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Are you in Florida and having difficulty finding a Standard Poodle puppy? Don’t worry. This article contains a rundown of Standard Poodle breeders in Florida, where you can start searching! You don’t have to go too far, and you don’t have to search so hard! I already made a list for you!

Take a look at this listing. Hopefully, you can find your breeder and puppy of choice!

More than the listing, I also added a list of online breeders so that you can search for your puppy in the comfort of your home.

I hope you find your puppy soon!


Standard Poodle Breeders in Florida (FL) Listings

Breeder NameLocationPhoneWebsite
Treasure coast poodlesFL 34991(772) 291-7830https://www.treasurecoastpoodles.com/
Brighton Standard PoodlesFL 33414(561) 798-8944http://standardpoodles.org/
Rising Star Standard Poodles, Goldendoodles, and SheepadoodlesFL 34769(407) 747-4977https://www.poodleanddoodlepuppies.com/
Lifestyle Standard PoodlesFL 32189(386) 649-5280https://www.lifestylestandardpoodles.com/
D’Gani Standard PoodlesFL 33401(561) 791-1234http://dgani.com/
Anna-Ash PoodlesN/AN/Ahttps://www.annaashpoodles.com/
Kathy’s House of PoodlesFL 32724(386) 956-2223https://www.kathyshouseofpoodles.com/
Poodles of Tampa BayN/A(813) 766-1126http://www.poodlesoftampabay.com/
Florida Poodles & MaltipoosFL 33809(863) 816-5247http://www.floridatoypoodles.com/
Knight’s Standard PoodlesFL 32073(904) 624-9359https://www.knightsstandardpoodles.com/
GulfBreeze Standard PoodlesFL 32038(386) 466-4628http://gulfbreezepoodles.com/Contact.html
Caram Standard PoodlesFL 34606(352) 251-6600https://caramstandardpoodles.com/contact-us
Stanfield FarmsFL 33868(863) 640-0690https://www.stanfieldfarms.com/
Emerald Coast KennelsFL 32404(850) 624-7377https://www.emeraldcoastkennels.net/
Emerald Coast BreedersFL 32507(850) 982-6884http://www.emeraldcoastbreeders.com/contact-us

