Worm Wee (All You Need To Know)

Worms have been beneficial to our planet. These creatures are why our soil is healthy and why our plants are growing healthy. Given the many benefits and help from worms, we have to know what more these worms can do.

Worms also produced a liquid that converts organic matter to vermicomposting. This is one of the reasons why the benefits we have from worms are endless. Without worms, the world will not be as great as it is. 

Soil gets very healthy. Organic matters are decomposed. They prevent flooding and provide food for other important animals. Worms can be as silent and tiny as they can but give us a significant value. 

Worms are perfect for our ecosystem. They are the reason why our soil is conducive to the growing of plants and trees. But the purpose of worms is not just based on their body; it is also based on what they give from their body. 

A thought to ponder is that if worms are so valuable in fertilizers and making our soil healthy, can the worm’s body or the liquid they secrete can fertilize our soil? Let us find out.

What Is Worm Wee?

Worm wee is a liquid that is concentrated and is produced by earthworms. This concentrated liquid can convert organic matter into vermicompost. Worms feed off decaying organic matters like plants and animals. 

If they consume this organic waste, worms will provide available nutrients from the organic matter. These nutrients are the ones responsible for keeping our soil healthy. 

If you use worm wee, this liquid can help provide nutrients for the soil and our growing plants and vegetables. This liquid can also hurry up the plants and vegetables until they are right for harvest. 

With this liquid, your plants can also grow healthier than ever. Worm wee is perfect for reducing insects’ appearance. 

This is not toxic to other animals and children. This worm wee has little to no harmful effects on the soil and the plants.

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How Long Does Worm Wee Last?

Worm wee is very beneficial to the soil. If you are a gardener, this can be your best friend. Worm wee will help your plants and vegetables grow abundantly because they will make your soil very healthy. 

As helpful as it is to our soil, they cannot last forever, though. If your area is warm and your sun is extreme, you can store worm wee for at least two to three months. This is for those areas with warm temperatures. 

You need to keep it hidden and place it in a cool and dark area. If you place it in a room that is not directly on the heat of the sunlight, the sunlight will not be able to break down the good and essential components of the worm wee. 

So if you have so many supplies of worm wee, remember to time so that you will know when it cannot be used again. If the time comes, you can share it with your friends or your fellow gardener so that the worm wee can be used before going bad.

What Color Is Worm Wee?

Worm wee is a very good organic fertilizer. This concentrated liquid is very beneficial to our soil. When worms feed on decaying organic matter, they release a nutrient needed by our plants and vegetables. 

The color of worm wee is somewhere between light brown and a cup of tea. It is effortless to make worm wee. It would be wise also to learn what a worm wee is and how you can make one. 

This is beneficial to the soul and the environment as well. You can also save money by using worm wee. A fertilizer that you can buy in the store is not cheap. 

Instead of buying commercial fertilizers, you can make your fertilizer. This will save you money. 

There is nothing better than making the thing that you need. You can have a sense of completion, and you even cut off some expenses.

How Do You Use Worm Wee?

If you want to have good fertilizer for your plants and vegetables, it would be wise for you to use worm wee. This is a secret ingredient or fertilizer that you can use to make your soil healthy. 

Plants and vegetables grow if they have nitrogen. Unfortunately, plants cannot get nitrogen because most of them are in our atmosphere. So for plants and vegetables to thrive, they need nitrogen. 

This nitrogen needs to be converted for plants and vegetables to have them. Worm wee can give nutrients to the soil. Good bacteria that are in the soil can give nitrogen to the soil. 

This nitrogen can now be available to plants and vegetables in the soil. You can pour your worm wee into your grass after diluting it with water until it gets the color of a tea.

Is Worm Wee Good For Grass?

Worm wee is always used for soil and for the fruits and vegetables to grow. But some people used worm wee to their lawns and in their grass. Worm wee gives more benefits than your regular fertilizers that you bought in the store. 

If you belong to those people who have a worm bin, you can easily make a worm wee. Worm wee contains nutrients that are very good for your lawns. 

Worm wee gives your lawn nitrogen, potassium, and many more. Worm wee is getting popular using it as a fertilizer; it is also getting popular in using it as a fertilizer to the grass. Worm wee contains very balanced nutrients that our plants need. 

Worm wee also contain beneficial microorganisms. These organisms will repel away insects and will take away diseases from your plants.

How Often Do You Use Worm Wee?

In using worm wee, you can water your plants once a week, or you can water them with worm wee once in two weeks.  

Worm Wee Benefits

The use of worm wee has been widespread nowadays. Worm wee is a concentrated liquid you can get from your worms. 

This concentrated liquid has good bacteria and nutrients that are very beneficial to our plants and vegetables. Here are some benefits of using worm wee in your garden.

1. Worm Wee Can Make Your Fruits And Vegetables Huge

If you love growing your food, you might know the sad reality that sometimes the fruits of your vegetables are not big enough. But if you will use worm wee as fertilizer, it is said that worm wee can make your harvest more productive. 

Not only that, but worm wee can also make your vegetables and fruits bigger. Worm wee is a supplement for plants. The purpose of worm wee is to give good bacteria and nutrients to your plants.

2. Worm Wee Is A Natural Insect Repellent

Worm wee is beneficial to your soil, and it can also repel insects. Worm wee has microorganisms that produce chitanase. This will break down the exoskeletons of the insects. 

Worm wee can also prevent diseases to your plants. Your plants’ roots can also prevent worm wee to rot. You can spray worm wee to your plants and their soil.

3. Worm Wee Eliminate Waste In A Sustainable Fashion

Worm wee can also eliminate food waste efficiently. Worm wee is not just for the harvest of your fruits and vegetables. It is also for decomposing organic matter in the world. 

There is nothing more heart-warming than giving fertilizers to your plants with organic matters. These are just some of the expected benefits of the worm wee. 

However, there is more to this than we know. Using worm wee can be very good for your plants and your pocket.

Where To Buy Or Get Worm Wee?

You can purchase worm wee if you cannot make any. If you have a worm bin, though, you can make your worm wee. Worm wee is continuously collected in the pan under your worm bin. 

If you are growing worms, your supply of worm wees is endless. Worms will produce and produce worm wee as long as they are alive and healthy.


In summary, worm wee is a concentrated liquid that is produced by worms. This worm wee is very beneficial to your soil. You can use worm wee as a fertilizer, and it will make your plants and vegetables healthy. 

You can buy worm wee in any gardening shop, but people prefer to make one. If you make your worm wee, it can save you money, and you will even have an endless supply of worm wee.


Image credits – Canva

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