rottweiler breeders.


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