Can Bulldogs Eat Apples? (How About Apple Cores?)

Bulldogs can eat apples, yes. Apples are a good source of vitamins, especially vitamin A and vitamin C. They also supply your bulldog with fiber. Just make sure you remove the core and seeds and cut the apple into small pieces. And you have a nice treat for your dogs.

Fruits and vegetables form an essential part of your dog’s diet. With all its nutrients and juicy goodness, apples can be a great treat your pet will love.

Let’s get into it!

Are apples harmful to bulldogs?

Apples are not harmful to bulldogs unless you feed it whole with the core included.

Apple slices make a delicious and healthy snack for our pet dogs. Further, it can even keep their teeth clean and their breath fresh.

Now, if there’s one thing to take note about apples for our bulldogs, it’s the core.

According to Merck Manual, an apple core contains seeds that carry small amounts of cyanide. Such a component gets released if your pet dog chewed the kernel or digested it. 

Once the cyanide gets into your pet’s body, it can cause extreme harm.

Still, it’s not reason enough to disregard the benefits of feeding an apple.

To ensure your pet’s safety, you should offer apple snacks in bite-size pieces. At the same time, it would be best to get the center out and keep whole apples and the core out of their reach.

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Can bulldogs eat green apples?

Yes, bulldogs can eat green apples, and it should be alright to feed them some.

Green apples have a certain kind of sourness than the red ones. However, the green ones offer more nutrients to compensate for that sour taste.

Green apples have a higher amount of iron, potassium, and protein. There may be a little difference in the benefits between these two variants. Still, the green has more fiber and fewer carbohydrates.

Setting the variety aside, both red and green apples are safe for your pet to eat. More so, it can even be a wholesome treat for our dogs.

A few apples once in a while or more should give a regular but safe intake.

Still, the toxicity of the core chooses no variant. Thus, it would be best to remove the center and cut the fruit into bite-size pieces when feeding green apples.

Can English bulldog eat apples?

Any food that is safe for bulldogs should also be safe for English bulldogs. Thus, if you have an English bulldog, you can offer apples, and it shouldn’t cause any harm.

Both the English and American Bulldogs are the common types. Although the former is a bit smaller than the latter, they don’t differ in food preference.

For this reason, you can offer apples to your pet without worrying about any effect.

Still, be mindful not to give whole apples, especially with the core. The core remains poisonous to dogs, no matter what breed.

As long as you are careful with this matter, your pet can enjoy apple snacks, as well as the benefits that come with it.

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How many apples can a dog eat?


Generally, apples should only take ten percent of your pet’s daily calories.

For this reason, a slice or two of this fruit is already a good treat for your pet. 

You can mix it with other food or let your pet snack on it alone. 

Apples may be nutritious and beneficial. However, it cannot cover the nutritional requirements of your dog on its own.

For this reason, apples, like any other fruits, should remain only as snacks and treats. These fruits are not obligatory, but they are beneficial as treats.

If you wish to give apple snacks daily, limit their intake to one or two slices, and don’t feed more than that.

Are apples good for dog’s teeth?

Apples are suitable for your dog’s teeth, and it’s the reason why this fruit belongs to the list of healthy snacks for dogs.

Regular apple snacks can help your dog’s teeth become sturdy. Moreover, this fruit also helps in cleansing your pet’s mouth, making the breath fresh.

Not only are apple slices, an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. Further, they are also a safe way to satisfy your pet’s sweet cravings.

Apples are fruits that give that sweet and crunchy pleasure. Thus, your dog will love it, and its teeth will benefit.

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What fruit is safe for dogs to eat?

Dogs are omnivores, which means they can munch on both meat and plant-based food.

It’s also for this reason that dog kibbles consist of both foods. Still, adding extra fruits aside from their feed can increase their nutritional intake.

Though it works best for pets who have a deficiency, it will also work to improve your dog’s overall health.

Aside from apples, here’s a list of fruits you can offer to your dog:


These fruits are rich in potassium, vitamins, and copper. It’s sweet and is perfectly safe for your pet to eat.

Still, because of its sugar content, bananas should only get served as treats.


Berries like blueberries and strawberries are full of antioxidants and fiber. Such components can help defend your pet from cancer.


Cantaloupes are also safe fruits for your pet. However, you should feed it in moderation as it contains quite a large amount of sugar.


Mangoes can also be a great fruit to offer. It would be best to provide it in slices, and the skin and seed removed. 

Since mangoes are high in sugar as well, you should limit it to small servings.


Oranges are also safe fruits for your pet to eat. However, the seeds and the skin are harmful, so remove these two before feeding it to your dog.


Peaches can also be a great treat for these animals. Just make sure to remove the pit before serving it to your dog.


The same way with other fruits, pears are great fruit snacks. Don’t forget to remove the pit and stones, as it can be harmful to them.


Fruits such as apples are safe for bulldogs to eat. Feeding apple slices shouldn’t cause any issues. It can even be beneficial and nutritious for our pets.

The only thing you need to be careful of is the core of the apple. Whatever the variety, the apple’s substance is toxic for dogs, so you shouldn’t feed it to your pet.

As long as you make apple snacks in moderation, your bulldog will surely benefit from it.

If you’re curious to know more about what fruits to avoid, start with grapes. These fruits are incredibly toxic to your pet.


Merck Manual’s overview of cyanide poisoning to dogs

Image credits – Photos by SJ Objio and Shelley Pauls on Unsplash

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