Can Cockatiels Get Fleas? [How to Get Rid of Them?]

Cockatiels cannot get fleas, though they can get mites or lice. Still, these birds don’t get such parasites unless it comes from the wild. Cockatiels that come from the wild or are usually the ones that get mites or lice in their feathers. However, even the wild ones cannot get fleas.

If you own another pet other than a cockatiel, you worry about your bird getting fleas from the other ones. Still, it’s not likely to happen.

If you own either a dog or cat and suffer from fleas, likely, your cockatiel won’t get affected by it.

As owners, it’s quite problematic to realize that our cockatiels can get mites or lice. They are small birds, and they can get affected too much by it.

Here are some other frequently asked questions regarding this matter. Learning these things may come in handy as you care for your pet in preventing mites, lice, and even fleas.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Can cockatiels get fleas from your pet?

If you own other pets aside from cockatiel, it may come to you to worry that they may share the same problems with fleas. However, contrary to your worry, cockatiels cannot get fleas from your pet.

First, it’s important to remember that fleas and cockatiels aren’t that compatible. For instance, you own a dog or two, and they may carry fleas. 

If one of the dogs has it, it may infect the other one. However, for cockatiels, it’s improbable that they would get fleas from dogs.

Cockatiels cannot catch a dog’s fleas or even from cats or any other mammal. 

The reason is that fleas usually specialize in one host species or groups of species. 

Thus, if the fleas are in dogs, they would usually stay or go to other dogs, but not to birds like cockatiels. 

Now, it doesn’t mean that you won’t do anything about your dog’s fleas just because it won’t harm your cockatiel.

As pet owners, the best thing to do is avoid such parasites from affecting your pets.

This way, you can be confident that no parasites won’t do any harm to either of your pets.

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Are fleas dangerous to cockatiels?

Fleas aren’t the typical dangers that threaten cockatiels, although it’s not impossible. While fleas won’t infest cockatiels, they may bite if they land on these birds.

Flea bites may not be harmful as long as it does not happen simultaneously and frequently. 

The thing about fleas is that it’s not likely to attack birds unless the area is full of them. However, it’s not usual to happen in a household, as both you and your pets will get uncomfortable with it.

Of course, there are bird fleas in the wild. Still, it’s not likely that they would pass to a cockatiel, especially in the captive ones.

If you’ve gotten your pet from a local store or a breeder, you can be confident your cockatiel is free from such.

Now, it doesn’t mean you can be confident without doing anything.

As a general rule of thumb, you should always do some thorough cleaning and disinfection at home. This way, you can keep your pets and even yourself safe from such threats.

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How do you get rid of fleas on birds?

While it’s quite rare to have fleas on birds, it’s not impossible, and it can happen anytime. If there are parasites common to birds, they would be lice and mites. Still, here are some things you can do to get rid of fleas on birds.

Dust with an insecticide.

Dusting the bird with insecticide is ideal when it comes to getting rid of fleas, and it’s as effective in removing lice and mites. Still, such a thing requires caution. 

Moreover, if you are to do this with your pet, make sure you have the approval and go signal from your vet.

If you’re a bit unsure, it would be best to take your pet to your vet.

Apply some flea treatment.

A flea treatment exists for birds and other animals that suffer from such parasites. However, getting such would be ideal only through the approval of your avian vet.

Moreover, you can consider suggestions from the breeder or the store from where you got your pet.

These people most likely have useful information and will offer the best recommendation for caring for your pet.

Clean and disinfect the cage.

Removing fleas and even mites and lice from your pet don’t apply only to them. Aside from your pet, it would be best if you also cleaned the cage.

Cleaning and disinfecting the cage ensures your pet can relax and spend its time knowing that its area is free from these parasites.

Moreover, thorough cleaning once in a while will help you prevent this issue in the future.

Let your pet bird bathe.

Allowing your bird to bathe is essential in keeping clean and removing such parasites. 

Whether it is a splash of water, a dust bath, or mere spray, it helps prevent your pet from suffering from parasites.

Cleansing your pet helps prevent such issues for your pet. Moreover, it’s only ideal that you maintain your pet’s cleanliness as well as its area.

Do you need to visit the vet when your cockatiel has fleas?

Of course, taking your cockatiel to the vet is the best way to deal with flea issues. If your pet suffers from fleas, taking it to your vet will give it the best care and attention. 

Now, while vets are the best option for your pet’s care, it doesn’t mean you should make an appointment all the time.

The first thing you need to do is observe your pet closely and see if it suffers a lot from the fleas.

For instance, if your cockatiel scratches way too much and begins pulling out feathers, it’s essential to immediately take it to an avian vet.

This way, you can prevent things from getting worse, and you can save your pet from suffering.

Moreover, your vet will give you recommendations and the things you need to do to ensure your cockatiel won’t suffer from fleas anymore.

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What kind of fleas can cockatiels get?

There exist thousands of different species of fleas. However, only a small percentage of it can attack and affect birds.

Out of all these fleas, here are the three prominent fleas that can affect our pet birds.

Hen flea

The hen flea can live on different kinds of birds as their hosts. However, they usually thrive on the ones with dry cavities or semi-cavity nests.

As their name suggests, they usually attack poultry. Still, they can bite humans and even other mammals.

Duck flea

Contrary to the hen flea, this one usually poses a threat to ducks, waders, and other birds that prefer water.

These fleas typically prefer the areas with wet and ground-built nests.

Moorhen flea

The moorhen flea is the kind that latches on to the host bird rather than staying on the nest. Thus, these fleas have strong claws that help stay on the body of the bird. 

It affects birds like moorhen, grouse, European robin, willow tit, and other similar birds.

As you can see, none of these fleas would likely reach your cockatiel. As long as you keep your pet and its cage clean, it will remain safe from such threats.


Cockatiels cannot get fleas, but it’s not impossible as well. The usual parasite that can hurt your pet would be lice and mites. However, as long as you keep your pet and its cage clean, it won’t suffer from flea attacks. 

Issues brought by parasites are typical of pets, so learning how to deal with them is essential. Still, while it may happen to any pet, it’s not inevitable.

As long as you keep your pet and its cage and area clean, issues from parasites aren’t likely to cause any harm. 

Moreover, it’s our duty as owners to maintain cleanliness, not only for our sake but also for our pets.

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