What Is the Average Weight of Guinea Pigs? (Ultimate Guide)

Guinea Pigs may not actually be pigs, but that doesn’t mean that these fluffy little friends don’t have a mighty appetite! If your pet guinea pig is keen to nibble on treats throughout the day, you might notice that they’re beginning to look a little plump. Lets learn What is the average weight of Guinea Pigs today!!

There is an appropriate average weight for guinea pigs, and if your little friend exceeds this weight, it can lead to serious health problems down the line. While following a weight loss plan for a guinea pig might seem funny, it can make a huge difference when it comes to your pet’s quality of life. It might even be a sign that your piggie is pregnant, which may require some assistance from your veterinarian! 

An overweight guinea pig is an unhealthy guinea pig, but through careful tracking and diet, you can get your buddy back in shape! Keep reading to learn about how much your guinea pig should weigh, and what to do if their love of treats is getting out of control! 

What Is the Average Weight of Guinea Pigs

What Is the Average Weight for a Guinea Pig?

One of the reasons that people love guinea pigs is due to their delightfully round shape! They are sweet, pudgy little friends and a little bit of extra fat is part of their appeal. This is one of the reasons why it can be hard to determine if your pet is overweight. 

In general, your guinea pig’s body shape and size will say more about their health than the number on the scale. A healthy shape and size can vary from breed to breed and from individual to individual. It’s best to consult your veterinarian or a size chart from a trusted source. 

On average, a male guinea pig will weigh more than a female guinea pig. 

All things being equal, a healthy weight for a male guinea pig is between two and three pounds. A healthy weight for a female guinea pig is between one and a half and two and a half pounds. The majority of guinea pigs will fall somewhere in the middle of that range. 

If your pet falls at the extreme high or low end of that range, it might not be a bad idea to see a veterinarian. Guinea pigs are prey animals, and their instinct will be to hide weakness such as illness or injury. A low body weight is often the first sign that something might be wrong. 

How to Weigh Your Guinea Pig

The average guinea pig reaches their adult weight by the time they are eight months old. If you purchase or adopt your guinea pig as a baby, many breeders suggest weighing them weekly so you can monitor their growth. You might also decide to weigh your piggie if they appear to be gaining or losing weight. 

As silly as it seems, a kitchen scale is a perfect tool to use to track and monitor your pet’s weight as they grow and develop! You can do this easily by using the scale’s tare feature. Place a sturdy bowl that won’t tip directly on the scale, then zero it out so the bowl’s weight cannot influence the final reading. 

Next, place your guinea pig directly in the bowl. The scale’s display should register its weight!

If your guinea pig seems skittish, use the tare button quickly and remove the guinea pig as soon as you can. The negative value on the display will be your guinea pig’s weight. 

Now you under What is the average weight of Guinea Pigs, Lets learn how to help your Guinea Pig Lose weight if they are overweight.

How to Help Your Guinea Pig Lose Weight

A guinea pig with a treat is adorable, and giving your pet treats is a major component of bonding! Beware, however – an overweight guinea pig can develop joint problems, heart problems, or even diseases like diabetes or cancer. If you live in a warm climate, your overweight piggie might struggle to regulate their body temperature and overheat. 

If you suspect that your guinea pig needs to go on a diet, it’s very important to pursue weight loss with the assistance of a veterinarian! Guinea pigs are extremely sensitive to sudden changes in their diets. If you suddenly make a huge switch, your pet may stop eating, leading to gastrointestinal stasis which requires medical intervention. 

Often, a qualified veterinarian will suggest the following changes:

  • Swapping pet store treats for fresh vegetables
  • Adding more fresh herbs to their diet
  • Feeding your pet higher quality pellets
  • Eliminate food blends with sugar so they don’t ignore healthier roughage

Your veterinarian will also likely suggest adding more opportunities for exercise into your daily routine. This can be as simple as making time and space for your little friend to run around and explore their surroundings!

If you are lucky enough to have an outdoor guinea pig run, ensure that they use it during early morning or late evening hours. Crepuscular pets like guinea pigs are the most active at dawn and dusk, and will do more running around if it’s very early or very late! 

Incorporating toys like tunnels, snuffle mats, or toy balls can also encourage an interest in physical activity. 

Is My Guinea Pig Pregnant?

pregnant guinea pig will feel different than an overweight guinea pig when touched. Take a moment and gently feel your pet’s belly. If you feel distinct lumps or movement, odds are good that she is pregnant. 

If you have difficulty touching your normally friendly guinea pig, this may also be a sign of pregnancy. A pregnant piggie will become a defensive mama and might experience a protective change in behavior. Occasionally, this behavior can seem aggressive. 

If you suspect that your guinea pig is pregnant, your best bet is to consult your veterinarian immediately. Your friend may require a special diet, and your vet might be able to give you some tips for handling behavioral changes during this time. 

Don’t Let Your Piggie Pig Out!

Guinea pigs are cuddly, social little pets, and it’s easy to get carried away with the treats when they look at you with their precious eyes! If your guinea pig is not an average weight, you will want to take steps toward helping them to slim down. It’s the best way to ensure that your friend will be around to snuggle you for a long time! 

Now that you have learned What is the average weight of Guinea Pigs?, Do you have more questions about how to care for your guinea pigs or other pets? The Animal Fate blog is full of posts that can help you make the most informed decisions about your pet’s unique needs. Check out this post about how to take care of your guinea pig if they get mites. 

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