Do cats eat ferrets?

The short answer to this is No. Cats don’t eat ferrets. Among other animals, cats and ferrets can live together in peace. Even so, it’s not impossible that a cat would harm a ferret. Cats are born hunters, and they like to play and hunt a lot. With a ferret’s playfulness, they may end up getting into a hustle and hurt the little ferret. Unlike the rest, however, it seems as though cats make an exception when it comes to ferrets.

But then, what are their similarities and differences? What makes them go along together?

Many things are unknown to most people about cats and ferret.

Let’s get into it one by one.

Cats & Ferrets

Both cats & ferrets have their similarities. While these similarities are the things that make them together, it can also be what can keep them apart.

Meal Preferences

Cats and ferrets are both carnivores and predators. As such, they agree on all other prey such as rodents, rabbits, and birds.

For this reason, they can be friends hunting the same enemies. At the same time, they can also be eyeing each other as a potential meal.

Activities and Habits

Both animals like to play and hunt a lot, and they move pretty quick and fast as well.

Thus, a hustle between the two is a usual scene for pet owners who have both cats and ferrets.

They both favor rodents as their prey. As such, they hunt rats and mice whenever they get to see one.

Ferrets aren’t in the family of rodents, and so a cat hardly takes an interest in one. Further, cats and ferrets are more of friendly pets than hardcore predators.


They may play with every other pet around, as they are fearless. Even so, both animals don’t kill and harm for eating, mainly because cats and ferrets that are together are domestic.

The feral or wild counterparts of cats may harm a ferret if given a chance. The same goes for cats who just saw a ferret for the first time.

A cat may eat a ferret kit by mistaking it as a small rodent. Other than that, both cats and ferrets are exciting pets that are playful and lively.

Now, let’s get into ferrets more.

Are ferrets prey or predators?

A ferret may be a dangerous prey in the perspective of rodents and rabbits, and other small insects.

Even so, for animals like the birds of prey or badgers and coyotes, a ferret is nothing but a potential meal.

A ferret is more of a friendly and playful pet than a dangerous predator, except with rodents.

No matter how innocent and playful a ferret is, it can instantly turn to a killing machine in front of rodents.

Just like cats, ferrets are suckers for small moving animals. They like to play with other animals by nipping at the animals’ feet or tails.

They can also go underneath and grab an animal by the neck or belly and hang in there for moment.

Even so, when it comes to rodents, they can be quite brutal and eat and kill without holding back.

Ferrets are carnivores, meaning they eat only meat. The black-footed ferrets usually have small mammals for their meals.

Thus, aside from rodents, they can eat possums, rabbits, prairie dogs, and hedgehogs.

With cats and ferrets having almost similar preferences, does it mean they can be friends?

Cats or Ferrets: Which is Faster?

Cats have the upper hand when it comes to speed. Both animals can be pretty quick and fast. Even so, their fastest recorded speed tells their difference.

An average ferret can run for 15 mph while a cat can bolt up to 30 mph, a half faster.

Even so, it’s unlikely to happen that there will be an escaping scene, as both the cat and the ferret likes playing.

But, if ever, a cat would be able to catch a ferret with ease.

Like a cat, a ferret is famous for being an intelligent pet as well.

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How smart is a ferret?

Ferrets are smart animals, and they can be smart in ways compared to other pets.

When it comes to problem-solving, the ferrets are above cats and even dogs.

When it comes to memory, ferrets come below dogs but still above the cats.

In communicating, ferrets work with scents, several body languages, and few vocalizations.

Many people think they are dumb, but in reality, ferrets just do things differently.

A lot of instances happen that a ferret gets lost and never find their way back. While these may be true, ferrets have that sense of curiosity like cats.

Thus, they are by instinct, driven to go to other locations. It is because ferrets move on to anything more interesting than what they currently have.

What makes ferrets unique than cats is that they want to be where they are not. That’s also what makes them challenging to find if they get lost.

Careful Behavior

Their intelligence, when it comes to dealing with cats, is quite the same as a cat’s. While they are both curious cats, they are also careful when it comes to their play.