Treasure coast poodles

Address – 1257 SW Martin Hwy #1319, Palm City, FL 34991, United States

Phone – (772) 291-7830

Website https://www.treasurecoastpoodles.com/

Brighton Standard Poodles

Address – 15960 Hiller St, Wellington, FL 33414, United States

Phone – (561) 798-8944

Website http://standardpoodles.org/

Rising Star Standard Poodles, Goldendoodles, and Sheepadoodles

Address – St Cloud, FL 34769, United States

Phone – (407) 747-4977

Website https://www.poodleanddoodlepuppies.com/

Lifestyle Standard Poodles

Address – Palatka, FL 32189

Phone – (386) 649-5280

Website https://www.lifestylestandardpoodles.com/

D’Gani Standard Poodles

Address – West Palm Beach, FL 33401

Phone – (561) 791-1234

Website http://dgani.com/

Anna-Ash Poodles

Address – N/A

Phone – N/A

Website https://www.annaashpoodles.com/

Kathy’s House of Poodles

Address – 518 E New York Ave, DeLand, FL 32724, United States

Phone – (386) 956-2223

Website https://www.kathyshouseofpoodles.com/

Poodles of Tampa Bay

Address – N/A

Phone – (813) 766-1126

Website http://www.poodlesoftampabay.com/

Florida Poodles & Maltipoos

Address – Creekwood Run, Lakeland, FL 33809, United States

Phone – (863) 816-5247

Website http://www.floridatoypoodles.com/

Knight’s Standard Poodles

Address – 311-2 Blanding Blvd, Orange Park, FL 32073, United States

Phone – (904) 624-9359

Website https://www.knightsstandardpoodles.com/

GulfBreeze Standard Poodles

Address – 329 SW Spoonbill Ct, Fort White, FL 32038, United States

Phone – (386) 466-4628

Website http://gulfbreezepoodles.com/Contact.html

Caram Standard Poodles

Address – 6411 Pinehurst Dr, Spring Hill, FL 34606, United States

Phone – (352) 251-6600

Website https://caramstandardpoodles.com/contact-us

Stanfield Farms

Address – 550 Tavares Rd, Polk City, FL 33868, United States

Phone – (863) 640-0690

Website https://www.stanfieldfarms.com/

Emerald Coast Kennels

Address – 6315 Cody Ln, Panama City, FL 32404, United States

Phone – (850) 624-7377

Website https://www.emeraldcoastkennels.net/

Emerald Coast Breeders

Address – 13430 Gulf Beach Hwy, Pensacola, FL 32507, United States

Phone – (850) 982-6884

Website http://www.emeraldcoastbreeders.com/contact-us

Florida Puppies Online

Address – 2770 Davis Blvd STE 40, Naples, FL 34104, United States

Phone – (239) 877-1757

Website https://www.flpuppiesonline.com/

TLC Puppy Love

Address – Mustang Haven Ln, Jacksonville, FL 32226, United States

Phone – (904) 838-9628

Website https://tlcpuppylove.com/

Country Mini Doodle Farms

Address – 10093 SE Sunset Harbor Rd, Summerfield, FL 34491, United States

Phone – (765) 863-1838

Website https://countryminidoodlefarms.com/mini-goldendoodle-breeder/

Florida Cockapoo Puppies For Sale, New Litter Ready

Address – 6150 S Lecanto Hwy, Lecanto, FL 34461, United States

Phone – (727) 243-9045

Website https://www.floridacockapoos.com/

Celebrity Standard Poodles

Address – 2354 Pretty Bayou Dr, Panama City, FL 32405, United States

Phone – (850) 763-5316

Website https://www.mystandardpoodlescom.com/

Robin’s Pups

Address – Hudson, FL 34667

Phone – (813) 335-4728

Website https://robinspups.com/

Summerfield Mini Bernedoodles

Address – 10089 SE Sunset Harbor Rd, Summerfield, FL 34491, United States

Phone – (765) 863-1838

Website https://summerfieldminibernedoodles.com/

Big Bear Doodles and Poos

Address – 1536 W C 48, Bushnell, FL 33513, United States

Phone – (352) 661-4170

Website https://bigbeardoodlesandpoos.com/

Kat’s Kennel

Address – 578 SE Brawley Terrace, High Springs, FL 32643, United States

Phone – (386) 243-4442

Website https://katskennelpups.com/index.html

Calisa Poodles

Address – 4195 South Tamiami Trail • Venice •, Venice, FL 34293, United States

Phone – (941) 475-4411

Website http://calisa.com/

Love My Doodles

Address – N/A

Phone – (239) 384-4959

Website https://lovemydoodles.com/

Baileys Bernedoodles

Address – 174 Indian Cove Ln, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082, United States

Phone – (850) 485-2346

Website – N/A

Pecan Place Aussiedoodles

Address – 15171 Bailey Hill Rd, Brooksville, FL 34614, United States

Phone – (618) 218-1123

Website https://pecanplacepoodlesandpoos.com/

Best Poodle Puppies

Address – 2014 Wild Cherry Dr, Tallahassee, FL 32305, United States

Phone – (706) 202-2429

Website http://www.bestpoodlepuppies.com/contact.html

Sunrise Australian Labradoodles

Address – Anthony, FL 32617, USA

Phone – (612) 743-5968

Website https://www.sunriseaustralianlabradoodles.com/

Online Standard Poodle Breeders

If you can’t find a breeder near you, you can look for your puppy online. Here’s a list of online breeders where you can get your Standard Poodle pup:

Besides these online breeders, you may find your Standard Poodle through these websites. They aren’t breeders, but you may find the puppy of your choice here because they are a platform where breeders can post their puppies for sale.

AKC MarketPlace

The American Kennel Club (AKC) has an online marketplace where you can search for the pup that you want. Aside from the puppy, you can also find other tips and information necessary on their site.

Here is the link to their website.

Adopt a Pet

Adopt a Pet is North America’s Largest Non-Profit Pet Adoption Website.

In it, you can find both Standard Poodle Puppies and adults that are near you. You can also filter the searches with the sex and age you want.

Here is a link to their website.

What is the average price of a Standard Poodle puppy in Florida?

Standard Poodles come at quite a high price. In general, an average Standard Poodle puppy would cost about $700-$1000, and it should also be the price range of breeders in Florida. Some high-end standard poodles may cost up to $2500-$5000.

