Lost Cockatiel: How to Get Your Cockatiel Back (8 Tips)

There are a lot of fun things to experience when you have a bird as a pet. But with all those fun things, there are also some problems. One of the most common problems for bird owners is that birds tend to fly away. 

This problem is very common. Cockatiels can fly away if you accidentally left their cage open. They can fly away if you leave the door open or the window open. 

Unfortunately, birds that fly away can be hard to find. If ever you will lose a bird, it would be difficult to find it back. They can fly away so much that they cannot find their way home.

Some bird owners tend to get so attached to their birds that they may feel so sad and lose their energy. But do not worry; there are 8 simple ways that you can do to get your bird back. Though it may be very unlikely but never lose hope. 

Listed below will help you find your bird back.

How Can I Get My Lost Cockatiel Back?

So what can you do to get your Cockatiel back? Losing your bird is not the end of it. There are some things that you should do to do to get back your bird. 

Here are some tips that can help you find your bird. Always make sure to do this as soon as you can after you realize your bird was lost.

1. Start The Search As Soon As Possible

The moment you realize that your bird is gone, find it immediately. The faster you look for it, the more possibility that the bird is still not far away. You can have more chances of finding it if the bird is still in the area and has not gone away so far.

2. Walk Around The Area And Call the Bird’s Name To Catch Its Attention

If you did not waste time after finding the bird, there is a huge possibility that it is still in the area. Scan the area and find your bird. Call its name repetitively so that you can get its attention.

3. Involve Your Neighbors In Finding Your Bird

Let your neighbors know that your bird is missing. Your bird can possibly be in someone else’s backyard or property. Informing the neighborhood about it can actually help you search in areas that you cannot do alone.

4. Have The Bird’s Cage Put Outside. Load It With Toys And Treats. It Is Better Also To Leave The House Open.

Your bird just might be having trouble finding its way back home. Leave your doors and windows open. It might find its way back if the bird will see a familiar place. Put its cage outside and fill it with toys.

5. List Your Bird As Missing

You can do the traditional way of posting a missing poster in the streets. Put your contact details and describe the Cockatiel’s appearance. It would be best also to put a picture. 

Inform your vet or other veterinarian offices that your bird is missing. They can also help you with that.

6. Have A Reward For The People Who Can Help Return Your Bird Safely

It will be different if you have the public looking for the bird because of the reward. The people will go the extra mile for that. People might not care for your bird, but once you will have a reward, there are people who will do what they can.

7. Post Your Missing Bird On The Internet

This move is the same as telling your neighbors about your missing bird. We all know the power of the internet. Your post can reach thousands of people in a matter of hours. 

With this, more people will help you in finding your bird. If your bird will be in the hands of other people, they can contact you immediately because of the internet.

8. Post an Ad To Your Local Newspaper For Your Missing Bird

Doing this will widen your search scope. People who can find the bird will know where to contact you. Other people sometimes find birds that are lost, and they are the ones who report the missing bird. 

Posting this in the local newspaper might be the source that can bring your bird back.

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How Far Can A Cockatiel Fly?

When it came to speaking about cockatiels flying, speed is what they do best. They can reach a speed of sixty-four (64) kilometers per hour. A cockatiel can fly fast, but it does not fly far away. 

They are more likely to stay in one place if there is food and water. Though in the wild, a Cockatiel can fly 30 miles a day. It may be possible for them to fly very far away but very unlikely. 

Some cockatiels that have been reported missing were found from a very far place from where it lives.

Can A Cockatiel Survive In The Wild?

Cockatiels can survive in the wild. If the bird is tame, then your cockatiel might be in someone else’s house. They depend on people and will likely to find a new owner. 

If your cockatiel is not tamed, then it will likely survive. Cockatiels are from the wild, after all. These birds will learn to survive on their own. 

A cockatiel is known as the Nymphicus hollandicus. These birds are found in the mainland of Australia. They are all over the place in Australia. 

