Can Worms And Earthworms Eat Bread? (Interesting Facts)

Worms and earthworms are known to be decomposers or, specifically, detritivores. This means they feed on decaying plants and animals but do they have foods that are not good for them? We will find out.

So, can worms and earthworms eat bread? Yes, you can feed your worms and earthworms with bread. Even moldy pieces of bread can be fed to them.

Some people kept on asking if they can feed their worms and earthworms pieces of bread. Some worm growers are very sensitive when it comes to their worms or earthworms. They want to feed the right kind of food to them that will provide the right nutrients. 

So the most frequent question is what to feed their worms and earthworms and what not to feed them. So if you belong to those people who ask this question, this article is perfect for you!

Do Worms And Earthworms Eat Bread?

Bread is a very nutritious food for humans and even for worms and earthworms. If you feed your worms and earthworms bread, they will eat it. Slices of bread are included on the list of foods that you can feed to your worms and earthworms. 

You also have to remember that the smaller the matter is, the easier the worms and earthworms will compost it. So it is strongly recommended for worm growers to always chop big chunks of organic materials. 

It would be best if you also balanced the color browns and color greens. Brown organic matter and green organic matter help a lot for decomposers. These colors, green and brown, supply almost all nutrients that the soil needs and the worm needs.

Make sure to include green and brown color matters to provide nutrients for your worms and earthworms.

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Do Worms Eat Moldy Bread?

Absolutely! You can feed your worms with moldy bread. A mold organic thing is not a bad thing for worms. 

A mold is essential for the decomposing process of organic matter. But it is important not to overwhelm your bin with molds. So what you need to do in this is you can mix the mold bread with other organic things that have not yet been molded. 

The amount of food you will feed to your worms will also depend on the number of worms you have. So you need to know the size of your bin and the number of worms you have. Some people prefer to feed their worms once a week. 

Some people also choose twice a week. And if you have many worms, you can feed them thrice a week. 

So if you want to feed your worms with moldy bread, you can do that. You need to make sure that you will mix it with other organic matters that have not been molded.

Do Red Worms Eat Bread?

If you belong to one of those who prefer red worms, you should know that you can only feed these red worms according to their balanced diet. Like other worms and earthworms, red worms also feed on decaying plants and animals. 

However, the same with other worms and earthworms, red worms also have food that they cannot eat. You should know that giving your red worms a pleasant and comfortable bin is not enough. 

You must also provide them the right food with the right nutrients. You can feed your red worms a decomposed organic waste. You can also feed them organic manure. 

You can feed your red worms bread. Red worms love starchy foods. To be specific, red worms love starchy food waste. 

These starchy food wastes can be in the form of oatmeal or bread. Red worms love organic things. 

These organic things will include fruits or vegetable waste. You can also feed your red worms bread or even coffee grounds.

worms eating bread

How Much Bread Can Worms Eat?

Worms can eat half their weight every day. If you see a large amount of food and give it to your worms, you might overfeed them. Use this ratio when you are feeding your worms. 

If you have one pound of worms, you can also give one pound amount of food or bread. If you want to be safe and not overfeed your worms, you can analyze the food by the number of worms you have in your bin. 

Talking about worms, overfeeding also exists. As worm growers and keepers, you should analyze the amount of food your worms in the bin can handle and intake. 

If you feed your worms with bread, you have to align it to the number of worms you have.

What Is The Best Type Of Bread For Worms?

Bread comes in many forms, but all bread can be fed to the worms. You need to remember the food that is not recommended to feed the worms. Foods like citrus fruits are not advisable to the worms. 

So if a loaf of bread has citrus fruit in it, you should not feed this bread to your worms. But if we are talking about regular bread, you can feed it to your worms. You have to know the ingredients of this bread and make sure that it is safe for your worms.


In summary, bread is a portion of organic food and can be decomposed. With that, bread can be fed up to your worms. Even moldy bread can be useful for your worms. 

Just make sure to mix the moldy bread with other organic matters. This way, it can easily decompose. Red worms can also be fed bread and even moldy bread. 

It would be best to make sure that the amount of food you give your worms is enough for their diet. You do not want to overfeed your worms.


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