Can Worms And Earthworms Eat Onions? (Interesting Facts)

Worm and earthworms are both similar when it comes to their food. But is there a particular food that you should not feed your worms and earthworms? Let us find out.

So can worms and earthworms eat onions? The answer to this is yes. Many people would say that onions can kill worms and earthworms, but it was not proven that they could kill worms and earthworms. 

Worms and earthworms are vigorous eaters. They need to feed with a balanced diet. Worms and earthworms feed on decaying organic matters. 

These matters can be plants, vegetables, or even animals. Worms and earthworms are called decomposers because they help with the decomposing of organic matter. There is a lot of organic material that can be fed to worms and earthworms. 

But is there a food that should not be fed to them? If you want to know about this, we will help enlighten you about the don’ts of worm feeding.

Does Onion Kill Worms And Earthworms?

Some people would say not to feed worms and earthworms citrus fruits, meat, dairy foods, and onions. But it was not mentioned that onions could indeed kill worms. 

Raw onions can indeed irritate worms and earthworms if you feed them with them, but if you only give a small amount, there will be no severe damage to the worms and earthworms. 

Cooked onions do not cause any issues at all with worms and earthworms. If we can look into the food of the worms and earthworms, they indeed eat organic matters. Onion is an organic matter, and onions will decompose. 

In that case, onions can be eaten by worms and earthworms. However, if you want to be on the safe side, it would be best to feed your worms and earthworms a small number of raw onions only. 

In this case, you can be on the safe side and keep your worms and earthworms unharmed and alive.

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Can Worms And Earthworms Eat Onion Peels?

If you love to garden, you should know that worms and earthworms are a massive contributor to your gardens’ success. Why is that? Worms and earthworms help in the decomposing of the organic materials in your soil. 

They will break down decaying matters and turn them into nutrients. These nutrients will then go into the soil and will provide food for the roots of the plants. Some people take it very seriously the food they feed to their worms and earthworms. 

There is a lot of food that you can feed your worms and earthworms. All food that is organic and will decompose can be fed to your worms and earthworms. But do they have no-go food? 

How about onions? Can worms and earthworms eat onion peels? Some people would say never feed your worms and earthworms onions. 

They would claim that onions can kill worms and earthworms. However, it is not always true. Many people would also say that they do feed their worms and earthworms raw onions, and they do not seem to have any issues with it. 

So it would be best to be on the safe side of this situation. If you want to be safe, do not feed any onions on your worms and earthworms. 

If you want to try feeding it, you can feed them a small amount. Many people claim that a small amount cannot provide severe harm to your worms and earthworms.

Can Worms Eat Spring Onions?

Worms can eat almost anything. This is true because worms feed on organic matter. This will cover all healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, and grains when we say organic matter. 

If you keep worms in your house, it has almost no effect on your pocket because you can feed them with the same food you are eating. Spring onion is an organic matter, and spring onions do decompose in time. 

This means that you can feed this to your worms. If there are situations like this where you are not sure whether such food can harm your worms, it would be a bit of excellent advice to feed only a small amount of spring onions. 

They can eat this and decompose this because it is organic. But some people do not want to take the risk. To be safe, you can feed them a small portion and observe the effect.

How Much Onion Can You Give To Your Worms?

If you want to feed onions to your worms, you can go ahead. But if you want to be on the safe side, you can allow your worms a small amount of portion. 

Though there are people who would say that raw onions do not kill their worms, it was reported that raw onions could irritate worms. It would be best and safe to give worms only a small portion of raw onions. 

These onions may irritate worms, but there is no permanent and severe damage to these worms. If you also cannot do this, some people reported that cooked onions do not cause any damage at all. 

So if you want to feed your worms with onions and you do not want the consequences, you can give them onions if they are cooked. After all, a cooked onion indeed does not make humans cry with its strong smell and flavor. 

Maybe this is the same with worms. Cooked onions will remove all its properties that will irritate worms.

What Other Vegetables Can Worms Eat?

Worms can eat a lot of kinds of vegetables. Worms need most, and soft food and decaying vegetables do the job. The rule of thumb would be to feed your worms with the color green and brown decaying organic materials. 

You can feed your worms fruits like apples, bananas, and many fruits. You can also feed your worms with vegetables. These vegetables can be lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, and many other vegetables. 

Even vegetable peels can be fed to your worms. Worms also love squash, cantaloupe, and other orange vegetables. You have to be careful with citrus fruits because they contain acid that will harm your worms.


In summary, worms and earthworms can eat a lot of organic food. But when it comes to raw onions, you can do smaller portions instead. This is to ensure that no significant problems will happen to your worms. 

Instead of raw onions, you can try hundreds of foods that can be fed to worms. Fruits and vegetables are a good example. You can feed them with the fruits and vegetables peels.

If you want to maintain the healthiness of your worms, feed them with both green and brown organic matters like plants and vegetables. These plants will easily decompose and provide nutrients for the worm and for the soil.


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