These Doodle Breeds Are The Calmest – And These Other Ones Are Not

Doodle dogs are beautiful dog breeds. These lovable puppies don’t just look cute, their warm spirit and drive are infectious.

People feel happy around doodles, no matter if you’re with a tiny Shih-poo or a larger Newfy-poo.

That being said, some people prefer relaxed dog breeds. A doodle’s intelligence and energy may be too much for some dog owners. Doodles are vibrant dogs, but some of them can be calmer than others.

If you’d love to own a doodle, but prefer a slightly calmer one, you’re in the right place! You’ll find the names of some calmer doodle breeds in this article, as well as a few that are more boisterous.

Keep reading on to find out more about doodle dogs.

What Are Doodle Dogs?

The doodle breed dog comes in many different kinds. The first doodles were Labradoodles and Goldendoodles. Created in the 1990s, these dogs are relatively new to society.

Doodles were first made to create a hypoallergenic service dog. They wanted a dog that didn’t shed much but was still clever, trainable, and athletic.

These qualities match Labradoodles and Goldendoodles! Before we continue, we need to stress that doodles weren’t made to be calm.

As they were created to become service dogs, they had to be energetic to keep up with daily tasks.

The AKC doesn’t recognize doodles as a dog breed, as there aren’t any set guidelines for doodle crosses.

Over the years, the demand for doodles has grown. More dog owners started looking for Poodle crosses as companions, so breeders started creating more.

A common feature of doodles is their Poodle genetics. All doodle breeds will be part Poodle, but this isn’t a bad thing.

Poodles have gained a reputation as being fussy show dogs whose only talent is strutting around a ring. This isn’t true in the slightest! Poodles were initially bred to carry out work.

Both general and miniature Poodles are full of energy. They were first made to be sporting dogs, mainly to retrieve objects from the water.

To do this, Poodles must be clever and agile. Poodle owners love these smart, energetic, and lively dogs.

Doodle breeds have become popular as they are easily trained and possess a beautiful curly coat. Despite this, doodles aren’t ideal for those that want a calm dog.

If you want a puppy that’s often found sleeping and doesn’t need much exercise, you should look elsewhere. In this case, English Bulldogs or a Saint Bernard might be a better choice.

Doodles are very clever dogs. Intelligence is often linked with energy levels, as clever dogs need more playtime and stimulation.

However, keep in mind that this isn’t a hard-fast rule. Some doodle breeds may be calmer than others.

The Doodle’s Other Parent

All doodles will be part poodle, but their other parentage can vary wildly.

You often see doodles as poodles crossed with a Labrador Retriever (Labradoodle), Golden Retriever (Goldendoodle), or an Australian Shepherd (Aussiedoodle).

These dogs are working dogs, but they’re also known for having a strong food drive.

Poodles crossed with food-driven dogs have amazing food detection skills. Some doodles can find crumbs of food around all corners of your house.

Poodles are very sensitive dogs but they aren’t hard to train. They care about pleasing their owner and aim to do the right thing.

Poodles themselves don’t require bribes or outside reinforcements during training as they want to be praised.

Crossing a Poodle with a dog who cares more about fun and doesn’t worry about doing the wrong thing can lead to a very intelligent Doodle.

This doodle may be excitable and have a high food drive. They’ll know how to get what they want and if they’re bored, they’ll find ways to keep themselves occupied.

Doodle Breeds That Aren’t Calm

Doodle Breeds That Aren't Calm

We’ll begin with the doodles that aren’t known for being calm.

In most cases, herding breeds are known for being both very energetic and very clever. Doodles were made to be service dogs.

Tasks like herding cattle or sheep will need a lot of energy. This is why doodles are normally very athletic and can be trained by humans easily.

As doodles exhibit qualities seen in typical herding breeds, they do well in dog sports like frisbee and agility.

Some of these athletic doodles include the Australian Shepherd Poodle cross (Aussiedoodle), Border Collie Poodle cross (Bordoodle), and the Old English Sheepdog Poodle cross (Sheepadoodle).

These doodles are known for their intelligence and prowess, but as a result, they won’t be very calm. These dogs are better for active families that can give their doodle the stimulation it needs.

Calmer Doodle Breeds

Generally speaking, working doodle breeds tend to be calmer than others in the same category. These are a better choice for a couple or families that prefer a little relaxation.

Some working doodle breeds are the Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle cross (Bernedoodle), the Newfoundland Poodle cross (NewfyPoo), and the Great Pyrenees and Poodle cross (Pyredoodle).

Keep in mind that each working breed was bred with a specific job in mind. The breeders focused more on their physical attributes than their trainability.

For instance, the Bernese Mountain Dog is a large breed. They were bred to tug carts in Swiss farms, so they needed to be strong.

These mountain dogs are soft and won’t need as much exercise as herding breeds, but they still need regular activity. They can’t be kept in a kennel or cramped environment all day.

Another example is the Great Pyrenees. These dogs were made to monitor livestock. These dogs were made to be powerful guardians, but they also work independently by themselves.

Compared to herding breeds, Great Pyrenees won’t need as much human interaction or mental activities, as they do fine on their own.

If these large dogs don’t protect livestock or lug carts, they will need regular activity to keep content. However, after a good walk, Pyredoodles and Bernedoodles are happy to sleep on the sofa next to you.

These working doodle breeds may be calmer than other doodles, but they can be more difficult to train. Some of these can possess an independent, but stubborn personality, which can add to this challenge.

Remember that they were bred for their strength instead of intelligence, so keep this in mind before deciding on one.

Smaller Doodle Breeds Can Be Calmer Than Larger Ones

doodle puppy

Smaller doodle breeds, like toy doodles, can be great choices for those who prefer companionship over athleticism. Toy breeds were made with humans in mind, not for their prowess.

Some of these poodle crosses, like the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel or the Shih-Tzu, often prefer cuddles and don’t require too much exercise.

A Cavapoo or Shih-Poo may be better for those that want a smaller dog, but this doesn’t mean that they are completely easy to look after.

It’s true, these tiny doodles won’t need lots of exercise, but they were made for companionship. They shouldn’t be left alone for long periods as they require sufficient human interaction.

Like all dogs, doodle breeds will have upsides and downsides. It will take some time before you find the right dog for your family, but Goldendoodles tend to be a calmer breed.

They are a good middle ground when it comes to energy level, trainability, and neediness.

Golden Retrievers, the Goldendoodle’s other parent, are an athletic breed. They are known as obedient and trainable, which explains why they are a popular choice for service dogs.

Golden Retrievers are also used for therapeutic purposes. This dog is quite mellow and friendly, so they make good companions.

These qualities can cross over to the Goldendoodle. This doodle is relatively active, but it’s also quite warm-hearted and trainable.

This makes the Goldendoodle a good option for families who can provide their dog with lots of activity but need it to stay relaxed within a household.


Doodle breeds are beautiful dogs, but some of them can be too much to handle. If you would prefer a calmer doodle, consider smaller ones like a Shih-Poo or Cavapoo.

These dogs don’t need much exercise, but they thrive among human companionship. Give your tiny doodle lots of love during the day.

If you prefer larger dogs, working doodles, like the Bernedoodle may be a better choice. Keep in mind that these dogs were bred to carry out tasks, so they will need a decent amount of activity.

A Goldendoodle is the perfect middle ground. This doodle is relatively calm and can be trained easily. They’re a great choice for families that can walk it often but need some downtime in the evening.

Just remember while these guidelines are useful, every puppy will have their personality. Your dog may end up with completely different traits, so be prepared!

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