The Liver German Shepherd (A Must Read!!)

German Shepherds are known for their intelligence, loyalty, and protective nature. They also happen to be very good at sniffing out drugs and explosives.

These dogs are trained to detect illegal substances and explosive materials. They are most recognized for their black or white coats.

However, there is actually a liver-colored German Shepherd.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about the Liver German Shepherd.

What Is A Liver German Shepherd?

A liver German Shepherd is exactly the same as any other German Shepherd that you may have come across. What separates them is the color of their fur and coat.

They are often a solid brown color, but you can get some color combinations of tan and liver or white and liver.

This liver coloring might be all the coat of the dog, or it could just be seen on the saddle. The nose of a German Shepherd also differs from any other German Shepherd.

Their noses instead of being black are either brown or pink. Alongside this, their eyes can also come in a lighter color as well. Instead of being brown, they are much more amber.

Alongside this, their lips, eye rims, and paw pads might be a slightly lighter brown color when compared to an all-black German Shepherd.

However, apart from the slightly different coloring, a liver German Shepherd is the same as any other German Shepherd. They have a very similar build, temperament and are still very smart.

Also, the grooming and care requirements of a liver German Shepherd are exactly the same for any other German Shepherd.

You don’t need to treat your liver German Shepherd any different from any other German Shepherd you may own.

What Combination Causes A Liver Colored German Shepherd?

Just like humans, dogs have thousands of genes that affect how they will turn out. Although, out of these thousands of genes they have, only 8 of these genes will influence the color of the dog’s coat.

The brown color that is associated with a liver-colored German Shepherd comes in two forms. These are the dominant brown (B) and a more recessive brown (b).

It is the dominant brown that will produce the black color to a dog’s coat. While the recessive brown is one that is responsible for a liver-colored coat.

Although, just because a dog may contain the less recessive brown gene doesn’t necessarily mean that a liver-colored German Shepherd will be produced.

If a German Shepherd has a combination of Bb, then the more dominant gene, i.e., the dominant brown (B) will decide the color of the dog’s coat.

In this scenario, the German Shepherd would have a black coat, but they still have the recessive brown gene which they will pass down to their offspring.

As a result, their offspring could be liver-colored, however, they would need the bb combination for this to happen.

Liver-colored German Shepherds are typically the offspring of either solid black or black saddled German Shepherds.

Although, if you want a liver-colored German Shepherd, then you need to mate two liver-colored German Shepherds together.

You can produce liver-colored German Shepherds with one liver-colored parent, or with two parents that have the b gene. However, you can’t always guarantee what order the genes will take.

Just like with humans, we don’t have which genes we will inherit from our parents, and the same can be applied with German Shepherds.

Are Liver Colored German Shepherds Rare?

The liver-colored German Shepherd is actually a very rare thing indeed, which is also why many people have not heard of it.

The reason why this breed of dog is so rare is due to genetics. There are very few genetic combinations that will produce a liver-colored German Shepherd.

You need at least one parent to be carrying the less recessive brown gene.

If you have two dogs that contain this gene, then you may be lucky to be able to produce a liver-colored German Shepherd, but the chances are very low.

The only way to know if your German Shepherd has this gene is through a DNA test.

Alongside this, a lot of breeders don’t want to breed the liver-colored German Shepherd. As they are so rare, not many people know of this variety.

However, it is considered an undesirable trait for your dog to be liver-colored, by some dog clubs.

Is A Liver German Shepherd A Purebred?

A liver German Shepherd is a purebred. However, because their coloring is different to the more common colors.

People assume that they aren’t purebreds, yet it has nothing to do with their breeding and more to do with their genetics.

As long as two purebred German Shepherds mate, then the liver German Shepherd is considered a purebred, no matter their appearance.

However, kennel clubs do have certain requirements for a dog to meet the breed specifications.

Let’s take a look at if the liver coat German Shepherd is recognized by the American Kennel Club.

Is The Liver Coat Recognized By AKC?

The liver color is listed in the American Kennel Club list of German Shepherd fur colors. As a result, any liver German Shepherd can be listed and take part in any of the organization’s events.

Although, the notes for a German Shepherds states that having a liver-colored coat is seen as a fault. The American Kennel Club says that German Shepherds with rich and strong colors are much more desirable.

A liver German Shepherd wouldn’t be disqualified due to their coat color, however, they are very unlikely to win certain events.

Cost Of A Liver German Shepherd

Generally, a German Shepard costs around $450 and $1,900 for a puppy. However, as we have mentioned above, a lot of people think that liver coloring is undesirable and unwanted.

Thus, you would be right to assume that a liver German Shepherd may have a slightly lower price tag due to this reason.

However, as they are so rare, a liver German Shepherd is actually a lot more expensive than a typical German Shepherd.

If you happen to find a breeder who has gone out of their way to produce liver German Shepherds, then you can expect a high price tag.

Although, a German Shepherd is a very common breed and is often found in an animal shelter. Once in a while, you may come across a liver German Shepherd that you can rescue.

As a result, adopting instead of buying from a breeder will keep your costs down. Also, you will recuse a dog from an animal shelter that wants a home and a family to love.


A liver German Shepherd is a very rare breed to find.

This is mainly down to genetics, and the combination to produce a liver German Shepherd is very low.

However, there is no difference between a German Shepherd and any other German Shepherd. The only thing that separates them is the coloring of their coat.

Any German Shepherd needs lots of exercise, and firm leadership. Now you understand what causes this rare coloring to happen in German Shepherds.

If you want a liver German Shepherd, you need to either hope your local animal shelter has one, otherwise you will need to look for a specific Dog breeder.

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