9 Border Collie Breeders in North Carolina (NC) | Border Collie Puppies for Sale

Are you from North Carolina and having difficulty searching for Border Collie puppies for sale? Don’t worry. This article has a list of Border Collie breeders in North Carolina, where you can begin your search! You don’t need to push through each breeder.

You may want to read through this list that we’ve made. We hope you can see a suitable option among the Border Collie Breeders near you!

Besides the listing, I also included several online breeders. This way, you can search for a Border Collie puppy for sale at home.

I wish you luck in finding your Border Collie!

Border Collie Breeders North Carolina Listings

NamePostal CodePhoneWebsite
Kuykendall s Border ColliesNC 27248+1 336-465-0939http://www.kuykendall-bc.com/
Collie ExpressionsNC 27330+1 703-220-3552http://collieexpressions.com/
Manor House ColliesNC 28023+1 760-497-4502https://www.facebook.com/manorhousecollies/
Awesome ColliesNC 28366+1 919-438-2373No Website
Sweet Gum ColliesNC 27302+1 434-942-8445No Website
Carolina Border Collie RescueNC 27358No Phone NumberNo Website
Possum Hollow EnterprisesNC 28139+1 828-429-6388http://www.possumhollowfarms.com/
Beyond Brilliant Dog Co.NC 27013+1 704-252-1519No Website
Henry Kuykendall & Lou Ann CoulterNC 27248+1 336-824-2736http://kuykendallcoulterbordercollies.net/

Border Collie Puppies for Sale in North Carolina

Kuykendall s Border Collies

Address – 2464 NC-22, Franklinville, NC 27248, United States

Phone – +1 336-465-0939


Collie Expressions

Address – 2834 Cotten Rd, Sanford, NC 27330, United States

Phone – +1 703-220-3552


Manor House Collies

Address – 10760 Old Concord Rd, China Grove, NC 28023, United States

Phone – +1 760-497-4502


Awesome Collies

Address – 9090 US-701, Newton Grove, NC 28366, United States

Phone – +1 919-438-2373

Website – No Website

Sweet Gum Collies

Address – 6452 NC-119, Mebane, NC 27302, United States

Phone – +1 434-942-8445

Website – No Website

Carolina Border Collie Rescue

Address – 7809 Cedar Point Dr, Summerfield, NC 27358, United States

Phone – NA

Website – No Website

Possum Hollow Enterprises

Address – 371 CC Lovelace Road, Rutherfordton, NC 28139, United States

Phone – +1 828-429-6388


Beyond Brilliant Dog Co.

Address – 6022 Chenault Rd, Cleveland, NC 27013, United States

Phone – +1 704-252-1519

Website – No Website

Henry Kuykendall & Lou Ann Coulter

Address – 2558 NC-22, Franklinville, NC 27248, United States

Phone – +1 336-824-2736


Online Border Collie Breeders

North Carolina offers several Border Collie breeders within its area. However, it won’t ensure an available puppy for you. 

With this in mind, we decided to include some other options, which you can do through your phone or laptop. The list below consists of reliable platforms where you can search for your pup.

Thus, if you can’t find an available pup through the listings above, you can check these sites out!

AKC MarketPlace

The American Kennel Club is generally one of the most reliable platforms when it comes to dogs. The AKC website has an online MarketPlace where you can find a Border Collie puppy for sale. 

You may also get your eyes on some helpful articles on how to deal with your new Border Collie.

You can go to the platform through this link:


Adopt A Pet

Adopt A Pet is another recommended platform for anyone who searches for pups of all breeds. It has some filter features so you can narrow down your options for better search results.

You can go to the platform through this link: 


Puppies For Sale Today

Puppies for Sale Today is a popular online platform that can give you all available puppies as options. The great thing is they have a separate page for each breed so that you can find all available Border Collie puppies in it.

You can go to the platform through this link: 


What Is the Average Price of a Border Collie Puppy in North Carolina?

The average price of a Border Collie puppy in North Carolina comes at around $600 to $1200. Some breeders would even sell their puppies for as high as $4500. 

Of course, the price has many factors. Among these are the Border Collie puppy’s bloodline, age, and color. It can even include the reputation of the breeder.

Besides the cost of the puppy itself, you also need to prepare for other expenditures. Among these are the necessary items your pup needs, the vet expenses, and even pet insurance. 

Tips When Bringing Home Border Collie Puppy

Bringing home a Border Collie puppy is like bringing home a new baby. Thus, you need to prepare before its arrival. If you have no idea where to start, here are some tips you can follow:

Puppy proof the house.

The first thing to make sure of is that your home is safe for the pup. Thus, you may want to secure all things that can potentially harm your pet. Among these are sharp objects, poisonous substances, electrical cords, etc.

Buy a Crate for training.

If you plan on crate training your puppy, you can buy one and set it in your home as the first place to introduce your pet.

Connect with your local veterinarian.

Another thing is to make sure you have contact with a vet to have someone to call in case of an emergency.

Shop for puppy items.

You need some supplies for your puppy. It includes necessities such as food bowls, collars, brushes, leash, and bed.

Know what your pup should eat.

You need to contact your breeder and ask what your pup eats and what it can’t eat. You can also ask if they have recommended brands for the food.

Make sure all medical records and papers are complete.

Ask the breeder for the complete set of medical records such as vaccine papers as you get your puppy.

Choosing a Good Border Collie Seller and Breeder

If you’re still searching for the Border Collie seller or breeder, you may want to check out these tips. This way, you can ensure your pet will only come from a reliable breeder.

Check how the breeder takes care of the pup.

A reputable breeder takes care of pups to live inside the house and not in the kennel. You may also want to check if the pup’s family is well.

Check how your pup reacts with the breeder.

A reputable breeder would take good care of the pup as its own that it will be happy in its company. If the pup seems afraid of the breeder, consider it a red flag. You also need to check if it’s friendly with meeting other people. It means the breeder trained it well.

Check out the environment where your pup lives.

Reputable breeders tend to keep the pup’s environment as healthy and clean as they can. Thus, it’s a red flag if you see the environment as dirty and disorderly.

Check out how knowledgeable the breeder is about Border Collies.

Your breeder should be knowledgeable about Border Collies since he/she is the one you’ll ask for advice about your pup. For this reason, you should evaluate the knowledge and see if you can rely on him/her in case of an emergency.

Check out the pup’s parents.

The parents of your pup will tell you about the temperament your pup will likely have as it grows. A reputable breeder would love for you to meet the pup’s parents.

Check out the medical records.

Can talk to you about the medical history of the parents and the puppies and readily shows you records of health tests and documents to support what they say.

Qualities to look for in your chosen breeder.

  1. The breeder provides quality food for your pup.
  2. The breeder only breeds only Border Collie puppies and does not overdo it.
  3. The breeder is proud to connect you with other buyers as a reference. The breeder is willing to help you in taking care of your dog.
  4. The breeder encourages you to meet the pup a few times before taking it home.
  5. The breeder provides a health guarantee and seller’s contract.

Other states

Or you can check our overall page with a list of all covered Border Collie breeders.


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