Can Cats Eat Biscuits? (And Is It Different to Cookies?)

Cats can eat biscuits, yes. The problem is that not all biscuits are the same. There are many different brands of biscuits. Always make sure there isn’t anything like chocolate, which is toxic for your feline friend. In the end, the best choice is a cat’s biscuit if you want to give some dry food to your pet.

Compared to cookies, biscuits come with less sugar content. Thus, you may think that it’s probably safer for your cat.

Indeed, biscuits may contain less sugar, but it doesn’t make it any safer for a cat treat.

Let’s take a look inside a biscuit so that you can understand that it can also take a toll on your cat.

What is in biscuits? (ingredients)

Many people know the basics of making a biscuit. According to a particular recipe, biscuits contain the following ingredients:

  • All-purpose flour
  • Baking powder
  • Sugar (Not really beneficial)
  • Salt (Also a big NO!)
  • Butter (That’s dairy and it has too much fat, so NO!)
  • Milk (That’s also a dairy product! NO!)

The base of any biscuit, the same with cookies, is flour, and it’s not actually a toxic thing.

The other ingredients are likely the ones that can put health at risk.

First, the sugar may be lesser, but it’s still not a necessary part of a cat’s diet (they can’t even taste it). The same principle applies to salt.

What makes biscuits a big No for our feline pets is the butter and milk that comes with it.

Butter and milk are dairy products, and they contain large amounts of fat that are not essential.

Further, like dairy products, they contain lactose, which kitties will find hard to digest.

As a result, too many biscuits can cause digestive issues. Such problems include vomiting, diarrhea, and an upset stomach.

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Can cats have human biscuits?


With high amounts of dairy products in a biscuit, cats are not recommended to eat at least frequently.

Of course, a bite or two won’t do anything harmful. Still, you should teach your pet not to favor eating such treats.

Homemade biscuits and other biscuits in the market are designed for human consumption. Thus, it’s not a good thing for kitties to make it a regular meal.

If you have made a homemade biscuit and want to spare some, that’s completely fine.

A gentle reminder, though: Don’t feed too much.

Your pet may seem to enjoy, and such a reaction may tempt you to give more. I’m telling you, don’t, mainly if the biscuit contains chocolate.

Chocolate biscuits are really delightful for us but are toxic. A little bite to a chocolate biscuit can be fatal, so don’t give any of the biscuits containing such flavor.

There are biscuits for our feline pets, which we call kibbles or meaty kibbles. Such a treat can be beneficial, and you can teach your pet how to eat one.

Now, how about dog biscuits? Can cats eat it as an alternative as well?

Do you want to know if cats eat feta cheese or flour tortillas? Check it out!

Is it OK to give cats dog biscuits?

Giving your cat some dog biscuits shouldn’t cause any health issues. Still, it won’t be beneficial.

For starters, dog biscuits serve only as treats for dogs. By such, it means that it lacks the nutrients that dogs need.

As a result, dog biscuits (compared to dog food) should only be supplemental and not regular, even for dogs.

If you give some dog biscuits, it probably shouldn’t cause any harm, especially if it’s only a piece or two.

My recommendation for you is to stick with cat food and biscuits. Not only will it be beneficial for your feline pet. Moreover, it will be much safer for its health.

As a general rule of thumb, dog food and dog biscuits aren’t the same as cat food and cat biscuits. Give your cat the ideal one every time.

Can cats eat butter biscuits?

Butter biscuits are the same as other biscuits, and cats should be OK after nibbling a piece or two.

Still, butter biscuits have a much higher butter content, which is actually harmful.

Butter contains too much fat, and felines would have a hard time digesting it.

A study states that too much dairy products can be lethal. Such products could lead to gastrointestinal and digestive issues.

Further, the excessive consumption of fat could shorten a feline’s lifespan. It can even cause unexpected health and behavior changes.

Thus, you should switch it to something beneficial. Instead of a butter biscuit, give some cat biscuits.

Don’t worry about having a hard time feeding it. You can teach your pet to eat it with ease.

How can I get my cat to eat biscuits?

Getting your cat to eat cat biscuits is the best way to supply it with the nutrients it needs.

Cat biscuits may have the complete nutrients your pet needs. Still, it’s suitable for your feline friend, and beneficial as well.

To get your kitty to eat such kind of biscuits, you may place some of it beside the food she usually munches.

As curious animals, your pet may touch and even nibble on it out of curiosity.

If your pet still doesn’t eat it, try making it a little bit hungrier by offering some a little later.

Once it tastes the biscuit, it may come to like it. Feed it frequently so that it may register the taste.

In Summary

As I said, your cat won’t have any issues eating a biscuit, especially if it’s not chocolate-flavored. Still, don’t go overboard with it.

A bite or two is enough to give a biscuit treat. Too much biscuit has no value, and it can even be harmful.

Switching to a cat biscuit or a meaty kibble is the surest and safest treatment.

Now only will it benefit your cat; moreover, it will ensure safety for your pet’s health.


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