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Samoyed breeders are available everywhere. You can even find at least a few in every state. Thus, if you’re looking for a Samoyed breeder, you would find one near your area.

This information will give you a list of all the states with their respective Samoyed breeders. Thus, if you live in a particular state, you can simply find it below, click it, and it will take you to all the Samoyed breeders near you.

Besides the listing, we also added some helpful tips in searching for your pup and caring for it once you have one.

We hope this article will help you find your Samoyed puppy and breeder!

List of Samoyed Breeders

How to Choose a Good Samoyed Seller and Breeder

When it comes to searching for a Samoyed puppy, the seller or breeder plays an important role. Thus, the first thing you need to find is a reputable one, someone you can rely upon, and someone who cares for your pup.

Below are good qualities every Samoyed breeder should have. As you look for your chosen breeder, you need to make sure he or she has these qualities. This way, you can get the best out of your puppy and out of your purchase.

In general, a good and reputable Samoyed seller and the breeder should:

Provide complete documents for your Samoyed puppy

A reputable Samoyed breeder should provide you with complete documents for your puppy, such as registration, health certificates, and other important documents as you sign a contract with him or her.

Make sure your Samoyed is well-cared and in good health.

A reputable Samoyed breeder should care for your pup well and make sure to give it in good health. He or she should have a connection with a specific vet who checks all the puppies often.

Tell you if your Samoyed has a health problem.

A reputable Samoyed breeder cares for the puppy and will be honest with all health conditions so they can get treated. Thus, he or she shouldn’t hide any illness that can affect your pup’s condition.

Allow you to meet and ask past customers.

A reputable Samoyed breeder would even be proud to let you contact past customers and ask for reviews about him or her. In general, your breeder should have a group that lets you stay in touch if you need any help or advice regarding your puppy.

Focus on breeding only Samoyed puppies

A reputable Samoyed breeder won’t breed other puppies just to make a lot of deals and money. In general, a breeder should focus on a single breed and be an expert with it. This way, they can be a reliable breeder whom their customers can count on.

Knows well about Samoyed puppies

Since Samoyed breeders focus on this particular type of breed, they should know almost everything about taking care of these puppies. Thus, you must see your breeder as a reliable source of information. It will also be a way for you to know that you’ll be getting an expert’s advice for your pup’s concerns in the future.

Not breed too many puppies for selling.

A reputable Samoyed breeder doesn’t breed too many puppies for the sake of selling them. Instead, they only breed a few and don’t push the pup’s parents to mate. Thus, you’ll likely see breeders putting customers on the waiting list. A reputable breeder would instead make customers wait rather than force the dogs to mate.

What Is the Average Price of a Samoyed Puppy in a Breeder?

A Samoyed puppy may have an average price of around $600 and $1500. The price range would be for typical Samoyed breeders. Some breeders may charge you as high as $3000 if the pup you’ll get comes with an excellent bloodline. However, you may expect the price to be lower for average breeders and pups.

Aside from the actual cost of the puppy, you also need to consider a budget for other expenses. For instance, your pup needs items and some expenses for its daily life. Among the expenses include high-quality dog food, toys, grooming tools, treats, and other items.

Moreover, you also need to include vet expenses and medicines in the breakdown of expenses. Moreover, you may want to give a tiny part of the expense to pet insurance, but it’s optional.

Pros and Cons of Getting a Samoyed Puppy From a Breeder

A breeder is your best chance of getting the best Samoyed puppy around. The thing is that breeders care for these pups alone, and they make sure everything is well.

However, like all other puppy-related transactions, you will encounter some downsides along the way. It’s essential to be aware of such things so you can prepare yourself. Moreover, being aware gives you an idea of what to expect before you proceed with your plan.

Without further ado, here are the pros and cons of getting a Samoyed puppy from a breeder.


Here are some of the benefits of getting a Samoyed pup from a breeder:

Breeders know a lot about the puppies they breed.

Since breeders usually only deal with a single breed, they know almost everything you need to know about your pup. Thus, if you get a Samoyed pup from a breeder, you can ensure that you also get a reliable source of advice for your pup’s concerns.

Breeders care for the puppies well.

Unlike typical pet shops and stores, breeders usually care for the pups with a personal touch of love and effort. Thus, you’ll know that your pup received a lot of care and attention before you even found it.

Breeders stay in touch.

Typical pet shops tend to have the transaction over once you have your pet and they have your money. If you get your Samoyed from a breeder, the connection won’t end there. In general, you just gained a friend that’s ready to help you if you have concerns for your pet.

Breeders give the best advice.

Since breeders know their pups well, they also know what advice to give you. Thus, if you get a Samoyed pup from a breeder, you’ll also get the best advice for your puppy.


Here are some of the downsides of getting a Samoyed pup from a breeder:

Breeders have a long list of waiting customers.

Since breeders don’t force the puppy’s parents to breed many puppies, you may encounter long lines of waiting lists for every breeder that you’ll find. Thus, you may want to contact several breeders at once, so you get better chances.

Breeders charge high costs.

Unlike typical pet stores and shops, breeders have higher costs for every puppy they sell. The reason is that they also spend quite a lot taking care of the puppies. Moreover, the effort they gave to each one already compensates for such a high price. 

Breeders would expect you to visit a few times.

If you get a Samoyed pup from a breeder, chances are you’ll get required to visit the puppy several times before you take it home. It’s their way of making sure you’re compatible with the pup. Thus, you may end up spending more effort and costs than you imagine you would.

Breeders can be picky.

Breeders are also picky in choosing the future owners of their pups. For this reason, you can get asked several questions, and they will try to know more about you, especially if you can take care of the pup you’ll get.


With the links we included above, we hope you find your list of Samoyed breeders near you. As a result, it will give you a quicker way of searching for your dream puppy since you won’t need to search for each one. The only thing you need to remember is to be resourceful and do your research about your chosen breeder.

As always, you may encounter some downsides and even some problems along the way. Of course, looking for a reputable breeder and an available Samoyed puppy can be a long and dreadful process.

However, as long as you endure such problems, you will end up with the loving company of a Samoyed puppy that will grow to be your best companion.


Image credits – Canva

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