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Boundary Collies are one of the breeds that many individuals fantasize about having, and it’s for several reasons. Thus, you can discover a few Border Collie breeders in pretty much every state. On the off chance that you’re searching for a Border Collie pup available to be purchased, this article may very well offer you the response. 

In this article, you’ll see links to every one of the states for you to check. Subsequently, if you live in a particular state, you can check it through the connections below. With every one of these guides written for you, we trust they’ll fill in as your guide in your search for a Border Collie pup you’ve generally longed for having. 

Good luck in looking for your Border Collie puppy! 

List of Border Collie Breeders

How to Choose a Good Border Collie Seller and Breeder

If you’re still searching for the Border Collie seller or breeder, you may want to check out these tips. This way, you can ensure your pet will only come from a reliable breeder.

Check how the breeder takes care of the pup.

A reputable breeder takes care of pups to live inside the house and not in the kennel. You may also want to check if the pup’s family is well.

Check how your pup reacts with the breeder.

A reputable breeder would take good care of the pup as its own that it will be happy in its company. If the pup seems afraid of the breeder, consider it a red flag. You also need to check if it’s friendly with meeting other people. It means the breeder trained it well.

Check out the environment where your pup lives.

Reputable breeders tend to keep the pup’s environment as healthy and clean as they can. Thus, it’s a red flag if you see the environment as dirty and disorderly.

Check out how knowledgeable the breeder is about Border Collies.

Your breeder should be knowledgeable about Border Collies since he/she is the one you’ll ask for advice about your pup. For this reason, you should evaluate the knowledge and see if you can rely on him/her in case of an emergency.

Check out the pup’s parents.

The parents of your pup will tell you about the temperament your pup will likely have as it grows. A reputable breeder would love for you to meet the pup’s parents.

Check out the medical records.

Can talk to you about the medical history of the parents and the puppies and readily shows you records of health tests and documents to support what they say.

Qualities to look for in your chosen breeder.

  1. The breeder provides quality food for your pup.
  2. The breeder only breeds only Border Collie puppies and does not overdo it.
  3. The breeder is proud to connect you with other buyers as a reference. The breeder is willing to help you in taking care of your dog.
  4. The breeder encourages you to meet the pup a few times before taking it home.
  5. The breeder provides a health guarantee and seller’s contract.

What Is the Average Price of a Border Collie Puppy in a Breeder?

The average price of a Border Collie puppy comes at around $600 to $1200. Some breeders would even sell their puppies for as high as $4500. 

Of course, the price has many factors. Among these are the Border Collie puppy’s bloodline, age, and color. It can even include the reputation of the breeder.

Besides the cost of the puppy itself, you also need to prepare for other expenditures. Among these are the necessary items your pup needs, the vet expenses, and even pet insurance. 

Pros and Cons of Getting a Border Collie Puppy From a Breeder

Getting a Border Collie puppy from a breeder may have its advantages. However, it likewise has disadvantages, and you should know about such. Seeing such drawbacks is essential to set yourself up, and you will not get astounded if you face any of these issues. 

Likewise, you ought to know the advantages of why you ought to pick a raiser while getting a Border Collie. 


You’ll appreciate lifetime direction and backing from the breeder. 

If you get your Border Collie from a raiser, the breeder himself will request that you keep in contact. The individual in question can acquaint you with other Border Collie proprietors. Therefore, you will appreciate backing and direction from a gathering of individuals constantly. 

You’ll have a sound Border Collie little guy. 

On the off chance that you found a Border Collie puppy from a breeder, you can be sure that it gets all the well-being necessities. Among such necessities are consistent veterinarian registration and complete antibody shots. 

You’ll get the best guidance for your Border Collie little guy. 

With regards to Border Collie skill, you can rely upon your picked breeder in regards to your pet’s prosperity. So, you can get the best assistance and counsel from somebody who realizes how to deal with a Border Collie appropriately. 

You’ll have an all-around-minded Border Collie puppy. 

Practically a wide range of breeders have many characteristics or guidelines when raising these Border Collies, and they are pretty high. Consequently, you can guarantee that you’ll get a solid one as well as a puppy that gets tender love and care. 

You’ll have a very much prepared pup. 

If you get a Border Collie from a breeder, you will not have any issue preparing. Since they began the fundamental preparing, you’ll have a more straightforward method to stay aware of the work they began. 


You may need to bear long holding up records. 

As a rule, Boundary Collie breeders already have a list of buyers. Thus, there’s already someone waiting for a puppy yet to be born. Therefore, you may discover breeders inquiring as to whether you can be on the waiting list. It is ideal to contact a few breeders without a moment’s delay for better possibilities along these lines. 

You may have a tiring quest for an accessible Border Collie doggy. 

Even though we made an overview above, it will not ensure that you’ll get an accessible little dog right away. Hence, you may wind up reaching numerous breeders and visiting each address on the rundown. 

You may show restraint toward the long stretch cycle. 

Most Border Collie breeders need you to visit a few times before taking the little guy home. Along these lines, you’ll meet your little guy and attempt to bond with it so you can check whether you fit one another. 

You may experience critical breeders. 

You need to banter with breeders and be patient as they can be exacting. Try not to stress, however, as it’s a decent sign. In any case, you should establish a decent connection.


Border Collies are genuinely extraordinary canines to have as family pets, and having one implied having an incredible partner. While it’s true, it doesn’t remove how you probably think it’s challenging to look and track down an accessible puppy. Additionally, it would be best if you got it from a legitimate breeder. 

The articles above also contain the basic things you need to know: the list of breeders, the foundation for your puppy, and how to choose the correct breeder. Along these lines, you will not go pursuing other articles. 

Eventually, accept it as a dependable guideline to consider each to be a hindrance. If you trust and bear the interaction, you’ll end up with a delightful Border Collie puppy, and you’ll understand it’s all great.


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