Why Does My Cat Sound Like a Pigeon? (What Does It Mean?!)

A pigeon noise is a typical sound for us. However, hearing it from our cats is quite surprising, and at the same time, worrisome. If your cat makes a pigeon-like sound, it means a positive thing. Felines do pigeon sound when they are happy or when they are trying to get one’s attention.

If your cat makes pigeon noises, you don’t need to worry.

In fact, you should take it as a positive sign that your pet is happy and that she enjoys her time with you.

We’re more familiar with a meow and purr. Thus, when our kitties make pigeon noises and other bird chirps, it sounds weird.

But why do they make such a noise? And what should be our response?

Cats give a fascinating experience to us when they let us hear these sounds from them.

For this reason, I did some research, and here are some things I found:

Why is my cat making pigeon noises?

Your cat may be making pigeon noises out of extreme excitement. It can also mean frustration, but that rarely happens.

As I said earlier, felines tend to make pigeon noises when they are seeking your attention.

We are familiar with the usual meowing and purring of our kitties. Thus, when they try to make pigeon noises, they immediately grab our attention.

Such an immediate reaction to that particular sound registers to them. Thus, they’ll try to make that sound every time they seek our attention.

A pigeon noise is a typical sound, but hearing it from our feline pets is quite surprising.

If you haven’t heard your cat making such a sound, here’s an exciting video clip you might want to watch:

Still, if you think something is wrong with your cat, you don’t need to worry. Such a sound from a feline is a positive expression.

The sound only means your pet is happy and excited, and that it tries to seek your attention.

Aside from pigeon noises, felines can also make other bird sounds. With such sounds, it means different things.

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What does it mean when a cat sounds like a bird?

When a cat sounds like a bird, it generally means they feel excited, provoked by prey.

Although not all the time, they can mimic other bird sounds while watching prey. Such preys include a bird, a squirrel, or a rodent.

Still, it’s not a sound that you should associate with hunting.

At some point, you may think cats are mimicking the sound of their prey to hunt.

The weird sounds are more of an expression of excitement than a sound used in hunting.

Generally, felines remain in total silence while hunting, to hide their presence. Making those sounds would only attract the prey to look and ruin their stealth.

For this reason, you may see your cat chirping and making other weird sounds while looking at the window. It’s not precisely hunting.

If you think it’s worrisome, it’s not. Cats of all ages and breeds tend to make this sound.

Since they are curious pets, they might be listening and mimicking the sounds by instinct.

Such sounds likely come from a young age. As kittens, these birdlike sounds are more declarative than their regular meow.

Mother cats tend to use such sounds to grab her kitten’s attention. Thus, as they get older, they also try to do it on you.

As a result, our kitties tend to make these sounds to grab our attention, especially if they’re in the mood for petting.

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Why does my cat chirp instead of meow?

The mood is the reason why your cat chirps instead of meow.

A meow associates a lot of feelings. Since our feline pets meow all the time, these sounds can be both positive and negative.

Felines can meow when they’re happy. At the same time, they can also do so when they’re upset, annoyed, or sad.

On the other hand, a chirp only comes with positive feelings.

Compared to a pigeon noise, a chirp is different in terms of sound. Still, both sounds mean positive things to cats.

Thus, you can be sure that your cat feels happy and excited when they are chirping.

A lot of people worry when they hear their cat chirping. Although it sounds weird, it indicates a positive feeling in cats.

Try to give your cat some petting session when it makes such sounds. Do it, especially when your kitty approaches you and rubs its face on you.


Cats often surprise us by sudden actions we’re not expecting from them. These actions include the sounds that should be coming from a pigeon and other birds.

In a nutshell, these sounds may be quite surprising, but you shouldn’t worry about such.

Our feline pets tend to make such sounds, especially when they’re trying to grab our attention, or if they’re feeling delighted.

As owners, we should appreciate such expressions and acknowledge their feelings.

We can do this by giving positive remarks such as treats and petting sessions.

Positive responses to our pets’ positive gestures build up a good relationship.

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Image credits – Photo by Andrew Umansky on Unsplash

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