Standard Poodles are pricey because they are popular, and they aren’t easy to breed. These dogs are also expensive because they come with unique features. 

Aside from their cute and adorable appearance, they also make lovely pets for almost all kinds of people.

Tips When Bringing Home A Standard Poodle Puppy

Before bringing home a Standard Poodle puppy, you need to understand a few things on how to care for it. This way, you can ensure your new puppy receives the proper care it needs.

If you plan on taking home a new Standard Poodle puppy, consider the following things first.

Prepare your home for its arrival.

Before taking a standard poodle puppy home, you’ll need to prepare your home so you can accommodate your pet with ease.

Here are the following things you may need to get or purchase for your pet:

  • Food and water bowls
  • High-quality food designed for standard poodle puppies
  • A soft bed
  • A crate for training
  • Toys (Preferably Chewable)
  • Leash
  • Harness or collar
  • Grooming tools such as brush

Puppy-proof your home

You also need to make your home a safe place for your pet. Thus, putting away all dangerous things for your pet out of its reach would be best.

Among the things you need to secure are:

  • Electrical Cords
  • Cleaning detergents
  • Prescription drugs
  • Poisonous plants,
  • Other loose items

It would be best to get your pet a secured area surrounded by baby gates. This way, you’ll worry less about your new puppy roaming around unwanted places.

Create a schedule for your pet.

Getting a new puppy is like having a new baby. Thus, you’ll need to create a certain schedule to give way to your pet’s needs.

Moreover, a schedule would help train your pet to become familiar with it.

Among the things you need to schedule are:

  • Playing Time
  • Exercise
  • Feeding Time
  • Potty Breaks
  • Grooming Sessions
  • Vet’s checkup

Young puppies need constant training. Thus, if you’re busy during weekdays due to work, consider getting a companion so your pet’s routine won’t get interrupted.

They would also need to have their potty breaks first thing in the morning, after meals, after napping, and before bedtime.

In terms of their grooming, they’ll need daily brushing to maintain a good-looking coat. Puppies would also need trimming every four to six weeks.

Choosing a Good Standard Poodle Seller and Breeder

The best and most ideal Standard Poodle only comes from a good seller and breeder. Thus, you may want to consider getting it from the best in picking your pet.

You will know a good breeder and seller from the following characteristics. If you’re still searching for a breeder, this list is a good criterion.

A reputable Standard Poodle breeder:

Insists on visiting the dog’s future home

A good breeder would want to see where the Standard Poodle will spend its days. Further, he’ll see if there will be problems to get addressed even before you get your pet.

Shows all the paperwork

A good breeder will want you to see the pup’s pedigree and health clearances. 

Tells you any health problems

A good breeder will tell you any significant health problems in any of the dogs he or she bred.

Asks more questions than you

A good breeder would ask more questions from you than you would for him or her. 

Not in a hurry to send off

A good breeder is not in a hurry to send the puppies off and get your money.

Provides you with past customers’ record

A good breeder will show you references, even of people who bought puppies from him or her. He or she will even show you other breeders and veterinarians caring for their dogs.

Requires expectations on both sides

A good breeder will create a contract that shows not only what he or she expects from you. More than that, he or she will also show what you can expect from him or her.

Won’t sell enough puppies only to earn 

A good breeder doesn’t breed too many puppies to earn so much. He or she won’t even accept credit cards.

Sends puppies properly

A good breeder will never send a puppy in a compartment and without any responsible person to go with it.

Works only with one or two breeds

A good breeder works only with a single or a couple of breeds.

Shows breeding experience

A good breeder shows her dogs in recognized conformation shows. He or she will also join his or her breed in other breed-related performance events. 

Final Thoughts

It can be a tiresome quest to seek for your puppy. Even from a list, it may be overwhelming due to inquiring efforts. Still, don’t give up. Trust me. It will all be worth it once you found your puppy of choice.

I hope the entire breeders’ list would help you find your right pet. If not, at least it should give you a starting point. 

As always, make sure you find a reputable breeder. Moreover, as you take your new puppy home, do your best to give it the love, attention, and care it deserves.

As long as you do, you’ll have an excellent Standard Poodle companion throughout the coming years.

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