Do cats eat cockroaches? (+ is it safe for them?)

The short answer is yes, cats do eat cockroaches. Cats will attack and eat all small animals it sees in the house, and that includes cockroaches. It may look gross, but it’s a natural thing for cats to do so. Cats are natural hunters, which means they will attack any cockroach roaming around.

Perhaps you’re a little bit worried about your cat. Or, you’re thinking of using your feline pet as a roach repellant.

Whatever your reason is, we all know it’s not a great habit any cat should learn, don’t you agree?

Let’s get into it more!

Do cats kill cockroaches?

The playfulness of a cat can be both a good thing and a bad one. While cats may create a little mess from time to time, they are undoubtedly good hunters and pest repellants.

When it comes to killing cockroaches, your cat’s playfulness and curiosity will be of fair use.

A cockroach usually comes out crawling in walls and floors with quite a speed.

For this reason, it’s no wonder why these pests get the attention of cats nearby.

Even so, cats as pest repellants aren’t the same indoors and outdoors.

It may be true that cats reduce the population of farm pests like rats. Even so, it makes all the difference indoors, where there is less space to move around.

A cat may pounce towards a cockroach with speed, but once it hides in a frame or small holes, a cat can’t do anything about it.

Thus, if you’re thinking of getting a cat for this very reason, I’m here to tell you that you shouldn’t.

It’s better to use a traditional roach trap or call pest control for service and leave the cat out of it.

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Is it safe for cats to eat cockroaches?

If you have seen your cat with a cockroach in his mouth, you don’t need to worry.

We all know cockroaches are one of the dirtiest pests. Further, they are potential disease carriers.

Even so, cats eat many insects, and they can tolerate most of it, though sometimes they can’t.

If a cat eats a cockroach, it will usually throw out the outer skin, which can be hard to swallow.

As long as the cat catches a live roach, there’s nothing for you to worry about it.

However, if your cat eats a cockroach that died out of poison from a trap, that’s entirely different.

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What happens if a cat eats a poisoned cockroach?

A poisoned cockroach isn’t a problem for smart cats, as these will sense something odd in it.

If your cat has taken in a poisoned cockroach, the effects may vary from the following:

The kind or type of poison from the cockroach

There are various cockroach traps and poison available in the market. Thus, some types are extremely hazardous and can take a toll on your cat.

However, some roach traps are pet-friendly and will not be harmful if your pet cat eats one by accident.

The amount of poison your cat has taken

If your cat only ate one cockroach and it’s taking in much water and food, then your cat can tolerate it.

On the other hand, if ever the cat takes in poison, the possible effects would be:

Behavior Changes

One effect of poison may get your cat to change its usual behavior. Your cat can roam around and show some attitude it doesn’t show.


A cat may vomit the cockroach once its body senses its toxicity. It may happen immediately after swallowing, or much later than that.

If your cat took a poison, vomiting would resolve the problem.


Runs usually happen to cats who have digested a poisoned cockroach. It may be an after effect or merely a reaction to the poison.

High Water Intake

A poisoned cat’s instinct will be to take in water to help minimize the effect of poison inside the body.

You may make your cat drink out of your initiative, but a cat will do so significantly if he gets affected by poison too much.

If you’re still in doubt, consider taking your cat to a vet. Do this if your cat shows extreme signs after swallowing a poisoned cockroach.

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Should I let my cat eat cockroaches?

As a general rule of thumb, you should not let your cat eat cockroaches.

It may be a natural thing for your cat to eat insects, including cockroaches. Even so, every cockroach has a potential threat to your pet cat if ingested.

The best thing to do is to avoid cats from seeing cockroaches and making your area free.

You may want to consider calling a pest control service or using a roach trap.

Having a cockroach free home will benefit not only your cat but also yourself.

In Summary

So, to answer the question, Yes. Cats do eat cockroaches. Your feline pet is great hunters of cockroaches, and they can help you take these pests out.

Even so, your cat may be in danger of eating such pests, so you should avoid these kinds of incidents.

You can do it by making your house free from cockroaches.

Free your cat from the temptation of eating these disease-carrying pests.

That way, both you and your pet can live and enjoy a life away from cockroaches’ dangers.

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