They are known to be friendly and are prevalent in terms of having birds as pets. They are energized and will be a very good type of pet.

Cockatiels may stay in one place as long as they have the resources of food and water. This type of bird may travel from one place to another, searching for food. These birds also have their preferences. 

They would want some trees in their habitat. As mentioned above, they would want a place with abundant supplies of food and water. They also prefer open areas and cockatiels want water so they will stay at a place with water access.

cockatiel in wild

How Long Can An Escaped Cockatiel Survive?

Cockatiels can survive for 10 to 15 years. However, if a cockatiel is used to being in a cage, it might be difficult for them to survive outside. Without someone taking care of them, they will be more likely to struggle outside. 

We can never really tell how long they can survive. Other Cockatiels who have escaped lived a long life, and others did not survive. This will be depending mainly on the Cockatiel. 

If given the resources of food and water, Cockatiels will live just fine and might be able to look for a habitat conducive to their kind. They can survive and be independent after flying away.

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Do Cockatiels Come Back If They Fly Away?

If Cockatiels fly away, there is little chance that it will come back. They are known for their speed. They love flying and can be a really strong flier. 

With this, they can wander so far away from your house and might not even come back. These birds might not realize that they are traveling so far away that they cannot find their back again.

Though a cockatiel coming back after flying away is still possible. These cockatiels are companion birds and are very friendly. They might have created an attachment to their owners and will come back seeking for that companionship. 

Of course, we have to consider if they will find their way back.

How To Prevent Your Cockatiel From Flying Away?

Prevention is really better than cure. When a cockatiel flies away from you, it would be really difficult to get it back. It would be best if you prevented it from happening so that you do not have to worry about how to get your bird back. 

These are some tips on how to prevent your Cockatiel from flying away.

1. Always Keep Your Doors Closed And Your Windows Closed

Cockatiels might have the chance to escape if they have one. Please do not allow them to have the opportunity to fly away. Always lock their cage. Never leave your house wide open for them to fly away. 

If you will let your Cockatiel free, make sure that no windows or doors are open.

2.  Be Careful When Going Outside With Your Bird

As owners, you will develop trust in your birds. The sad thing is that a bird’s brain is different from ours. It is really possible that they will fly away if given a chance. 

Always remember to be careful when going outside and bringing your bird with you.

3. Train Your Cockatiel

Training is one of the best options to keep your bird from flying away. Train your bird to come to you if you ask it to. This activity will be a different kind of attachment between you and your bird. 

You can command your bird from flying away and into your hands. This might help your bird see your authority and might not consider flying away from you.

4. Clipped your Cockatiel’s Wings

This can be a simple way to prevent your bird from flying away. Clip its wings. However, clipping your Cockatiels’ wings is not a guarantee that your bird might not fly away. 

They can still fly away even with their clipped wings. Ensure to harness your bird or keep them in a cage.

5. Have a Recording Of Your Bird’s Voice

Prevention is better. Record your bird’s voice. When lost, play the recorded voice over and over again and wander in your neighborhood. That way, you can attract your bird into coming home. 

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Is It OK To Take Your Cockatiel Outside?

Yes. Bringing your Cockatiel outside can be enjoyable both for you and for your bird. There are just some things that you must consider when bringing them outside. 

The first thing is that never bring your bird outside unless they are in a cage or in a harness. That way, you will not have to worry about your bird getting away. 

One of the things mentioned above is to clip your Cockatiel’s wings. But you know how Cockatiels can get a fright. They get scared and frightened, and they can fly from that.


In summary, whether we like it or not, birds flying away or escaping is a common problem for bird owners. They might come back, but most of the time, they do not. 

There are prevention tips that can guide you to keep your Cockatiel from getting away. Use these tips the moment you realize that your bird is gone. 

There is still a slight chance for you to find it. Move fast so that you can ensure that birds have not gotten away so far from your house.


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