They size up their playmate by approaching while ready to get back if it fights back.

When a cat and a ferret sees each other for the first time, both will likely approach. Even so, both animals will still be careful with handling the scene.

How do ferrets protect themselves?

When it comes to defense, the black-footed ones come first in the line of ferrets.

The black-footed ferrets use their body for protection. They show their sharp teeth and claws with their long and slender body to repel predators who wish to harm them.

These ferrets will try their best to bite and inflict wounds to slow their predator down.

Compared to cats, however, pet ferrets won’t win despite a spirited defense.

Cats have more massive sickle claws, as well as superior eyesight. They can move with ease even in the night, and keep up with more animals than ferrets.

Thus, if the two make a hustle, the victory will be for the feline.

It doesn’t usually happen this way, as cats and ferrets tend to become the best of friends in a house.

Do cats and ferrets get along?

Ferrets and cats can be friends, but that entirely depends on their temperament.

While it is possible, note that they are still animals, and there is still the wildness and hunter in them. Thus, they will always have a tendency to hunt and hurt each other.

If you think of making both animals live together in a single house, supervision is necessary.

As animals, it’s essential to ensure the safety of both by keeping them in your control if a fight takes place.

According to Pet Central, ferrets and cats coexist well, and they do 98% of the time.

While both animals are hunters and predators, they can nonetheless receive training. Unlike other animals, both cats and ferrets can learn to live together.

Ferrets find cats fascinating. Cats commonly treat anything untrustworthy, so long as it is not a cat. But when it comes to ferrets, it seems like cats can make an exception.

Cats and ferrets can become the best friends in a single house, especially if they have introductions with each other. As time passes, they may even learn to share in a litter box.

All these are possible through proper introductions during their first meeting.

But how should a pet owner do so?

How to Introduce Ferrets and Cats to Each Other

Introducing a ferret with a cat is necessary if you wish to own and take care of both in a single house.

Even so, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it would be hard.

Here are a few steps you need to ensure that both your cat and your ferret will be comfortable in each other’s company:

Supervise your pets

Always supervise your newly introduced pet with your old pet.

Unlike smaller pets, cats and ferrets are big enough to cause a stir and land a fatal blow to their fellow pet.

Without supervision, things may get out of hand, especially in their first weeks.

Make an easy exit for both pets

Give your ferret a place to hide, something like a tube or box.

Make sure that your cat has someplace to jump. It should be high enough for the ferret to reach.

This way, you can be sure that both your pets have some safe place if they feel uncomfortable.

Intervene only when necessary

Only intervene if one of your pet looks to be in any danger.

Some cats have the higher hunting instincts. These types are the ones that get excited with a moving animal quickly.

If your cat is the same, a constant watch is necessary. You may have to intervene more than usual until both animals become comfortable with each other.

Even so, it doesn’t mean that after some time, supervision won’t be necessary.

Both pets still have a wild side, and they can hurt each other if left alone.

The best thing is to let them out and play together only when you are around.

What animal eats ferrets?

While cat’s dont, there are other animals that eat ferrets. Among these are:

  • Birds of prey
  • Hawks
  • Eagles
  • Great-horned Owls
  • Coyotes
  • Badgers
  • Foxes
  • Wolves


  • Cats don’t eat ferrets. Among other animals, cats and ferrets can live together, but they can still hurt each other.
  • Cats and ferrets have their similarity. These similarities are what keeps them together and apart at the same time.
  • Ferrets are predators for rodents and small animals, but they are prey for the prominent ones.
  • Ferrets are good with cats. They can live with cats and can be playmates in a single house.
  • When it comes to speed, a cat is much faster than ferrets.
  • A ferret is smarter than you think. Ferrets are outstanding when it comes to memory, problem-solving, and communicating.
  • Ferrets can defend themselves by using their sharp teeth and claws to repel enemies.
  • Cats and ferrets can get along, and they do most of the time, as long as they have proper introductions.
  • While cats don’t eat ferrets, other animals do.

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