Where Do Worms And Earthworms Live? (Interesting Facts)

Worms and earthworms have long since occupied the earth. It is even possible that there are still kinds of worms that humans have not yet discovered, but we will focus on what we know. 

So, where do worms and earthworms live? Worms and earthworms live worldwide, and most of them are found in dirt and mud. Some species also live in the water, and most species live on soil. 

Worms and earthworms have been inhabiting the earth. Worms and earthworms can be found anywhere you go. You can even find one in just minutes. 

If you are a garden lover, worms and earthworms are your companions in gardening. They help you by keeping your plants healthy and providing your plants the right nutrients. Worms and earthworms are significant animals for the food chain and the ecosystem. 

Worms and earthworms may be small and look less than they are worth, but worms and earthworms are essential species. So now, let us discuss where worms and earthworms live. 

We may see them everywhere, but there must be specific places that worms and earthworms prefer to live. If you also want to know where worms and earthworms reside, this article will help. Have fun reading!

What Habitat Do Worms And Earthworms Live In?

Worms and earthworms are smooth-skinned animals. They crawl, and their body is made up of segments. Worms and earthworms live anywhere that has moist soil. 

Worms and earthworms also prefer to live in dead plant and animal materials. If a place is mostly rainy season, you can expect many worms there because worms and earthworms love moist and wet places. 

Worms and earthworms need to be moist all the time to breathe and absorb oxygen into their body. If the worm or earthworm will dry out or have dry skin, the worms and earthworms will eventually suffocate and die. 

Worms and earthworms also love being on top of the surface because decaying animals and plants are mostly on the surface. This is why worms and earthworms love to be burrowed deep in the soil. 

They need a wet and moist place. If the weather is too hot, they will burrow down below to avoid the sun’s heat and stay moist and alive.

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Why Do Earthworms And Worms Live In Soil?

Worms and earthworms help a lot in our soil. Worms and earthworms are the ones responsible for making our soil healthy for our plants and trees. The reason why worms and earthworms live in the soil is that they feed on decaying animals and plants. 

Organic matters will decay, and they will mostly go on the ground. So worms and earthworms stay on the soil because they will decompose the organic matter there. Worms and earthworms break down organic materials. 

These organic materials include leaves and branches. These worms and earthworms will eat these organic matters and turn them into nutrients. These nutrients will then go into the soil. Your plants and trees will eat these nutrients. 

This is a cycle, and worms and earthworms are the ones responsible for this. Worms and earthworms will stay on the soil because they are responsible for breaking down organic matter and putting it into the soil. 

Another reason why worms and earthworms live in the soil is that they need moist ground. To stay alive, worms and earthworms must be moist all the time.

How Deep Do Earthworms Live?

Ideally, worms and earthworms live on the ground because of the moist soil. In a normal situation, worms and earthworms do not burrow so deep because the decaying organic matter is not below deep down the soil but on the surface. 

This is why worms and earthworms will prefer to stay just a little bit under the surface so that they can have full access to the decaying plants and animals. 

This way, they can quickly eat and consume plants and animals’ carcasses and turn them into food and nutrients for the soil. But if the worms and earthworms need to, they can burrow themselves for at least 6.5 feet. 

However, worms and earthworms will not burrow this deep unless they need to. So if the worms are in a wintering area, they might need to burrow down deep to be safe from the winter. Certain types of worms can survive in a wintering area. 

These worms will stay alive by digging their way deep down the soil to stay warm from all the ice. In typical weather, worms and earthworms will still burrow themselves on the ground but not deep enough. They will dig depending on their exposure to the sun.

Do Earthworms And Worms Also Live In Water?

Certain worms do live underwater. If we talk about worms, there are a thousand species of worms in the world! This is excluded from all the worms that are yet to be discovered. 

There are worms like marine worms that do live underwater. Many species live underwater, but the most common of them are marine worms. These worms are found through the oceans of the world. 

These worms are found under the rocks or burrowed in the sand. The type of worms and earthworms you also see in the ground can also survive underwater but not forever. Worms and earthworms can survive underwater for two weeks. 

In two weeks, they must find a way out of the water to stay alive. If worms and earthworms are put in the water, they have two weeks because they can absorb oxygen into their skin.

Where Do Earthworms And Worms Originate?

The origin of worms and earthworms are studied through fossils. There are around 6,000 species, and these are found all over the continent except for Antarctica. Some worms and earthworms live in soil, but you can also find some in water. 

Experts said that worms and earthworms had lived a hundred years ago. One-third of worms and earthworms in North America are from Asia and Europe.


In summary, worms, and earthworms breathe through their skin. For them to breathe, they must keep their skin wet and moist. 

With this, worms and earthworms need to stay in a place where they can be moist. They also need to stay away from the sun because the sun’s heat can dry them out and suffocate them. 

Worms and earthworms mostly live on soil, burrowed just underneath the surface. But some worms live underwater. There are thousands of worm species, and they are scattered all around the world.


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